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The boy next door, exploring... women.
primek95 January 2005
This movie has its obvious drawbacks. For instance, pretty much all the women/girls in the movie are very attractive. Even the ugly girls aren't really that ugly. Then we have the quasi/anti-feminism message, which will probably annoy people. And there are lots of stereotypes and clichés throughout the movie. In fact, the movie is actually _based_ on stereotypes, mainly those concerning the roles and rules of gender and courtship.

But all that is sorta the point! (Except the "all girls are pretty"-bit, which annoys me.) So, if you're not too hung up on the flaws, "100 Girls" is actually rather funny! Laughing out loud isn't hard at all. The main character, Matthew, is sorta cute, in a completely undate-able sorta way. (Nice guys do finish last. Sorry!) The girls are neurotic and predictable. But the story isn't _too_ predictable either. (After all, _you_ try making an original High School movie! Iz not that easy I tell you.)

But this banality is probably the point of the movie, and it works as a whole. Even if you don't really care whether Matthew ever finds his lost mystery-love or not, it's still entertaining to watch his quest for love, and to hear the sometimes utterly blunt facts of life and genderhood that are spelled along the way. (Yes, most young men do find it stressful to hit on girls. Really? And yes, men and women may have some difficulties communicating with each other, because they have different experiences and different goals.)

So, in summary: A round of applause for banality and simple stories, as long as they're delivered with warm humor and jokes about the human anatomy!

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I generally liked it
sweetgrl31330 June 2003
I actually like 100 girls, it tried to show you the inner mind of how a guy thinks and probably not all guys think like that but i think a few deep down. Its pretty much all about a guy who met a girl in the elevator and fell in love but unfortunately never saw her face. It seems a little unlikely but who knows it could happen. I give the movie a 8/10 it had some good humor and laughs and it did keep my interest up the WHOLE movie. Also it just seemed like a good time, I would recommend this to anyone!
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A fun little college campus romp for the guys
=G=7 April 2002
"100 Girls" is a slightly naive comedy romp about a college freshman who has sex with an unknown coed on an elevator during a blackout and then spends the entire run time searching the girls' dorm for his "Cinderella". Tucker is at the center of this fun little romp which is chock full of babes but has little nudity, no raunch, and some heart. Unsophisticated but fun, creative though cliche, "100 Girls" aptly dignifies women without deifying them during the self-narrated dissertation on the difference between the sexes. Most likely to be enjoyed by college age men and older guys, like me, who remember their college years with nostalgia.
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Formulaic, but not completely bad
siderite11 May 2014
There are a lot of clichés in this film, but some of the bits in it are funny and sometimes downright interesting (while others really horrible). It is also nice to see the girls who would later become Hollywood's sweethearts, like Jaime Pressly, Katherine Heigl, Emmanuelle Chriqui or Larisa Oleynik.

The story is that of a guy who meets - and loses his virginity to - a girl in an elevator, in complete darkness. He wakes up in the morning to find the girl gone and himself at a loss about her identity. Surely enough, he embarks on a journey to discover who she is from a girl dormitory of 100 suspects.

The good part was the idea that each girl was different, as indeed was every male character in the film. The bad part is the condescending perspective on boy/girl relationships and the "problems" in them. Also it was fantastically insulting to see a film pretending to be sensitive to girl needs, then present Marissa Ribisi as the ugliest possible girl. I bet there was a spike in suicides in America after this film was released.

Anyway, the film is light, the mystery obvious and possibly the only thing making it watchable (aside from the youthful shapes of lovely girls) was the lead, Johnathan Tucker, whose goofiness was perfect for the role. Some introspective insights into the nature of intimacy were the strengths of the film, while the character of Crick and every story arch related to him were absolutely horrid.

Bottom line: a watchable romantic movie, too simplistic and formulaic to appeal to any adult, but probably offering a few lessons for very young viewers. I don't recommend it, but I didn't hate it either.
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2nd Time Around
anitatanky14 June 2003
I had to scan the imdb for other users who realized this was the exact same movie as Eight Days A Week, to make sure I was not inadvertently plagiarizing someone else's comment. Several others commenting on the imdb noticed the same thing.

