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  • For three reasons: (1) The officers would be more experienced in defending the column that was escorting Gabriel to prison. They'd be better able than those lower in rank to fight off an attack by a single man and two boys. Additionally, officer training is more intense and involved than basic training, and they would be more knowledgeable in combat tactics. (2) With the officers dead, the other Redcoats in the column would find it harder to organize themselves into a single and effective fighting unit to repel the attack, as we plainly saw happen. So, without the officers yelling orders to the lower ranking soldiers, it was easier for Martin to mount his attack successfully. (3) Targeting officers specifically was not a standard military tactic at the time. It was not part of the gentlemanly code of warfare and would cause upset and confusion when the Rebels used this tactic. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes and no. We're probably suspending some of our disbelief for the sake of the story—the scene is an excellent opportunity to introduce us to Martin as a great guerrilla warrior. Also, he had the advantage of his two sons already being excellent marksmen, having taught them that specific skill. With their elevated position on the nearby ridge, they had a huge advantage. Additionally, Martin had extensive knowledge of the area near his farm and the terrain therein. He chose the spot specifically for its cover by the natural flora (trees, shrubs, etc) and the ridge where he planted his sons to act as his snipers. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • This is a technique employed by marksmen, especially with less accurate weapons such as the muskets and other muzzle loaded weapons that were used during the American Revolution. What it means is the smaller the target you aim at, the smaller the chance of missing the larger target. For example, if the boys were to aim at an officer, they could miss him. But if they aim at a button on the officer's coat, they may miss the button, but they'd still hit the officer. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • As suspected by many people, the "new" Extended Cut features mostly scenes that were first used as deleted scenes for the old DVD release. Now these passages were re-integrated into the movie, adding up nearly 11 minutes to the movie. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • No. As with most films of the genre, it is fiction based on/inspired by true events. Edit (Coming Soon)


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