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This Movie Blows!
TheAnimalMother5 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I recall seeing better acting in 6th grade drama class. Even the stunts here are terrible. It looks like they are going about 10MPH in the parking garage chase scene...and they probably are. Quite pathetic, almost as pathetic as the acting and dialogue. The funniest moment in the film is when 'Sting' literally yells out "Somebody must have seen something!" at a crime scene. His lack of acting skill is enough to make pretty much anyone tumble over with laughter.

Besides laughing at the cheesiness, the only reason to watch this film quite frankly is the smokin hot Daisy Fuentes. However, since she only shows minimal cleavage, even she's not really worth the torture of watching the entire movie. They should use this film on terrorist suspects down in Guantanamo Bay. 4 back to back sittings through this stinker is guaranteed to make anyone sing.

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It Stings
willrommel31 July 2005
When you take Eric Bischoff's innovative genius for crafting original and intelligent plots, add to it Steve "Sting" Borden's dynamic and riveting personality(as well as his limitless array of acting and physical skills), combine the two and sprinkle liberally with unsurpassed production values and you get the pinnacle of made-for-TV wrestledrama cop films... Shutterspeed. This magnificent rampaging beast of a film never ceases to amaze, zigging when you expect it to zag. And when you expect it to zig, it punches you right in the brain. My only regret in watching this film is that I didn't die first, so that I could say that I came back from the dead to watch Steve "Sting" Borden turn in the best ever portrayal of a renegade cop by a reanimated mannequin. That's mostly true, my only regret really is that I didn't die first.
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What can be said about this film?
fleming_stuart18 April 2005
This is possibly the finest movie I have ever seen, the fact that Steve 'sting' Borden did not win some kind of award for his performance as no nonsense, maverick yet sensitive cop, Riley is an absolute disgrace that can only be explained by bribery and corruption. Mr Borden's performance was tender, yet explosive. A performance that Olivier often promised but never delivered. The screenplay crackled with unresolved tension of both a sexual and asexual nature. The action scenes fizzed and exploded off the screen. The plot was woven like a spiders web, but a spiders web of intrigue. Hopefully there will be more adventures of hard nosed detective Riley to come, if not then catch this one soon. Watch it or forever more be a chump!
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This Film Is Defective
Mitch-387 February 2000
Contrary to popular belief, all former wrestlers are not destined to win Oscars. This certainly fits the bill here in the TNT production SHUTTERSPEED. Former wrestler Steve Borden plays no nonsense cop Riley Harris, a detective determined to find a the killer of a friend of his. Nobody murders a friend a Riley Harris, leaving me to guess that the rest of us are on our own.

When Detective Harris isn't beating up thugs, not to mention due process of law; he's sits around in confabs with his boss or his estranged brother, looking bored. I mean, really bored. Well, that makes two of us.

This made for TV fluff would have at least made for decent time burning fodder, had it not been so predictable, better acted and not suffering from such an flat script. Had Borden's character been assigned to detect an original thought in the script, the detective would have hanged up his holster and retired in despair.
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Gr8 Movie
Designgirl883 October 2005
I am a huge wrestling fan, as well as a "sting" Fan. So when i heard about this movie from the wrestling boards i was like OK, ill watch it, prob sux but who cares sting is in it. I wound up loving this movie regretting not taping it, because its never replayed or on video/DVD/anything.. The whole cast and crew were great the story lines everything, and who said wrestlers couldn't act. I Wonder y know one offers him any other roles, especially stunt kinds? You really cant tell he is the sting in the movie unless you know, when was the last time u saw him without his face mask? If you ever see it i would rent /but it if you are a thriller fan.
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this movie is awesome
nikki_nicole_mickey17 February 2006
i really enjoyed this movie one because it was an awesome movie and two because i was infatuated with Sting. i loved him. i had dolls and t-shirts and stuff animals. i mean my room completely went to black and white. i loved the movie also because you got a chance to see sting outside of the make-up and the ring. he was really cute and i was way too young. but that didn't matter to me because in my head he was the best thing my eyes had seen. it's a really good movie and i recommend it to all of those sting fans out there. i didn't know that sting could do such a profound job at acting but he did. i was absolutely glued to the television set. it got to the point to where my brothers got tired of me and that movie. i mean i watched it over and over again. i couldn't help it. you'll see.
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The "Stinger" is back...
ColbertNotion1 January 2000
The man called "Sting" (WCW) is back in a very good action/thriller type movie. His first outing was as close to comic genius (The Real Reason, Men Commit Crimes) as I've seen from the "wrestlers turned movie actors." In Shutterspeed, Steve Borden is a narcotics officer who gets caught up in foreign epsionage when his fiancees brother witnesses a murder while working in Berlin and winds up with a camera containing film that someone else would, and does, kill for. Although Borden's characteristic "stone face" can be mildly irritating at times, he does a very good job in the "cop avenging friends murder" role.
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Awesome Movie!
luvdbigguy7 February 2000
What can be said about Shutterspeed but WOW! This movie was fantastic. Steve Borden has proven himself to anyone that may have doubted his acting ability. TNT should definitely make Shutterspeed into a series, it would be a sure hit. The movie kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time, it was so full of action and drama. A definite 10 on my scale.
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