The screen writer of this movie made good use of his work...he used the same screen play twice! Take one movie you made, but change the character from a high school student to a college one, use the same voice over technique, use the same dialogue but change some of it around and have a thesaurus handy, even add a friend who is obsessed with doing odd things to his genitalia and voicing his perspectives regarding women, and what do you get? Two teen/young adult movies for the work of one!

I found both movies enjoyable though. So I am not necessarily criticizing his work. Heck, I might be even a little jealous that he was able to sale the same screen play twice. I guess we all have done it at one time or another...take some work for school or work and use it as a template for some other work without being very original the second time around. But again, I more or less liked the movie, or both, movies, which is really the same movie. Yikes!!! What does that say about me?
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Thinks it's the cleverest movie ever
solariumictv27 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Other comments have called this movie "intelligent" and claim that although our plucky lead is obviously too verbose to be believable, it's still a refreshing portrayal of the college-male psyche. Unfortunately, it takes a little more than a well-versed guy who has some strong opinions about men and women to forge a good romantic comedy.

Either a rom-com is total fluff, in which men and women speak in bouncy blips of whitewashed cuteness, and everything predictably turns out OK ("The Holiday," "Because I Said So," or any other nonsense) OR it's the smarter kind, with men and women speaking like real men and women, and the relationship between them portrayed a little more real as well (i.e. "When Harry Met Sally" or "Knocked Up"). You have to pick one -- it can't be both ways. A movie in which young men sit around waxing sexuality needs a realistic plot to compliment its didactic "insights" into the real world of men and women, something like "Clerks" did. In this tripe, Matt's alleged brilliant perception is juxtaposed with an absurd, simplistic plot and the most one-dimensional stock characters since "Porky's." Are we supposed to take it seriously or not? The worst part is that while Matt's insight is totally subjective and problematic, it's presented as scripture with no one questioning it. At least when Randall runs his month with all of his crazy theories, Dante (and others) present discord. In this one, especially when so many of his opinions are presented as voice-over, there's no one to question it (i.e. he warns us early to always be wary of girls who don't wear makeup, and any guy who has a single female friend is left shaking his head in awe). We don't get any help from the female characters, who either smile and marvel at Matt's dogmatic spew (i.e. Wendy) or argue with him initially but then eventually come around (i.e. Arlene). He never grows or changes, and since his opinions are the only interesting thing about the movie (given that there's barely a plot), we're left feeling flat.

I just can't deal with a movie whose writer apparently feels like the best way to endear us to his lead is to have Matt speak in a laundry list of angry-loner-guy sexist drivel and snarky "questions of life" like the ones that were floating around the internet circa 1998 (I was half expecting him to charm some girl by asking, "so, why don't sheep shrink when it rains?"). Or maybe it'd be better to make us like him by having him sneak into girls' rooms under false auspices, dress up like a girl and lie to them, and never pay for either. Or maybe he should get all self-righteous and call his roommate sexist and then display exactly the same closed-mindedness that he condemns. Try not to be annoyed when he vents his anti-feminist "everyone is a sexist, guys and girls" idiocy in front of his demonized women's studies professor and ALL THE GIRLS IN THE CLASS immediately applaud him. Lucky Matt, the one guy who understands, lost somewhere in a mindless movie full of mindless girls.
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straist1 June 2004
When this movie first appeared i wanted to watch it with my friends, laugh a lot, maybe make out with my girlfriend, i don't know. Still i never got the chance to do this, so i saw it just now alone in my dorm room. I must say that it was pretty much different from what i expected. I thought it would be something like "American Pie", or "Van Wilder", but it turned out to be more than just that. This movie really made me think about certain aspects regarding men and women, and i found out that much of the stuff mentioned is true and very well sustained by arguments. Overall it is a movie that gives a young person much to think about.
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A sexist bait & switch
cthulhuriffic15 June 2003
Warning: Spoilers
WARNING: This review contains some spoilers.

There's a few funny moments in this film (the anti-intimacy shield made me chuckle), but come on. Who does Michael Davis think he's kidding?

