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Not a favourite, but not bad for a kids show
TheLittleSongbird26 May 2010
I grew up on the Tom and Jerry shorts of the 1940s-60s. Of course there are some I like better than others, then again it is like that with Looney Tunes as well. What matters is that I love Tom and Jerry, it is well-animated and fun with two likable characters. Tom and Jerry Kids Show is not as good, but it is pretty entertaining. The stories aren't as well thought out, sometimes a little on the episodic side and the writing and visual gags aren't as funny, innovative or as clever though it did have its moments and good ones they were too. But it was still entertaining, with great colourful animation, a memorable theme song and the characters lead and supporting are fun and likable. Tom and Jerry are really cute as kids, and Spike, Miss Va-voom, Droopy, Tyke, Dripple and McWolf are fun supporting characters. And I have to say the voice acting is top notch. Overall, a decent show, not the best but not the worst either, just one that will certainly entertain kids-that's the important thing! 7/10 Bethany Cox
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Hanna Barbera's Tom and Jerry Kids
rexshard9324 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed this when I was young. It was released around 1990. It is a fun show to watch with kids. Its not as good as Tom and Jerry, The Smurfs or other great Hanna Barbera cartoons. Still there are lots of great things in it. Hanna Barbera Productions revived Droopy and Spike. Sometimes a villain can make a film or a show very memorable. I think this is the case with Tom and Jerry Kids. I thought Frank Welker's portrayal of McWolf made the show very memorable.

Don Messick did a great job playing Droopy. Charles Adler also did a great job playing Dripple. Some of Droopy and Dripple shorts were good and others were just OK. But Frank Welkers's portrayal of McWolf made many of these OK shorts memorable. It must be noted that the show also has a wonderful animation. My favorite Droopy and Dripple short is Droopio and Juliet. Another thing I liked about Tom and Jerry Kids is "sometimes" villain characters win at the end of the short. For Example, McWolf wins at the end of the short "A Thousand Clones." Droopy Delivers is another short with a good ending.

In Tom and Jerry Kids shorts, Young Tom also wins on some occasions. I like the idea of fair game in a cartoon. My favorite tom and Jerry short is Tulliver's Twist.

To me, even a weak Hanna Barbera cartoon is better than many cartoons that is released today. Hanna Barbera made wonderful cartoons like Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, Quick Draw McGraw, Jonny Quest, The Flinstones. And they also made different action cartoons in 90s like Pirates of Darkwater, SWAT Kats, and Jonny Quest Real Adventures.

I thought they always tried their best. That's what made them so special.
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Tom and Jerry Sins !.. Kids ?.. No Difference !
elshikh430 August 2008
I'm a great admirer of new treatments for old works. But aside from being a denigration for the authentic Tom and Jerry, and hundred steps down, Tom and Jerry Kids is very BAD in itself as a cartoon show.

If that was meant for very young children (5 years or less) so this is why they aimed it at audience doesn't comprehend much. The characters are so weak, the comedy is invisible, the vitality is lost, so the silliness conquered and ruled. The idea of Tom and Jerry Kids or even Young Tom and Jerry wasn't handled well. It's not only the dethroning of the main leads' legendary halo, but also the easy inane adventures. It's the TV, and I do mean it in a bad way.

Clearly that the makers of it (Hanna-Barbera Productions) hadn't movies in mind while the making inasmuch as comic books. It's not an animation short, it's more like your inferior comic strips; almost a trite consumer goods.

It's not the sin of Tom and Jerry, it's the sin of that low exploitation which didn't add anything to their legacy but some trivial, unbearable sometimes, buffoonery. We had to wait 16 years to recover with (Tom and Jerry Tales - 2006) as a very late apology yet from (Warner Bros. Animation) and really worth watching unlike other Tom and Jerry shows.
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Tom and jerry kids a great show
sebastiang-677465 October 2018
I love tom and jerry i grew up with it and i found out about this series and i feel in love with the characters and stories and the theme song makes me cry everytime i hear it and it has a special place in my heart so tom and jerry kids gets a 10 out of 10 by me
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