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Season 5

4 Nov. 2005
Mission Ed-Possible
Edd tries to deliver Ed and Eddy's report cards to their parents while Ed and Eddy try to stop him.
4 Nov. 2005
Every Which Way But Ed
When Eddy gives a flashback on how he got his hands on a jawbreaker, the Eds soon get stuck in everyone else's flashbacks.
11 Nov. 2005
Boom Boom Out Goes the Ed
When the power goes out in the Cal-de-Sac, Ed convinces everyone that the "Mole Mutants" are responsible.
11 Nov. 2005
Cleanliness Is Next to Edness
When Double D's bathroom is out of order, he desperately searches the cul-de-sac for a shower.
18 Nov. 2005
Out with the Old, in with the Ed
Eddy tries to savor the last day of summer before school starts. When they do get to school, however, the Eds face another problem: they're not in the same home room.
25 Nov. 2005
I Am Curious Ed
Sarah and Jimmy search the Cul-de-Sac for the answer to the age-old question: Where do babies come from?
25 Nov. 2005
No Speak Da Ed
When Ed receives a wolf costume, Rolf is offended by it.
31 Mar. 2006
Cool Hand Ed
The Eds and Jonny 2x4 devise a plan to escape school.
31 Mar. 2006
Too Smart for His Own Ed
Edd is devastated after Ed beats him in the spelling bee.
28 Jun. 2006
Pick an Ed
After someone anonymously insults him, Eddy uses a disguise to figure out who did it.
28 Jun. 2006
Who's Minding the Ed?
Rolf has Ed take care of his animals while he's away.
3 Jul. 2006
This Won' Hurt an Ed
When Eddy discovers that Kevin has a fear of needles, he and Ed come up with "Booster Shot Day" to prove Kevin a weenie.
3 Jul. 2006
Truth or Ed
When the Eds become part of the school newspaper staff, Eddy starts coming up with fake articles to sell papers.
14 Aug. 2006
Tinker Ed
The Eds try to reaffirm Jimmy's belief in fairy tales.
14 Aug. 2006
The Good, the Bad, and Ed
Eddy challenges Rolf to the Urban Rangers' highest honor, "The Hairy Chest of Resilience Badge."
28 Aug. 2006
Tween a Rock & an Ed Place
Jonny invites the Eds to a party, which gets them excited. When they get there, however, they discover that it wasn't what they anticipated.
28 Aug. 2006
Tight End Ed
It's the Peach Creek Cobblers big game against the Lemonbrook Lumpers, but the school is lacking spirit. That all changes when Nazz makes Ed the school mascot.
13 Apr. 2007
All Eds Are Off
The kids all make bets to go a full day without their annoying habits.
13 Apr. 2007
Smile for the Ed
Eddy's school picture goes horribly wrong and word about it spreads through the entire school.
28 Apr. 2007
A Fistful of Ed
When Edd's clumsiness ends up injuring people, he soon becomes known as the school bully, an image he desperately tries to change.
20 Apr. 2007
Run Ed, Run!
Ed becomes convinced that the sky is falling, which thwarts Edd and Eddy's plans to visit the jawbreaker factory.
20 Apr. 2007
A Town Called Ed
After finding out his ancestors founded Peach Creek, Eddy tries to get back and the neighborhood kids.

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