100 Girls is one of the most self-congratulatory pieces of misogynist drivel I've seen in years. That may seem a bit harsh; after all, sexism in movies is nothing new, nor is the tendency of "romantic comedies" to confuse sexism with sexiness. But 100 Girls goes several steps beyond that, and subjects its audience to a series of misogynist sermons from its main character, Matt. But since his tirades are delivered to us as syrupy, croaking-voice monologues from a sweet nerd, we're not supposed to notice that this film has an agenda, and an ugly one at that.

Writer/director Davis pulls a bait-and-switch, juxtaposing Matt with the two other male voices in the film: Rod, the misogynist roommate; and Crick the abusive boyfriend. By portraying Matt as the sympathetic alternative to these two dysfunctional men, Davis asks us to believe that Matt and his POV are enlightened, sweet and lovable. Yet, from Matt's mouth ooze the most retrograde nuggets of alleged sexual insight, informing us that men simply can't help themselves, and that women apparently have magic powers against

which us guys are hapless and helpless. This, in the context of Matt's indefensible behavior; he consistently deceives the 100 girls, gaining their trust under false pretenses, breaking into their rooms and violating their privacy in various and sundry other ways. And finally, when his ruse is revealed, we're supposed to believe that none of these "girls" -- not one of them -- is offended or angry at his criminal escapades.

Matt's cross-dressing sequence is quite appropriate, as it's symbolic of what Davis is doing with this movie. 100 Girls is a puerile exercise in preachy "nice guy" sexism, disguised as a girl-friendly sex comedy. And just to make sure we're not missing the point, Davis tosses in a straw-woman "femiNazi" women's studies teacher for Matt to ridicule and rally the girls against. Yeah, whatever.

If you've ever complained that women don't date more "nice guys," then pay close attention to Matt's actions in 100 Girls. He puts up a sweet and cuddly front, but his criminal behavior, however cluelessly committed, speaks for itself. He sees women, not as people, but as a playground in which his ego is meant to flower. If all the "nice guys" with a datelessness complaint act like this particular "nice guy," then it's no wonder they can't get dates. They simply don't deserve them.
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Dawsons creek dialogue... C movie script.
spacefoo14 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
on the plus side, there are some interesting lines and the plot was semi original to the point you wanted to find out who the girl in the elevator was. So it kept you watching, i'll give it that- it also attempts to tackle in as fair a way as possible the relationship between a man and a woman, plus peoples insecurities. Thats as much as i'll give it.

The main character seemed to be taken from the Dawsons Creek book of characters, he spoke in ridiculous dialogue of philosophies and attempted psycho-analysis of the sexes at every given moment. Whether he's in a girls panties drawer or playing fusball. He didn't come across as enlightening, he came across as self-absorbed and cringeingly annoying. Don't worry by the end of the film, he solved men and womens insecurities; brought people together; arrested the evil rapist man; outed his best friend (the girl from 'Alice Mack'); was a woman for a few days and found out how 'violated' he/she felt when looked at by a guy, and found enlightening things about women; single handedly conquered a female studies class- due to enlightening the world that there being too many 'isms' in the world; saved his room mate from his insecurity; and declared to 100women in a dorm about what a perfect boyfriend he'd be- making them all call his name oh and found his girl in the elevator....all in a days work for our conquering hero. Thats basically as simplistic as it got- he was all things to all people-literally. This move was ridiculously over simplistic and infuriatingly self-absorbed, but i guess you gotta give the guy an A for effort... This is a move to cure insomnia and nothing else.
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A great teen comedy that should've been in theaters.
ukwildcats10114 April 2003
100 girls is about pretty much every man's dream: a mysterious one-night stand with a gorgeous girl. The problem is, Matthew (Jonathan Tucker) has no clue who the girl is and absolutely needs to find out.

I agree with many other reviewer that this reminds one of "American Pie" but this movie reaches a much more profound intellectual girls, reaching its high points during the foosball matches between Matthew and Arlene (Katherine Heigl). I could not help but laugh at James DeBello's character Rod and the movie was all-around great. Definitely a 9 out of 10!
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If they can get an r rating, they'll do well!
Scoopy14 January 2001
This is a pretty cute coming-of-age flick which has been languishing in distributor purgatory for more than a year. An indy filmed in late 1999, it was hoped to be a summer youth comedy, ala American Pie, but it never managed to work out a US distribution deal, and it may still not have one. They are now talking on the official web site about releasing it in the summer of 2001 in the USA, even though it has already been playing for some months across the world.

