Wild About Harry (2000) Poster

Brendan Gleeson: Harry McKee


  • Ruth McKee : [Turns on car radio] 

    Harry McKee : ...sex, both inside and outside of marriage? Research has shown that men think about sex an average of once every three minutes. To which I can only respond "Is that all?"

    Harry McKee : [Turns up the volume] 

    Radio commentator : What is it about middle aged modern man to turn his mind back to those halcyon days when sex was free and the living was easy, even when it wasn't? You may blame it on the permissive society, you may blame it on equality, you may even blame it on Mr. and Mrs. Braithwaite in number 24 who used to bounce naked on the trampoline in their back garden when impressionable fourteen year olds were walking home from school, but the fact is that when I was growing up sex was everywhere. If you weren't doing it you were talking about it, and if you weren't talking about it you were fantasizing about it, and if you weren't fantasizing about it you were probably a Liverpool supporter, which was total fulfillment in itself and had the added advantage that you were not having to keep your bedroom door locked.

  • J.J. MacMahon : What about the time she threw the plate at you?

    Harry McKee : She threw it back.

  • Harry McKee : PPNPNGNS. What does it mean?

    Ruth McKee : PPNPNGNS. Professional, protestant, no pets, no gays, non smoker.

  • Harry McKee : Be sure to use skimmed milk. Otherwise you'll end up a fat bastard like me.

  • Harry McKee : After the break it's fish of the day.

    Frankie : Dish!

    Harry McKee : Dish of the day. With Walter Adair, Member of Parliament, and his lovely fishwife Tara.

  • Harry McKee : What is your dish of the day?

    Walter Adair : Well, Harry, to start, an Ulster casserole.

    Harry McKee : Or an occupied-six-counties casserole if you like.

  • Harry McKee : What's McDonalds? A restaurant?

    Ruth McKee : Debatable.

  • Harry McKee : Ah, come on, it's not his fault I cannot remember what I have forgotten.

  • Harry McKee : Dear Mr. McKee, we have located your missing memory. It was found by one of the nurses, hiding in a cardboard box in the linen room.

  • Harry McKee : I'm sorry. I don't remember any of you.

    Frankie : You should do. You've slept with them all. This is Linda... Janice... Gail... Roisin... Faye... Mark...

    Mark : [embarrassed]  we were both drunk. Nothing happened.

  • [Last lines] 

    Harry McKee : Roll the titles.

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