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The first 3-D Street Fighter
TheEnigmaticRonin23 August 2006
With SFEX, Capcom decided to bring their popular 2D fighting game franchise into 3D... While it was interesting to see some of the classic Street Fighters finally make it to 3D form, the gameplay didn't live up to it's 2D counterpart. Some of the "priority" basic attacks are the same among ALL characters, and definitely brings the appeal down. Ryu's theme is different, Ken's theme is different and guile's theme is different, that's NOT good capcom.

The game still features some cool new characters and super moves. Definitely a nice attempt by Capcom, but they still needed some practice on 3D fighting games.
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New-style graphics with the great old-skool SF gameplay
st0ner0ses8 July 2004
Imagine being able to play your favorite characters such as Guile and Zangief, but with the freedom of a 3D camera. Well now you can. Don't be fooled by the modern polygon graphics- this game has all the familiar elements of SF2's classic engine. The moves and style of play are very similar, and any experts will be able to pick this up right away and get straight in with the basics.

Funded by Capcom, and using Capcom programmers and designers, this SF game takes things a step forward in a way the 2D games cannot- Because they don't have to draw every frame by hand, then are free to concentrate on the mechanics. Bison, Sakura, etc, are given a new lease of life with the new supermove system, and so it will give you something new to learn. This, and obviously the 10 new faces...

Instead of complaining about re-using sprites that are a decade old, I would advise people to jump on the bandwagon and start enjoying the latest development in SF gaming. Since Capcom are no longer making arcade games, and are about to stop production of 2D, this should be snapped up while it's available.
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One of the best fighting games on PSX
kiti2224 January 2014
Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha is the first and true and superior 3D street fighter game ever And it was one of the best street fighter games ever created

The graphics are awesome

The soundtrack was great The game play was fun And a good selection of characters And it was one of the first street fighter games that features trail mode (known as expert mode)

Not bad as the street fighter the movie game and not one of worst street fighter titles but it was one of the best street fighter titles ever made If you never played the classic 2D street fighter games then street fighter ex plus alpha is all you need
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