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Trailer and Images for USA Network’s Certain Prey

John Sandford’s “Certain Prey” was one of the very first crime books I ever read. Back in the day, I was digesting a steady stream of Robert Ludlum spy novels and Louis L’amour Westerns, but had never really given crime a shot. Sandford’s “Certain Prey” changed that, and I ended up reading every back installment I could find. I stopped after the character became redundant, but I do remember that what I loved most about Sandford’s hero Lucas Davenport (played by Mark Harmon in the new TV movie) was a great problem solver, so I’m looking forward to this one. Bonus brownie points: Eric Lasalle of “ER” fame previously played another iteration of Davenport in the 1999 TV movie “Mind Prey”. (All of Sandford’s Davenport novels have the word “prey” in the title, Fyi.) “John Sandford’s Certain Prey” centers on Lucas Davenport (Harmon), the
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