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19 Sep. 1998
Investigating the President
President Bill Clinton's alleged affair with Monica Lewinsky is discussed.
8 Mar. 2003
Kuwait: US Soldiers Build Iraqi Scud Defenses
CNN correspondent Alex Quade covers U.S. military buildup in the Persian Gulf. Still, U.S. soldiers have reason to fear an Iraqi attack from Scud missiles. CNN's Alex Quade has a look at a secret defense buried deep in the desert.
8 Mar. 2003
Soldiers Build Defenses Against Iraqi Scuds
U.S. Soldiers Build Up Defenses Against Iraqi Scuds. CNN's Alex Quade looks at a secret defense buried deep in the desert to protect against chemical or biological attack.
7 Jan. 2008
Boots on the Ground
CNN correspondent Alex Quade's special two-part series revisiting Wounded Warriors of Iraq: their progress after several years.
19 Jan. 2013
Episode dated 19 January 2013
Special coverage of upcoming Obama inauguration, including reports on gun control, Latino voters, and the new Congress.
8 Nov. 2014
Exclusive: SEAL Says He Shot Bin Laden
CNN's Alex Quade exclusive interview with former SEAL who says he shot Bin Laden.
4 Feb. 2017
Episode dated 4 February 2017
VP Mike Pence addresses Federalist Society, latest on Trump refugee ban.
4 Mar. 2017
Episode dated 4 March 2017
News and discussion of Obama wiretap allegations, Trump Russia ties, Lindsey Graham town hall, Sessions controversy, latest DHS regulations, "Finding Jesus" preview.

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