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Season 2

Episode #2.3
A crime wave threatens the peaceful town of Jackson's Wharf, Larissa contemplates leaving Jackson's for good and Natalie wants to marry Mason.
Episode #2.5
Brian has some unwelcome visitors on the farm, Ben gives Rebecca a job, Hannah and Dylan play investigative journalists and Zane and Larissa get close.
10 Nov. 2000
Episode #2.6
Frank delves into Rebecca's past and his findings threaten the success of the new restaurant; Jay starts up a local netball team but encounters tension with Larissa over Zane; and Shayne has a surprising delivery to the supermarket.
Episode #2.8
Zane goes all out to impress Jay and succeeds, Mahina suffers at the hands of Frank and a high-speed chase ends in clifftop disaster for the Jacksons.
Episode #2.10
Ben wants to sub-divide the Jackson's family farm, Calvin and Jesse clash over Kelly-Ann until Calvin sees the light and Mahina has a secret.
Episode #2.15
Mahina stands for the council, Calvin busts a drug dealer, Zane gets further involved in his gang and Anaru puts Mahina in a compromising position.
Episode #2.17
Larissa heads off to the big smoke, Natalie attempts to sabotage Mason's new relationship and Jesse's present to Hannah sets off a series of odd events.
Episode #2.18
Calvin gets his wires crossed and starts planning his nuptials, while Natalie and Hannah find themselves in a sticky situation.
Episode #2.19
Spence jeopardizes Ben's chance of making peace with the protesters, while a guilty Mason confesses all to Litia.
Episode #2.20
Natalie sets off in search of Frank but stumbles across danger in the bush, and wedding bells ring in Jackson's Wharf, but who is the happy couple?

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