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Sex & Nudity

  • Passionate kissing through out the series
  • when max heals Liz you he rips open her shirt and reveals her bra
  • there is talk among friends and family about sex and virginity and being safe
  • In the episode " Tess Lies and Video Tape max begins fantasize about Tess at one point in he's day dream max grab's tess and and trough's her down on the table kissing her from her stomach up there is some slight moaning and Tess rap's her legs around max
  • Michael has a sexual dream about Isabel at the same time she has a dream about him in the dream it implies that the had sex and had a child
  • In an episode Max and Tess have sex you don't see much except max is shirtless as he kisses Tess all over it then cut's seen to them laying in bed talking a few hours later
  • in the episode " heat wave" Michael and maria are laying on the ground of the cafe floor kissing
  • several times they go in to the calk closet and make out
  • it is implied that Michael and maria have had sex
  • Kyle and Tess plan to have sex referring it as trimming there tree's Tess say's ''she has a tree that need's some serous trimming ""
  • Tess find's some porn magazines under Kyles bed and makes fun of him
  • Tess snap's kyles boxer's and asks what brand they are
  • in season 3 kyle,max and Liz are sitting at a table at the crash down studying well at least kyle is you see Liz run her foot up max's thigh max jump's back in his seat.
  • max and Liz go skinny dipping
  • max takes of all his close except his boxers and liz takes her clothes of expect her bra and under wear but before she can get in they get intruded
  • it is implied that Jesse and Isabel have had sex several times
  • Isabel has a mild fantasies about Kivar he kisses her neck

Violence & Gore

  • Some fight scenes and people being shot. And they use their powers to hurt some bad guys, like for example being throwed away in the air.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • No sex or nudity
  • in the episode " sexual Healing" max and Liz are on the coach you see nothing but max's bare chest, Liz is on top of him there is some heavy breathing and passionate kissing but they get interrupted before anything happens .

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