They have some hot young names in the cast: Jaime Pressly (the major babe of "Poison Ivy 3"), Marissa Ribisi ("Grown Ups"; she's Giovanni's twin sister), Katherine Heigl ("Roswell")

And I like the concept. Matt is a college freshman, a virgin, a bright and sensitive kid but basically a dweeb. Early in the year he is trapped in an elevator with a girl during a blackout, they have a tremendous heartfelt discussion, they make love, but he never sees her face. When he wakes up, she's gone without a trace. Ignoring the fact that she would have left a note if she wanted to see him again, Matt knows that he's found his true love, and will have to find her. All he knows is that she resides in a certain dorm with 100 residents, so he has to concoct a series of ploys in order to gain admittance to the building and the trust of the girls. One of the girls becomes his accomplice, and between them they come up with two different plans. Sometimes Matt is the uniformed maintenance man who will take care of the girls dorm. Sometimes he's in drag as a woman.

In the course of the semester, he really learns a lot about women while searching for his honey. He learns so much that after his speech to 100 open windows, begging his secret lover to reveal her identity, she does not, but all the other hetero girls claim they were the one! He can basically have any of them, and he's come to like many of them during the year, but he's a romantic and an honorable man, so he continues his search for his true love.

Other salient points:

There isn't much flesh, but there is plenty of really dirty talk. Dora, the intellectual girl, likes to read Henry Miller and D.H, Lawrence out loud, for example, and the taboo "c" word appears in the reading, along with some very lustful situations! When the girls are completely at ease, when they are drunk and Matt is in drag, they tell some hilarious stories to each other. One night each of them shares her funniest stories about oral sex. I suppose there is a real risk of NC-17 in the USA, for the language, and for the fact that one of the girls is openly promiscuous, seduces Matt, and obviously is really into it, both with her speech and her hips. It was some darned good lovin', not movie sex at all, but real people getting used to each other and having problems, then working it out.

Matt's own roommate is a doofy misogynist who is into "penis power", a system in which he gradually ties larger and larger weights to his penis, to lengthen and strengthen it. And of course, there is the requisite evil dude who exploits women.

Believe it or not, it is an intelligent movie. Possibly too intelligent for this genre. In fact, the dialogue is probably too intelligent for this or any other genre. The characters actually talk in written English rather than spoken English, the kind of poetic rhapsodies that nobody is capable of in real life, not JFK or Churchill or anybody else. Matt's speech to the 100 open windows is the spiritual descendant of Kevin Costner's famous speech in Bull Durham, too articulate to really be off the cuff, and it has the same impact on all 100 girls that Costner's words had on Sarandon.

But I don't think we need to consider that a weakness. Let's just say that the movie walks a fine line between literate and literary, and sometimes it may cross over the line a bit too far, but you'll allow it because it isn't boring and it produces the desired effect. Hope they get a US distributor, and I hope they can get an r-rating, because I think a lot of young people will like this funny and sincere film.

I won't tell you it's a great work of genius, and I won't say it's a sure hit, but I think it deserves a chance to let the popular jury make that call. It has a strong pro-female stance in that it portrays women as the only real grown-ups in the world, and Matt's experience in drag really sensitizes him to how much abuse women have to tolerate, so it could reach out to a female audience, assuming the rough talk is OK with them.

