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Snap snap Snap
anglhededhpster15 April 2010
I'm so happy this movie has come to DVD. I've told numerous people about this film only to have to tell them it wasn't out on DVD. It is poetry on celluloid. Norman Reedus as Nick Nero and Mark Boone Junior as Nick Beat how could you possibly go wrong. Not to mention Eric Roberts can play creepy like nobody's business. There wasn't a single role that wasn't acted to perfection. Nor was there a shot that wasn't beautiful. Add in the great soundtrack and you've got gold. You won't find a movie quiet like it. Plus you have to give any film some respect that has had such an devote underground fan following. You should definitely give it a try you won't be sorry.
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It would be great if any dialog was audible
scribbledaway30 July 2014
This movie has a really fun storyline, and a cast I just can't argue with. Mark Boone Junior and Norman Reedus together is movie bliss, in my opinion. Its beautifully shot and it appears to be well acted. Unfortunately it's almost impossible to hear anything anyone is saying. Between the VERY VERY LOUD and extraordinarily intrusive musical score, which drowns out the actors 100% of the time, and the completely unfiltered background noise ie: the surf, traffic, people talking, and an overall weird white noise static hiss, which is all every bit as loud as the background music, it's completely impossible to make out anything anyone is saying. It became exhausting trying to hear past the sheer volume of noise. Indie film or not, it seems impossible to me that anyone would release a movie with such horrendous sound mixing as to make it impossible to hear the dialog.

I didn't notice whether or not subtitles are an available option, but if they are I'll be watching it again...with the sound off and the subtitles on! It's a shame, because I've heard nothing but good things about this film. And no, I don't have a bootleg copy.
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not my cup of tea
NateWatchesCoolMovies4 December 2016
The Beatnicks is an kooky, shambling little indie that I can't really say whether or not I liked, because not much of anything happens the whole time. The filmmakers have obviously tried hard to capture the quaint feeling of the beat generation, whether or not they succeeded though isn't for me to say, I kind of avoid stuff in that style, never appealed to me. It's a strange little story concerning Nick Nero (Norman Reedus) and Nick Beat (Mark Boone Jr), two aimless wandering performers who are down on their luck and desperate for a gig. Most of the film is just them wandering around, pontificating on life and art and not much else. Reedus clashes with mysterious night club owner Mack Drake (a slick Eric Roberts) over the affections of his moll-esque girlfriend (Elodie Bouchez), whilst Boone gets handed a series of arbitrary, cryptic tasks by enigmatic stranger Hank (the underrated Patrick Bachau). And that's it. There are pockets of the film filled with nothing but air, places where they've tried to stretch 'not much' into 'a whole lot' and have caused their creative well to run dry. In a film about beat poets who I imagine spend most of their time filling up time and space with constant stream of consciousness output, dead air isn't a good thing to have lingering around in your story. An odd duck of a film that didn't really chime with me, but some may find it worth a gander.
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