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Brilliant detective drama
sandra-lamont28 May 2006
This is the most underrated piece of TV ever! Starring Philip Madoc, it is a detective drama, originally filmed in Welsh. It is far superior to Morse, Frost etc and is genuinely gritty and atmospheric with realistic plots and solid acting. Sadly, it is rarely seen on TV (at one point it was shown at 2am on Sky One!) and I believe production ceased about five or six years ago. It is almost impossible to buy on VHS and I'm not sure how many episodes were ever transmitted on TV in the English format. (I was told you can buy them for educational purposes if you are learning to speak Welsh so I'm seriously considering that) It's a real crime that such a wonderful programme is relatively unknown and I can't understand why it is being shown in Australia and not here- somebody should snap up the transmission rights and persuade Philip Madoc to come out of retirement! Anyone interested in starting a campaign to bring it back?
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A Mind to Kill
eoh57 July 2006
What a pleasure to see 'old haunts' used in the making of this program, it was nice to travel down memory lane.

It seemed to all fall into place, location, script, Actors, blended well to produce an intense modern day who-dun-it.

Philip Madoc, Gillian Elisa and Sharon Morgan, to name a few, were fantastic.

Great story lines, delving into the nitty gritty of Wales, such a pity it came to an abrupt end.

The first two series of 'A Mind to Kill' were excellent, but it was a shame that only three members of the original cast remained for the third, or maybe they felt as I did, the script was too deep. It had lost it's way, the stories became too sinister, there was no longer a sense of joviality in the script, it was so serious and not what we had all, grown to enjoy. No longer like the Bain we knew and loved, the flirt, who could be a little rude, serious when needed, wicked when not.

Why change a good thing?, it was not the move to C5 from C4 that proved fatal.

It would be wonderful if it was possible to have the original actors and writers return, and maybe have it shown on either BBC, ITV or it's first home C4, and show the rest of the Country what Wales has to offer in good drama.

Edward Harrhy.
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love this dark gem
avgx15 September 2005
This series is now showing in Australia for what I believe is the first time.

Trouble is it's on after midnight and hardly anyone's watching it.

Wonderfully atmospheric cop series.

It has a darkness about it that stays with you after you go to bed.

Utterly credible .. acted with restraint and so refreshingly the antithesis of the diet of police forensic porn mostly served up to us these days.

There's something genuinely likable about Bain .. but also a real world grittiness about him .. that doesn't always render him predictable.

Enjoying a love affair with this show at the moment .. would advise any Aussies not watching it who are reading this in Sep 05 to check it out on Channel 7 Tuesdays at midnight.

Set the VCR if you have to and let it get into your head .. it might take an episode or two .. but you'll be rewarded..
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Welsh detective series
blanche-21 September 2014
This Welsh series stars Philip Madoc as DCI Noel Bain, a widower with a young, rebellious daughter (Ffion Wilkins). The show deals with his cases, his relationships with the people he works with (Sharon Morgan and Gillian Elisa) and his problems with his daughter.

The stories are dark, gritty, realistic, and atmospheric. There always seems to be a background, however, of youth violence, which doesn't make Wales seems like an attractive place to visit.

The late Philip Madoc was a wonderful actor, and he creates an interesting character in Noel Bain. Not one to show emotion, the actor manages to give us a character who is a compassionate, perhaps disillusioned man, still mourning his wife and in pain over some of his daughter's behavior. It's quite a masterful performance.

I can't say I love this series as it always leaves me a little sad. Even if there is closure of the case, one is left with a hopeless feeling. That's realistic, of course. It's just not very entertaining.
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Genuinely brilliant television drama
GERG-217 February 2000
A MIND TO KILL is a simultaneously-made English language version of HELIWR, originally aired in Welsh on S4C. In common with a great deal of Welsh-language drama series (PRIS Y FARCHNAD is another shining example) it is brilliantly filmed and excellently directed, with fine casting and characterisation, all built around extraordinary and sometimes genuinely frightening plotlines.

AMTK - even in the English version, the original Welsh is much more atmospheric - is by far the best of the detective-procedurals of the last decade or so; it's genuinely gritty and down-to-earth without a trace of the cosy comfort of such as MORSE or FROST, and infinitely better in every sense than almost all much-trumpeted BBC product like SILENT WITNESS.

It is of course unfortunate it shows on C5 - but this is more a reflection on the sheeplike viewing habits of the British audience, as incapable now of changing channels to C5 as they were when Channel Four began, or BBC2 before it.
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A competent series but lost to the main body of TV viewers by being broadcast on Channel 5.
Tiny-1913 November 1999
Philip Madoc is a very dependable actor and he plays his character, DCI Noel Bain, very well with a touch of humour. The sub-plot has him a widower with a late-teenage daughter and there is also a consistent thread of other sub-plots in and around the police station.

The story-lines were good, up to the standard of such major series as 'Frost', and the direction firm.

The pity is that this series (I don't know how many episodes were made, but it must have been 13 or so, having been made by Pearson, was aired on Channel 5 and therefore went largely ignored.
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Welsh Crime At Its Best
Rupert171 September 2013
Excellent crime series from Wales starring the venerable actor Phillip Madoc as the imperturbable Chief Inspector Noel Bain. There are no glamorous settings or actors straight from the gym and cosmetic surgery – just ordinary-looking people going about the business of good acting in believable stories. A special mention for Ffion Wilkins who plays Bain's head-strong and slightly rebellious daughter Hannah. An absolute beautiful Celtic girl with natural acting ability who has hardly appeared in anything else other than this series. I know she has had a modest career in music, but her screen presence and timing would lead one to believe that this young woman was headed for a long television acting career. I hope her talent was not squandered for other reasons. The DVD's for all series are on sale in Australia. If you are looking for something a bit more realistic than the flashy Hollywood stereotype, then you will find these series to your taste and worth the money.
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Looking for group playing in an episode of A Mind to Kill
shirleyafranklin22 January 2006
I love the music being played by a country and western group, song seems to be Guardian Angel, I am not sure of the episode as I have it on an old tape and no title. It has to do with a bunch on vigilantes who drag a boy behind the truck and he gets strangled, they think that he killed one of their sons in a hit and run.

I would appreciate any help, I am going to take the music off the tape but their is a lot of talk going over it.

I really like the series, I am not sure how many we have on our great pile of tapes and must have more on them.

It is difficult to understand sometimes but he plays such a good part, I liked the ones with his daughter in them.
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