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Sex & Nudity

  • A woman's breast is seen as she feeds a baby via hallucination when the main character looks into a cup of coffee at the airport.
  • A man is seen on the toilet with his pants down.
  • Characters have sex in a bathroom and are nearly caught by one of their colleagues during a party.
  • Some nudity is visible, including a fully nude woman tied up by her feet from the ceiling during a sex scene, and a man and a woman having sex in bed. The nudity is from behind in both scenes; no frontal nudity is shown.
  • Comments are made throughout the film about having sex, and most are very vulgar in nature, especially when one character is implied to be having an affair with a student from his class.
  • A man is seen in his underwear and nothing else.

Violence & Gore

  • A corpse is dug up from a South American cemetery and gets lost during a cargo flight.
  • Various imagery and footage of animal bones and organs are seen.
  • Some death threats and hitting are both seen, mostly for comedic effect.
  • A character is implied to be involved with organized crime.
  • The majority of the violence in this film is intended to be humorous, and there is no particular gore in it; scenes that would imply gory footage are off-screen.
  • A character is tackled and knocked unconscious.
  • A man is slapped in the face.


  • Some swearing and vulgarity, including repeated uses of "shit", "fuck", "asshole", "ass", "god/damn" and derivatives, "bitch" and "bastard".
  • Repeated name-calling towards a girl having an affair, including "floozy".
  • A man is seen sitting on the toilet and is stared at by a character who is hiding in the bathroom.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Characters drink and smoke throughout the film, usually in the background of scenes.
  • A woman gets drunk at a party.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A character is given the news that he's going to die because his brain will expand and eventually kill him.
  • A man's brain is cloned for research; he later steals the brain, places it atop two human skeletal leg bones to make it appear as if it's running, and he buries it. The scene is intended to be humorous.
  • A man is said to have died; his apparent spirit is forced to walk away.
  • A black-and-white vision of a young child in a car crash is seen. The child's parents fight and argue and are both killed in the crash (off-screen). The traumatized child runs into a nearby field as far as he can go.
  • A man plans to commit suicide (he strings a noose up from the rafters of his apartment). He is interrupted by a female visitor and he ties her up wit the noose by her feet (see "Sex & Nudity"). She laughs and says there's blood going to her head.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A man's friends are seen in shock of the news he's dying. One man can't bring himself to say the word "die", and his colleague berates him for eating during the bad news. This scene is intended to be funny but may bother some viewers.
  • The car crash scene and the ghost parents may frighten some viewers.
  • The news of the main character's terminal illness and how he responds may upset some viewers.
  • A man has a surreal dream in which he's outside and his colleague from work is seen on a bicycle repeatedly chanting in song, "I'm going to Chicago" while carrying a large preserved dinosaur bone on the back of the bicycle. This may scare younger viewers.
  • The character "curator" discovers his friend wandering the city lost, apparently with severely impaired memory. The friend later goes deaf. This may upset viewers.

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