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the conflict between social classes
varkaris26 July 1999
In establishing a clear view of the social status in Greece,someone has to gather information about the various factors impinging upon the economic infrastructure. 1922. Refugees from Smyrna come to Piraeus. The scenery includes a very steep rock. A rich man throws refugees away from their houses to build a factory. Andreas(Nikos Kourkoulos) tries to avoid the demolition of his house and the subsequent expulsion. His mother dies from heart failure when she sees Andreas injured after he attacked the demolition workers. A young man falls from a rock because of a love affair with a rich girl. At the mourning Andreas will opt to erase the pain with a zeibekiko dance. Xenia(Zoi Laskari) arrives with her fiancee(Andreas Mparkoulis)there due to a car failure. The mourners obeying to the late beloved person's wish continue with a hasapiko dance. Xenia falls in love with Andreas after a meeting at the construction site where he works. Andreas will forget his love for a girl from the neighborhood. He loves Xenia.Xenia will tell him that she is the daughter of the rich man who expelled the refugees to build a factory. Andreas continues to love Xenia. The neighborhood cannot approve or understand this love affair. Andreas will fight with his brother. The police will bring Andreas to jail. This will bring great sorrow to Xenia. The neighborhood will continue to disapprove Xenia. Xenia will fall from the rock. Andreas is released from the jail at the same time. He says to the people of his neighborhood that now she cannot harm them and so they can accept her. All the neighborhood people walk towards the rock to mourn the good rich girl. A movie full of romance,passion and great music from Stavros Xarhakos giving zeibekika full of sadness to illustrate the pain and the conflict that the environment can create. Dalianides directs in a consistent way achieving a poetic atmosphere.The elements of the Broadway-style musicals are present but the results are beneficial to the movie. These elements characterise many greek movies. The romance is strong.The human relations are very dynamic to generate an arena of agony.People will fight each other in a complicated world of social difference,interaction and understanding.
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