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An attempt to bring Doctor Who gaming into the PC age
Avaara1 January 2000
I wish I could say I enjoyed this game! It's well-intentioned, but, as with so many BBC-derived computer products, not enough care is taken. The background is good, and Ainley puts in a performance which betters much of what he did in the series, but the end result is, sadly, pants. It's eminently unplayable, jerky, confusing, and the lack of, in the most part, any degree of comprehensible user instructions does tend to let it down... Having played, for example, Tomb Raider, and then attempted this, I was sadly disappointed. There is so much scope within Doctor Who to come up with an exciting and playable game that it is sad to see every attempt (be it computer game or board game) fall at the first fence. Come on BBC - you can do better than this!
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I looked at the positives of the tremendously hated game.
daren_doctor27 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Destiny of the Doctors is sadly one of the most underrated games of all time. Almost all of the reviews that exists about there say the same thing: "It has bad game play and the best part of the game." Now I find this just to be untrue. Destiny of the Doctors is, in fact, one of my favorite games of all time. Now lemme tell you why.

Actually, let me clarify. if you are a true Doctor Who fan, you'll probably like this game's plot. By true doctor Who fan I of coarse mean Classic Fan. The game is stuffed up the wazoo with continuity. Some of it, even I can't figure out! For starters, it has: Autons, Cybermen from Mondas, Cybermats, Ice Warriors, Quarks, a Raston Warrior Robot, Sea Devils, Silurians when they looked cool, Sontarans, Yeti, Zygons, and best of all, The Master, back when he wasn't annoying. The game really is a treat for all... Classic series fans, that is. And those are just the enemies!

Oh yes, we also have a lot of great cameos from past characters. Like mentioned above, you probably know coming here that Anthony Ainley's in it, but did you know Tom Baker is as well? And he even gets into character a bit! My favorite part is when Graak is inside his mind, so he goes, "Come, I'll lead you to me with my voice! Well, here I am." Also we get the late Nicholas Courtney as the Brigadier, a real treat! And as always, he seems 20 when he was probably closer to fifty at that time. We also get great stuff from Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker, and Pter Davidson, but as they do a lot of audio adventures it does seem like less of a treat.

A third reason this game is good is that every line uttered by anyone in this game comes across as a good quote. As an editor of TARDIS Index File, (the Doctor Who Wiki) I find this game as the jackpot. Some of them are really quite touching too. At one point, when in the Cybertomb, the Master can be heard quietly and sadly saying: "The Doctor and I were once great friends you know..." At another point, the Sixth Doctor can be heard to say: "The TARDIS has always been my most trusted companion." There are also funny ones, like the Tom Baker one listed above.

So in conclusion, should you buy this game? Hell no! It has poor graphics, bad gameplay, and is hard to get to run. Now, I know what your thinking, "Why tell me about how good it is if you don't want me to buy it? Well, it's simple. It has good plot, good dialog, lots of continuity... But.... It works much better as an episode. That doesn't make it bad, it just makes it better as that then a game. So I suggest instead to simply go to YouTube and watch a cut-down play through. I must suggest the one by humphries2004, who does a jolly good job at editing it down to interest. I think you'll find yourself surprisingly happy with its plot and continuity.
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