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21 Nov. 1989
Truffaut's Letters
Item about Truffaut's Letters presented by Gilbert Adair.
17 Jan. 1990
Last Exit
Interviews that focus on the film adaptation of Hubert Selby's novel 'Last Exit to Brooklyn'.
27 Mar. 1990
Allan McCollum
A documentary about American artist Allan McCollum.
3 Oct. 1990
Episode dated 3 October 1990
Sarah Dunant presents an episode featuring items on conductors, the novelist Patricia Highsmith and the Soviet supporter Vladimir Pozner.
11 Oct. 1990
Episode dated 11 October 1990
Sarah Dunant presents items on Octavio Paz, James Brown, James Ellroy, and the dancer Stephen Petronio.
3 Dec. 1990
Episode dated 3 December 1990
Benjamin Woolley reports on the merger between Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting; the Late Show cameras are in New York to see how that city responded to International AIDS Awareness Day; and Sarah Dunant introduces a tribute by pianist Peter Dickinson to the composer Aaron Copeland who has died at the age of 90.
12 Dec. 1990
Jasper Johns
A retrospective of artist Jasper Johns' work at London's Hayward Gallery.
Wayne Wang
A look into the new film from filmmaker Wayne Wang, 'Life is Cheap but Toilet Paper is Expensive'.
28 Jan. 1991
Whiteread and Phaophanit
A look at an art exhibition by artists Rachel Whiteread and Vong Phaophanit.
4 Mar. 1991
Merchant and Ivory
A look at the films of Ismael Merchant and James Ivory.
8 Apr. 1991
Art and Language
A look at art group 'Art & Language' and their publications.
11 Apr. 1991
Arthur Fellig
A look into the work of photographer Arthur Fellig (a.k.a. Wegee) famous for his ability to be at the scene of a violent crime before anyone else.
15 Apr. 1991
Episode dated 15 April 1991
Kirsty Wark interviews the writer Timothy Mo about his new novel "The Redundancy of Courage", Michael Cockerell reports on the prospects in the job market for former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and Val Williams looks at the career of Sue Davies, who founded the Photographer's Gallery in London in 1971.
23 May 1991
Episode dated 23 May 1991
Ian Hislop monitors the Broadcasting Standards Council, and the one hundred year anniversary of the death of Georges Seurat is marked by an exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris.
13 Jun. 1991
John Constable
A documentary about English painter John Constable.
23 Sep. 1991
Andres Serrano
A documentary about photographer Andres Serrano.
13 Nov. 1991
Willem de Kooning
A documentary about the life of Willem de Kooning.
5 Dec. 1991
Episode dated 5 December 1991
Sarah Dunant introduces Harrison Birtwistle at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival; with a Pop Art retrospective at The Royal Academy Matthew Collings asks "Whatever happened to Les Popistes"; and we are treated to an A-Z of Marxism in light of the demise of the journal Marxism Today.
23 Jan. 1992
André Mantegna
Documentary about the life and works of painter André Mantegna.
2 Mar. 1992
Jung Chang
An interview with author Jung Chang about her book 'Wild Swans'.
3 Mar. 1992
Episode dated 3 March 1992
Tracey Macleod presents program with items on the Music Curriculum, representatives from USA Arts Funding & the Presidential campaign as well as the Doubletake exhibition.
6 Apr. 1992
Episode dated 6 April 1992
Programme presented by Sarah Dunant with items on journalists on the election campaign trail, advertising and the Hilliard Ensemble.
28 May 1992
René Magritte
About the life and work of the Belgian painter Magritte who is the subject of a major exhibition at the Hayward Gallery.
21 Sep. 1992
Street of Crocodiles
Follows the making of a play based on "Street of Crocodiles" until the first performance.
7 Oct. 1992
Episode dated 7 October 1992
Dame Edna Everage, the famous show celebrity, is interviewed here by her very own creator, actor and comedian Barry Humphries.
9 Nov. 1992
Episode dated 9 November 1992
Programme presented by Kirsty Wark with items on film "Last of the Mohicans", Art for AIDS sake and jazz performer Roy Hargrove.
A documentary about Abraham Zapruder.
15 Mar. 1993
Face to Face: Derek Jarman
The filmmaker in conversation with Sir Jeremy Isaacs.
2 Jun. 1993
Steve Bell
Profile of the cartoonist.
21 Sep. 1993
Telling the Troubles
Sarah Dunant looks at how the conflict in Northern Ireland has been portrayed by fiction writers and dramatists over the years.
28 Sep. 1993
Episode dated 28 September 1993
Sarah Dunant presents items on the new British Library; the first birthday of the Big Breakfast TV show; Lloyd Cole performs a song from his new album; David Mellor's life since he left Tory cabinet.
30 Jan. 1995
Sophie's World
Dramatisation of the philosophical novel 'Sophie's World'.

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