Young guys should like it, and learn from it. Some of them will buy a ticket just to see Katherine Heigl playing enthusiastic foosball in her bra. And I predict they won't demand a refund.
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Very sexy, very funny
PeachHamBeach11 April 2002
This movie kind of reminded me of another sexy little romantic comedy called "Eight Days A Week" with obvious yet still very funny humor. Jonathan Tucker is in a cheerful, hilarious lead role. Loved the scenes he did playing "Francesca"!!! Jaime Pressly proves she can be very very funny AND still beautiful and is not afraid of looking like "road kill"!!! Marissa Ribisi is as adorable as ever!!! I loved her transformation from ugly brainiac to beautiful swan. Katherine Heigl and Larisa Oleynik were also really great. An overall funny, sexy, light comedy for a home alone at night without much to do. Oh yeah James DeBello is a riot!!! : )
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cool movie
josh87817 April 2002
when my big bro asked me to watch this film with him i was really bored, i wasn't sure i wanna watch it, but i did and you know what i didn't regret it. it is a funny and witty movie ,it doesn't take itself too seriously and that is why i liked it. this kind of movies make me feel good only because some stupid little parts that made you laugh. it's a cool movie.
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amazingly funny comedic look at real male/female (college) issues.
pshlortz3 January 2002
This film was quite entertaining and enlightening. Filled with brilliant one-liners, quips and monologues; this film was a great joy to watch.

There were definitely scenes where you wanted to kick in the TV, and times where the situations the characters were involved in make us uncomfortable (please, PLEASE never show me another scene of men with weights tied to their members).

This is a great, lost film and I encourage everyone to rent, buy, download or steal it immediately!
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A Romantic Comedy with Extra Flavor
Matt7318 October 2000
I didn't expect much when I stepped into the cinema to see this movie. I thought it would just be another romantic comedy, but it turned out to be having some extra flavor. Jonathan Tucker is doing a great job, but the rest of the casts are not.

In a glance it seems like a "guy" movie, but the movie quickly reveals that it's really a "girl" movie. In fact it's so feminist that I suspected that the director was female! Oops, I was wrong...

Nevertheless it's still worth it to see this one no matter which gender you are belong to.
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What is wrong with this Michael Davis?
spudgeek25 August 2002
A horrible follow-up to the horrible Eight Days a Week. Both films share the same basic idea: Gorgeous women will swoon for a boring, 98-pound weakling. The beautiful women will go out with this geek because he treats them with a modicum of common courtesy, unlike the muscular Neanderthals they had been dating before. Although said geek pretends to care about the women, he only appreciates them for their bodies. Yet because the geek is portrayed as "sensitive" every woman in the area falls for this fool (as if guys who think this way aren't a dime a dozen in real life). It's the usual double-standard: guy falls girl because she's beautiful, girl falls for unattractive guy because he's the least rude male. The film pretends to be sympathetic towards women but ends up being utterly condescending. After seeing two of this writer-director's witless films that have gone straight to cable, I am wondering how on earth he gets them greenlit.
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Pseudointellectual Teen Drivel
elscorcho1010111 February 2006
I saw this film for the third time last night. The first time I saw it was years ago before I even knew how to recognize decent film-making. The second time, a few years later, was with my roommate. We both had the giggles and weren't really paying attention.

Last night I finally watched it with a knowledge of film and concentration. The results were disappointing to say the least.

This film is a teen movie taken up a notch. Imagine "Ten Things I Hate About You" rated R and you have this movie. What the movie tries to accomplish in maturity with regard to subject matter, it loses in the maturity with regard to the construction of the film itself. The actors are for the most part sub par, the script is obviously an underdeveloped first or second draft and possibly most annoyingly: the film seeks to uplift itself as an intelligent and profound way of looking at men and women. Instead of doing so, it embarrasses itself by establishing and embracing far more stereotypes than it discusses breaking down, assumes every young member of society is completely devoid of the ability to be thoughtful and respectful to the opposite sex and basically urinates on the genre of the teen movie all the while trying to lift it up to somewhere else.

If you're a teen movie enthusiast who happens to be above the age of thirteen or fourteen (if such a thing exists), this movie is watchable. It has all the staples: pop punk music, sweeping generalizations about college America (because in real colleges, girls walk around in their bras all the time) and an as a whole totally waste of film.

