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MPAA Rated R for sexual content, crude humor, strong language and some violence

Sex & Nudity

  • Some moderate sexual references throughout.
  • A man sucks on a woman's breast for a few seconds while she is breastfeeding (nipple not shown).
  • We see a man handcuffed with his pants around his ankles and a live chicken sticking out of his bare butt for several seconds.
  • During the closing credits, we see a still photo of a man's bare butt (non-sexual).
  • One of Charlie's sons tells a cop "If your fucking is anything like your police work, you couldn't hit the g-spot on a 12 pound pussy"
  • An exaggerated French kiss shown for a couple seconds.
  • A dildo is shown in a few scenes.
  • A bottle of hand lotion and used tissues are next to a man's bed in one scene (implying masturbation).
  • Irene sees a bulge growing down the length of Hank's pants leg and then sees it lifting up his leg (an erection joke) as he leers at her.
  • Hank pulls down his zipper and loudly asks if anyone wants to see his "weasel" (not shown). He then runs around with everyone reacting.

Violence & Gore

  • A man has his thumb is shot off (with some blood and a later view of the severed digit)
  • A masked thug hits Boshane on the head and shoots his partner, killing him (bullet wound briefly seen).
  • After Hank badgers Irene to hit him, she kicks him, sending him backwards down a hill. He wheezes every time he breathes afterwards.
  • Gerke hits Charlie across the face with his gun and then hits him again once he's turned into Hank. Irene then hits Gerke over the head with a motorcycle helmet. Hank then sits on this man chest and punches him a few times.
  • Charlie and Irene come across an injured/very sick cow lying in the road. When they see it's still alive, Charlie decides to mercy-kill it by shooting it in the head, but the cow doesn't die. So he fires 4 or 5 more shots (we hear them only and see no blood) and then hits the cow with his gun, and eventually tries strangling it while pulling its nose backwards and having Irene kick it. We later see that the cow is okay beyond wearing a neck brace.
  • A ballplayer zaps Hank with an electronic zapper and then he and his buddies kick Hank offscreen before the scene cuts.
  • Hank knocks an antagonist's hand through a window and punches him a few times. Then he hits back so Irene knocks him out with a dildo.
  • Hank and Charlie start fighting within the same body (tripping himself to fall face first on the ground off a train, pushing himself around, bending his own finger to the point of it sounding like it's broken, etc.). He then forces himself through a plate glass window.
  • A cop shoots at Charlie/Hank and another shot grazes his arm.
  • A man throws a lawn dart that hits an antagonist in the back, he falls into a river.


  • 12 uses of 'goddamn', 4 uses of 'pussy', 56 uses of 'fuck', 1 use of 'cock', 6 uses each of 'bitch' and 'son of a bitch', 2 uses of 'dick', 30 uses of 'shit', 3 uses of 'bastard', 2 uses of 'tit', 5 uses of 'Jesus', 7 uses of 'asshole', 21 uses of 'ass', 33 mild profanities (Hell, damn, crap) and 14 uses of 'god'

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Occasional smoking and drinking.
  • Some government agents comment on the pot Irene smoked. She asks if that's some sort of crime and one responds that it is.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some comedic scenes, although not meant to be scary may be mildly frightening to some very young kids

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