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MPAA Rated PG-13 for sustained intense war sequences, images of wounded, brief sensuality and some language

Sex & Nudity

  • A man and woman start kissing and then start removing each other's clothing. You see the women in her bra and the man is on top of her shirtless. Sex is implied.
  • Various scenes showing wounded soldiers with their buttocks exposed, either partially or entirely.

Violence & Gore

  • The attack on Pearl Harbor is shown in great detail: Bombers fly overhead shooting at, bombing, and dropping torpedoes on naval vessels. Men are shown being blown through the air, falling from ships, and drowning. A carrier lists and sinks dropping men into the water and trapping men inside.
  • A man is blown up while standing in the bridge of a ship; we see his very bloody wounds as he dies. A man is blown up when he thinks a bomb is a dud but it isn't. Men and women are picked off by gunfire as they run through the streets and airfields. Two airfields are attacked causing planes and trucks to explode.
  • A plane is shot at and explodes as it tries to take off, and other planes are shot at and crash in to towers, each other, ships, the water, and the ground. Two planes crash killing some men of the crew and leaving others bloody and wounded. Another bombing raid shows planes blowing up factories.
  • A net full of dead and mangled bodies is shown. Several gruesome and chaotic hospital scenes show the resulting mutilations and injuries of the attacks: A man's neck wound spurts blood; many men are charred and screaming.
  • There are air battles with planes being blown into pieces and crashing; one scene shows a fire breaking out on board a plane and the pilot is unable to eject and eventually crashes into the water. A bullet-riddled plane is seen with a blood-covered cockpit. A huge number of dead bodies are seen floating in the water. A dead woman is tossed onto a pile of other dead bodies.
  • A man is shot in the chest twice; he shakes and gasps before he dies. Several enemy soldiers are shot and killed. There is a scene of an airplane hangar full of coffins. There are a couple of newsreel scenes showing bombing raids with buildings crumbling and planes exploding and crashing. Two planes play chicken with each other in mid-air. A man is coldcocked with a machine gun butt.
  • There is a boxing match and two men punch each other repeatedly; one ends up with a cut on his eyebrow which we see being stitched up, and the other has some blood around his mouth. There is a bar fight with several men being punched in the face and tables and chairs being thrown around.
  • A boy knocks a man on the head with a board and knocks him to the ground. A father hits his son across the face and knocks him to the ground. A man passes out and hits his face on a metal table; we see him with a bloody bandaged nose. A champagne cork pops and hits a man in the nose and it bleeds. Two young boys play in a crop duster and start it by accident causing it to drive recklessly across a field and take off briefly.
  • Men are shown getting injections in the buttocks and they wince and yell in pain (although it is pretty comical).
  • The Director's Cut contains all the violence in the Theatrical Cut, plus the following:
  • A boat explodes, and we see two separated halves of a man fly out (lots of gore on his torso).
  • A man is shot in the chest and blood/chunks of flesh fly all over.
  • When a bomb explodes, we see a severed head land on the boat deck. Lots of blood/gore around the severing of the neck. We see the decapitated head in a close-up.
  • A man is caught in an explosion and it opens a large wound in his stomach. We see him trying to hold in his bloody intestines in a medium close-up.
  • A running bystander is shot in the waist. His body splits in two with a large spray of blood and gore.
  • A man is shot in the back, ripping a huge hole in his stomach - accompanied by lots of blood and gore.
  • Soldiers catch on fire from an explosion and writhe in agony.
  • A man is hit by shrapnel and a huge, bloody hole is torn in his chest. Blood pours from his mouth.
  • Two men are riddled with bullets. One of them has part of his head ripped away with brief gore and the other has his arm torn off, creating a large blood spray.
  • We see a hospital with several body parts littering the floor. We get a close-up of a torn up foot (lots of gore) and a hand with a thumb partially severed (even more gore). Blood is all over the floor.
  • A soldier is hit by an explosion and we see large bloody gash in his forehead.
  • A doctor amputates a man's arm. There is blood spray and the man screams.
  • A man has heavy burns on the side of his head.
  • There are extra shots of dead bodies at the end.
  • A soldier is given an injection.


  • 6 uses of the S-Word 5 Uses of the A-Word 6 mild profanities, a couple of sexual references, (ie Screw, etc) some profane insults, racial slurs (mostly Jap, referring to the attacking Japanese) and about 30 religious profanities.
  • "The Director's Cut" has some more profanity than the Theatrical Version. Around 6 uses of the F-Word (two used as mother). While 1 is very hard to hear. There are also changed word(s) such as c**ks****r.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Men are shown drinking while celebrating and there are some(very mild) scenes of smoking(mainly cigars)

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The attack sequence and the deaths are both very intense. See violence and gore for more details.
  • It's a Michael Bay movie, more explosions that you can count


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Danny's death is a very sad scene.

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