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23 Jan. 2004
Your Ed Here/The Good Ol' Ed
Kevin finds out Eddy's middle name and Eddy tries to get him to keep it a secret. / The Eds reminisce over old adventures.
30 Jan. 2004
Thick as an Ed/Sorry, Wrong Ed
Eddy and Edd try to build a set for a scam, but Ed's stinky cheese chunk named Sheldon gets in the way./Eddy obtains a phone from Rolf and soon becomes convinced that it's cursed.
6 Feb. 2004
Robbin' Ed/A Case of Ed
Captain Melonhead swears to stop Eddy from scamming the kids forever, Eddy retaliates. While teasing Kevin when he is grounded for the day, Ed and Eddy trick Double-D into thinking he has a fatal disease.
20 Feb. 2004
Stiff Upper Ed/Here's Mud in Your Ed
The Eds attempt to join Sarah and Jimmy's Rich Club. Jimmy and Rolf seek revenge against Eddy after one of them is ripped off.
27 Feb. 2004
Postcards from the Ed/Stuck in Ed
Double D and Ed try to stop Eddy when he takes Plank's parents on a tour of the cul-de-sac. When Eddy runs out of scam ideas, he consults Jimmy for help.
13 Feb. 2004
Hand Me Down Ed/Run for Your Ed
A mysterious boomerang flies around the Cal-de-sac, and the kids begin to act out of character upon obtaining it. The Kankers destroy the Cul-de-sac in search of their missing ship in a bottle.
5 Nov. 2004
Take This Ed and Shove It
Realizing that the neighborhood kids are growing up, Eddy decides to give them all careers.
3 Dec. 2004
Ed, Edd n Eddy's Jingle Jingle Jangle
After discovering he's getting clothes for Christmas, Eddy tries to weasel his way into the holidays of the other children to ensure he gets good presents. Meanwhile, the Kanker sisters follow a light that is reminiscent of the star of Bethlehem while the other Eds try to teach Eddy the true spirit of Christmas.

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