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Sparkling detective tale with nice balance of thrills and comedy
BrianThibodeau25 August 2004
BAYSIDE SHAKEDOWN (1998), which was a record-breaking hit when it first opened and spawned an equally successful sequel late in 2003, is a fantastic dramedy-thriller about a bureaucracy-heavy city police precinct involved in the hunt for a serial killer. The opening scene sets the delightful comic tone: a body floats dead centre in a small river that divides two districts, with cops from both sides wading frantically in the water to see who can get to it first and thus take on the case. On shore, two wisened detectives from the Wangan Police Station quietly mutter their hopes that if the body floats to the other side, they won't have to be bothered investigating the case. Naturally, they get the case, and young cop Yuji Oda spends the next several days hunting down the killer AND an unexpected group of kidnappers, dealing with interference that shows up in the form of secretive high-tech Feds led by an arch-rival, and witnessing the station commanders all but bury themselves in red tape and petty squabling in order to avoid doing real work, all while desperately trying to catch a few moments of desperately desired sleep. This is based on a TV show, but prior knowledge of it is unnecessary and you instantly feel a kinship with these memorable characters. Nice double-twist ending, too! I give it a 10.
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Has to lean on the TV series
solo-1117 December 2000
Strangely enough, I watched the movie before I watched the TV series.

In short, the movie is just another long episode in the TV series. If you take it that way, you'd probably love the movie as much as the TV series.

The movie is unable to stand on its own. First-time viewers will be puzzled by the relationship between Aoshima and Muroi. Many will be disappointed by the relative ease at which the cyberkiller and kidnappers were caught. But those are not the main points of the story.

The stratification and redtape within the police force tend to take centre stage in the TV series, and in the movie too. The police officers of Wangan branch were unable to participate in case investigations because they are "just a branch". And Aoshima got into trouble (at the end) only because he had to wait for the headquarters to officially arrest the kidnappers. Muroi, on his way up the rankings, finds it impossible to take care of his subordinates at the frontline.

Prospective viewers are recommended to watch the TV series first, although it makes no difference if you are a fan of Japanese dark comedy. Then treat this movie as another TV episode as you watch it, because it is really just a TV special.
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Best psychological thriller I've seen.
velogirl0824 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Yuji Oda (Aoshima), star of Odoru Daisosasen plays the "nail that will be beaten down" per the old saying about those who stand out being encouraged to conform. His good looks, slackerish behavior and tattered raincoat (think "Columbo"- a favorite of the Japanese) are his hallmarks. He also has a nasty habit of placing himself between a blade and a colleague, which makes him a pretty noble fellow all around. Although occasionally overly dramatic, I found the movie effective for the character-driven plot lines, hysterical red herrings and the lack of gratuitous sex and violence. Oda's character Aoshima hits on Eri Fukatsu's Onda, a no-nonsense policewoman and there's a lot of verbal sparring, which I found more intriguing than an actual hook-up. If you can find a copy of this, give it a shot. It's villain is an interesting portrait of the depredations the Japanese fear they are capable of- very different from the evil that lurks on American screens.
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Humor, humor, humor, and then "Bang," edge-of-your-seat drama.
celtica24 August 2003
I am not a fan of police movies but this one won me over. I found it to have the perfect blend of humor and drama. The multiple plots of kidnapping, murder, and a thief within the police's very own station were all handled smoothly by an excellent group of actors. In a way it reminds me of the movie M*A*S*H in that there is humor, humor, humor, and then "Bang," edge-of-your-seat drama and tension. (This review is in regard to the dvd version with English subtitles.) I've watched this movie a dozen times now and each time I notice something extra, things that are funny or odd taking place in the background. The movie was easy to follow despite me having never seen the TV series. You will enjoy this film.
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Japanese Cinema at its Best
TheHande5 May 2007
'Bayside Shakedown' is a movie that manages to be exciting, disturbing and funny all at the same time. The movie that starts out as crime drama and even seems to nod slightly in the direction of CSI also has plenty of humour-filled moments.

Though the film has three cases at the same time, the story doesn't get derailed, mainly because each of the plots only enhance the over-all feel of the film. The comedy prevents the serious parts from becoming tedious and the well-written surprise makes the film a fulfilling experience. Also a colourful cast undoubtedly helps.

The only criticism I can direct at the film is that the opening is rather slow, but things start to pick up at a nice pace.

Recommendable for people who like generally good films.
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Dark Humor Meets Detective Work
mindless_junk2 March 2003
Odoru Daisosasen (Bayside Shakedown) is a detective movie on the surface. It centers around the case of the kidnapping of a police commissioner of the Bayside precinct. However, digging deeping, it is really a movie about friendship, dark humor, social satire, with comic relief.

This movie can stand on its own without the TV series, as I have not seen the TV series yet before watching the movie. Don't let that be a let-down.

The movie perfectly combines humor with seriousness. One just can't stop laughing at the ludicrosy inside the local precinct and the seriousness of the HQ. At the same time, the plot is fluid and coherent - with a nice surprise at the end to relieve the tenseness.

Go see this movie if you feel watching a coherent detective story with some laughable moments.
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edward_tan28 November 2000
What is this show trying to say? Action, Horror, Romance, Culture Clashes, Loyalty, the old and the new etc. I know it's wrong to pigeonhole something but really, this show suffers from a lack of focus. Done properly, it would have carried some merit. But what I saw was just slipshod film-making. The ending was so over sentimentalised that it was barf-inducing. Terrible.
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Slick and Well Crafted But Could Have Been Better
jmaruyama20 August 2000
Movie adaptations of popular TV shows is not a trend unique to America. The Japanese have been doing it for years before. Odoru Daisosasen (Bayside Shakedown) is but the latest attempt to bring a popular Japanese TV show to the big screen. Based on Fuji TV's popular and hip cop show starring pretty boy Yuji Oda, Bayside Shakedown basically delivers what fans of the TV show expect and want. All the formulas that made the TV show such a hit are all well displayed here. Just as with the TV show there is the right blend of comedy, drama, action and even some bureaucratic intrigue in the mix. Unlike recent American attempts at updating TV shows such as Mission Impossible, The Avengers, Wild Wild West, Mod Squad and the upcoming Charlie's Angels, Bayside Shakedown has not altered or revised it's look (granted Bayside Shakedown is a relatively recent TV show as opposed to the examples said above). All the characters from the show and those actors that played the characters on the TV show are all here. This is basically your equivalent to a TV Movie or `Reunion Show' albeit one geared towards a theatrical release. All that being said, Bayside Shakedown will definitely please fans of the show, but for those like myself who are not really fans it leaves somewhat of a mixed reaction. The story is not all too exciting and the action is somewhat tame for a movie. Bayside Shakedown succeeds solely on the efforts of Oda and the cast and their interactions with each other. There's a lot of flash and style but it might have as well been a direct to video release than a `road show ` movie extravaganza. A nice try but could have been better.
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A japanese blockbuster
crisbene12 November 2000
This movie is weird. This is the kind only japanese can make. But hopefully this is not (I hope so!) the kind only japanese people can love. It can't be glued to any genre and for example (as it's a huge success) Hollywood won't be able to make it again. Extraordinary action sequences, ultra-suspense and ZAZ-comic-like is a light sum-up of what can be found in this weird but very exciting movie.
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