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Gustavo Adolfo Almazán is a repressed millionaire. He is married to an invalid, Alba, and his life is pretty much dictated by his tyrannical mother, Ana María. One night, Iván, his rascal brother-in-law, brings two drunken cabaret singers to the Almazán household and they start a raucous party. This is how Gustavo Adolfo meets Fernanda, alias Colorina (on account of her red hair) with whom he'll share a passionate love affair. Ana María wants a grandchild and pays Colorina to have a baby with her son, on condition that she gives it to Alba to raise as her own. Although Fernanda initially agrees with the plan, she changes her mind after her son is born. Baby in arms, she runs back to her old neighborhood. There she is reunited with an old friend, whose wife has just deserted him, leaving their two little boys behind. Colorina gathers all these children and flees to Monterey where she starts a new life. Twenty years later, Fernanda is a respectable matron, the prosperous owner of a ...

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