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Growing Up Canuck

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A Canadian upbringing is about more than just playing lots of winter sports and having maple syrup instead of regular syrup on our pancakes. Regular exposure to Canadian television has long been an important part of what makes our childhood different from that of our brethren to the south. Now, Canadian television is decidedly less polished than American television. We grew up watching the genuinely awkward adolescents of Degrassi Street, not the beautiful airbrushed twentysomething "teenagers" of "Beverly Hills 90210." Bizarre, crudely drawn National Film Board short cartoons such as "The Log Driver's Waltz," "The Big Snit," and "The Cat Came Back" were a staple of the 1970s and 1980s, while American kids were tuning in to shows like the "Care Bears." One of our most revered television superheroes was Mr. Canoehead, a dude whose crimefighting "superpower" was to knock out criminals by, well, turning around and whacking them with the
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