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4 Jan. 1992
Episode #4.19
Andy's new years resolutions include teaching about recycling. Steve talks to several Town Criers and plays American Football. Neil dream of doing falconry comes true as he meets a magnificent Golden Eagle. Juliet has invited industrial psychologist Noelle Sharp backstage. But when Noelle begins bothering the presenters, Max and Paul have to take matters into their own hands.
11 Jan. 1992
Episode #4.20
Steve interviews a group of young contortionist, then blows up the Motormouth table to make it an antique. Andy learns how to play a game of Karom. Neil talks to Terry Nutkins about African Porcupines. Gabby announces the 33 finalists in the Lloyds Bank Fashion Challenge. Max and Paul have invited a singing telegram dressed as a policeman for Juliet's birthday, but she's afraid of being arrested for a twenty years overdue library book.
18 Jan. 1992
Episode #4.21
Frank Sidebottom organizes the cardboard cup final. Andy and Neil are convinced Steve is a Jinx, so Steve starts talking to worms. Gaby interviews the star of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Daniel Newman. Paul Miller uses a computer to dive into his family tree and finds himself to be royalty.
25 Jan. 1992
Episode #4.22
Andy talks to traveling artist Andrew Hewkin. Steve is selling fake art of his own and plays a paper organ. Gaby learns all about Tartan and the upcoming National Workout Day. Neil and Terry go paddling with a sea lion. All four presenters team up to bake a vegetarian haggis, or 'vagis'. Milly is not allowed to get near Gary from Take That but loses her composure after tasting some of the haggis ingredients. Then Juliet, who has the day off, arrives bearing paintings.
1 Feb. 1992
Episode #4.23
Steve looks at a home made car and eats Andy's goldfish, Michael. Gaby oversees hairdo makeovers in the studio and meets the man who invented hair extensions. Neil teaches us about Oxfam's water harvesting techniques with little help from Leapfrog. Andy jumps into a computer via virtual reality. There's a film by Terry Nutkins about seals in Scotland. Max gets a pay rise and becomes insufferable, so his co-workers go on strike. Even Steve joins the cause by chaining himself to the studio door.
8 Feb. 1992
Episode #4.24
Gaby dives into optical illusions. Andy plays with electricity on live television. Neil talks to the curator of an animal hospital. Juliet's cat Luther is feeling under the weather as well. Steve unveils the new Motormout table and the latest technology in photo-booths. Max is filling in for Raz again. Millie's cousin Melanie is visiting the studio and instantly fancies Paul.
15 Feb. 1992
Episode #4.25
It's National Workout Day and Gaby is outside keeping fit with lots of celebrities and a thousand children. Steve Johnson is more interested in bragging about all the Valentine cards he got the day before. Andy demonstrates the new Commander entertainment simulator. Neil eats some jewelry baked by Greg and Max. Millie is a feeling left out now that Paul only has time for Melanie. Max is taking care of a baby for Maud.
22 Feb. 1992
Episode #4.26
Andy's birthday is near at hand and once again Steve has intercepted all his cards. Gaby presents the latest in military fashion. Neil and Terry look at some skunks. Andy dives into scary amusement park rides. Juliet finds out she has a twin sister when solicitor Mr. Willby is looking for a Julietta Nichols from Portugal in connection with an inheritance. Max wants to use the money for his mothers birthday present while Milly wants to give it to one of Terry Nutkin's animal charities.
29 Feb. 1992
Episode #4.27
Andy gets a demonstration from hearing dogs for the deaf. Gaby finally has the final results for the Lloyds Bank Fashion Challenge. Steve is in the Motormouth car park where Matt Coulter the Kangaroo Kid is going to jump his quad bike over six parked cars. Neil presents a chip review complete with a chip eating panel. Each Februay 29th, women are allowed to ask men to marry them, so Milly encourages Juliet to propose to her singing telegram boyfriend Ray. But when Max and Paul overhear Juliet practicing her lines, they both thing she wants to marry them.
7 Mar. 1992
Episode #4.28
Steve tries his luck on a pommel horse and when he's recuperating, Andy tries to replace Steve with a lookalike dummy. Terry Nutkins has brought two American black bear cubs into the studio. Gaby is making sandwiches with Greg and Max Juliet is boring everybody with her wedding plans, Milly is on make-up duty, filling in for Cynthia. Max is only concerned with his distinguished guests 'Le La Le'. Paul has nothing to do, so he orders Health and Beauty equipment. But the woman he thinks is their representative ends is actually an escaped convict.
14 Mar. 1992
Episode #4.29
With the elections coming up, Steve Johnson is running for President. Gaby learns about goldfish and piranhas and teaches the boys how to knit. Andy looks into art made from recycled material. Neil promotes the new series of Art Attack with a some help from Steve. Because the show is ending and they'll all be out of a job in three weeks, Millie wants to join the circus. Max is the subject of a behind the scenes documentary.
21 Mar. 1992
Episode #4.30
Andy has been filming in France and presents the results of the battery powered inventions competition. Steve meets a record holding bed of nails layer. Gaby takes up the plight of the dolphins and explains all about stamp collecting. Neil looks at paper mache statues. The lady Mayoress of Maidstone visits the backstage area where Millie and Paul are looking after a Macbeth quoting parrot called Desmond.
28 Mar. 1992
Episode #4.31
Steve is upset because there's only one more Motormouth left after this one and shows his bungee jumping film from France. Neil learns about computer generated comics. Terry Forrestal is wrecking all the studio doors and inspires Paul to take up stunts. Gaby teaches all about trainspotting and wears a chocolate hat. Max is shocked to find his mother Mabel visiting and Juliet is stressed because she's lost her cat.
4 Apr. 1992
Episode #4.32
Andy hosts the Motormouth Animation Awards. Neil is rightfully scared of Terry Nutkin's snakes. Steve gets a surprise birthday cake and meets Martin and Martin the Maggogs. Gabby presents her guide to bird watching. Frank Sidebottom celebrates the end of Motormouth, then tries to get himself booked on Gimmie 5. Juliet is getting married to Raymond Oxley-Topping and Paul finds a mysterious map in the back of a painting of the TVS studio grounds.

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