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Season 1

9 Mar. 2000
In the Beginning
Detroit autoworker Bob Alman is dazed and confused when God and the Devil approach him with a bet on whether he can prove the world is worth saving.
14 Mar. 2000
Andy Runs Away
And runs away to Canada in embarrassment after he tells his friends that his father has asked God to stop by the house after work and then God's a no show.
21 Mar. 2000
Date from Hell
Upset that Bob seems to have no fear or respect for him, the Devil decides to make Bob sit up and take notice of his powers by going out with his daughter, Megan.
28 Mar. 2000
The Devil's Birthday
Upset that God has once again forgotten his birthday, the Devil storms out of Hell in a huff taking all the evil of the world with him.
10 Jun. 2003
Neighbor's Keeper
On his next assignment from God. Bob teeters on the edge of adultery after he's sent over to a neighbor's house to talk to the wife about her adulterous ways.
26 Mar. 2000
God's Favorite
A series of brushes with disaster mistakenly convince Bob he's an invincible and he tells a depressed Devil that he is now God's new "special guy."
19 Jun. 2000
Lonely at the Top
Feeling lonely up in Heaven, God comes down to hang out with Bob at work, at home and, to Bob's ultimate dismay, at the company's Saturday night baseball game.
19 Jun. 2000
Bob Gets Greedy
When the Devil leaves his palm pilot at Bob's house, Bob discovers he can get winning sports scores before the games are played.
15 Jun. 2003
There's Too Much Sex on TV
God decides there's too much sex on television and tells Bob to do something about it.
15 Jun. 2003
Bob's Father
Bob tells off his father mere moments before his death, so Bob literally goes through Hell to make amends.
15 Jun. 2003
God's Girlfriend
While God's distracted by a romance with Sarah, the Devil tries to steal souls from Heaven.
15 Jun. 2003
Bob Gets Involved
Bob leads a rather clueless vigilante group determined to fight against the evils of society-totally unaware of his actions will impact his family.

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