This film is as disposable its performances, script and direction. The few penis jokes worth laughing at are not worth sitting through the rest of it. Pitiful.
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Intelligent movie that speaks in all the right areas, ignores the rest
TheWonkits7 June 2011
The script to this film was wonderfully intelligent. The metaphors and similes were vivid, tangible things that let you really feel the meaning of what the writer was saying. They were poorly introduced, and the acting wasn't fantastic, but those were not the key points of this film. The director and writer wasn't trying to speak to you through those portions of the film's anatomy, they were there as filler to simply make it possible to put the excellent script onto a piece of film. This film makes you think, addresses interesting issues in gripping ways from both sides, but can be misinterpreted if you try to skim over its message. I would recommend it if you are willing to give it a shot and aren't one of those people that gets up-in-arms over every little mildly politically-incorrect thing. The film illustrates sexism by demonstrating at times, and you have to understand that otherwise you'll be offended.
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I my brain was a film...
Whistler8412 December 2006
Alright... So there's a bunch of things I could write about plot, cinematography, acting and whatchamacallit. But I won't. This is a totally wonderful film, filled with humor and sweetness. The kind of film that you want everyone to see - so that you can get across that, yes this one hits the spot! I was sixteen when I first saw this film. Six years later I still see it as my bible on how to treat women, or rather, this film is my gospel. The main character Matt expresses in full and all how a regular nice guy acts and thinks about and around women.

Guys should see this film to see how you should think and act.

Girls should see this film to see that there are guys out there who worship the feminine.

Everyone should see this film to realize that the greatest thing on earth is finding someone that complements you, whether it being a boy or a girl.
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...AND ONLY 3 GUYS, it seems.
FeverDog24 January 2003
As I flip through the many movie channels that digital cable offers I sometimes come across a flick I've never heard of that turns out to be pretty decent. 100 GIRLS at first didn't seem too promising: HBO2, 1:15 a.m., another direct-to-video teen sex comedy starring B-actors I vaguely remember from other forgettable movies. But, although 100 GIRLS doesn't approach greatness, it doesn't try to, and that's what makes this movie such a pleasantly innocuous comedy.

The plot of 100 GIRLS is negligible, and not worth repeating. The lack of a compelling storyline allows some pretty astute observations about the eternal battle of the sexes, using a sometimes annoying voice-over narration, several flashbacks and other cinematic devices to endear the viewer to Matt, our hero. And since I didn't have to think about the plot, I was free to beat myself up trying to remember where I've seen these actors before. Thanks to IMDb, I can sleep easy tonight: Of course! THE VIRGIN SUICIDES! DETROIT ROCK CITY! (See what I mean about "other forgettable movies"?) And the "ugly" (???) chick is Marissa Ribisi, the red-head in DAZED AND CONFUSED that Matthew McConaughey puts the moves on! I'm always pleased to see less famous alumnae of Richard Linklater's '93 stoner classic pop up in random movies (where have you gone, Sasha Jenson?).

[And while I'm completely off-topic, let me take this time to reflect on Katherine Heigl's stunning beauty and voluptuous figure. When she wrestled Matt to the floor while almost popping out of her red bra, I had a moment of heterosexual lust I haven't felt in ages. If "conversion therapy" is indeed possible, please tell Ms. Heigl that she jumpstarted my journey back into the arms of Christianity. Who knew the brat from MY FATHER, THE HERO would make it big (so to speak)?]

And sex leads me back to 100 GIRLS. You know, for an allegedly hetero movie, there's quite a bit of a queer presence felt throughout it. Drag, male-on-male tittie twisting, and lipstick lesbianism are sprinkled here and there, and the cad ex-boyfriend is frequently shirtless before and up to the scene when he's "forced" to strip to his skivvies during strip foosball with another beefed-up jock type. What's going on here? I'm certainly not complaining, but to say these instances stretch believability is to put it mildly.

Which bring me to my bitch session: Numerous details in 100 GIRLS don't seem plausible. Isn't there a more productive, realistic way for Matt to find his dream girl that to infest the girl's dorm with vermin to be able to pose as an exterminator in order to find a bra that matches the panties she left behind? Do female coeds walk around in various stages of undress at any time of the day? Are they all paying their way through college by modeling the latest from Victoria's Secret? How did they all get their own dorms (which seem larger than my whole apartment)? Would a man who had his tongue bitten off (in a jarring, unnecessarily bloody scene) not report it to the police, go to the hospital, or even try to retain his lost body part? Why does nobody (not even his roommate) recognize Matt in a wig and a skirt? Do straight guys continue to masturbate when their roommate walks in? Do these students go to any class besides the one for women's studies (which directly relates to the plot)? Why does Matt pine for the hot blonde with whom he has had no meaningful communication? Are these the only two dorms on campus? And on what planet is the lovely Marissa Ribisi deemed "the ugly chick"?

And Matt's final monologue is well delivered and rather sweet, but sounds more like a written speech than a spontaneous declaration. But such inconsistencies don't really distract the viewer from enjoying what is, essentially, an innocent romp with flashes of intelligence (and kink; are college students familiar with ben wa balls and penile enlargers?). It's disappointing to realize that tasteless dreck like SORORITY BOYS and SLACKERS got big theatrical pushes but a generally sweet comedy like 100 GIRLS was banished to the shelves of Blockbuster.

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I laughed my a**e off, and so am currently missing a**e.
nemesis198111 August 2003
I started watching this movie on the recommendation of another IMDB user. Thanks IMDB for the wealth of info, and I was expecting more gross-out stuff. It was easily as good as american pie, the movie which the other user mentions, and it is possibly a lot funnier. The humour is cleaner, but there are tits and lots of beautiful women for the crowd who need that in a movie. They compliment an already excellent movie and make it even better. Hooray for boobies. Also, women, you will like this movie, and if you are lesbians then you will love it.
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A thinking man's teen movie?
Havan_IronOak13 July 2002
If Tom Stoppard were to write a teen movie, this would be it. The hero in this film is on a quest to find the girl that he had anonymous sex with during a blackout when they were both trapped in an elevator.

Throughout his search, he is constantly waxing rhapsodic in long speeches about what he has learned about women. Just check the quotes section for one sample speech. The speech may not win over the mystery girl but it wins him the affection of almost every other girl in the dorm.

This movie is literate, well done, and consistently entertaining. The story quickly moves along from one comedic encounter to another, never takes itself too seriously, and treats the battle between the sexes in a realistic manner. Like the main character, the viewer could learn a lot about women by hearing what is said. I'm not surprised that the reviews for this film are mixed. Not everyone is ready to hear such things.
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100 Girls Isn't that bad.
Meade8717 July 2003
100 Girls was not that bad. It was actually pretty good. It certainly is not a movie for the simple minded who like to criticize everything and never give things a chance. You know the type of people who sit around watching movies and porn all day when there not on the computer criticizing what they already saw. The movie was good. It was very humorous, because everything the main character (Matt) said was true. It raised many interesting points on a seriouse nature while still maintaining the humorous aspect. It was a comedy with a point and very successful at it too. You have to be open minded and not be the type of person to crap on everything. You go write/make a film then start talking. I hate critics who blab about everything that they don't know about. Sincerely Yours, Knight.
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Entertaining look at both sexes
peakles3 July 2003
This movie looks at both genders and the stereotypes assigned to each. It was interesting to see Jonathon Tucker's "Matt" interact with various female archetypes. This movie kept you guessing as to who Matt's mystery lover is. I highly recommend it. This has currently become one of my favorite movie.
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Caution: Dork waxing philosophical about relationships.
Big_Mase30 December 2002
I always felt sorry for the virgin dork who fell in love with the first whore who touches him. But here's a whole movie that at its core attempts to celebrate the dork/slut relationship.

I think the saddest thing about this movie is this: Here's a movie that tries so hard to be hip and cerebral when it comes to relationships, but the movie's sophomoric premise is about a guy falling for a girl who A) He's never spoken to. (B) took his virginity without talking to him.

What did they have in common? It doesn't matter, they had good sex.

Do they share similar beliefs and dreams? It doesn't matter, they had good sex.

What amazes me, is that every time I come across some lame little movie on cable, no matter how utterly terrible it is, I always watch the whole train wreck all the way through and then I can come here and read its praises.

I mean seriously, here's an actual quote from the movie,

"Without you, I'm as lonely as an abandoned dog on the side of a highway..."

Yeah, you read that right,

"...as lonely as an abandoned dog on the side of a highway..."
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