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29 Mar. 2009
Episode dated 29 March 2009
Would a huge barrage across the Severn Estuary ruin priceless archaeological sites? John Craven investigates. Juliet Morris heads to Worcestershire to find out if there is a future for traditional town markets, and Adam Henson discovers whether the thousands of abandoned barns in the Yorkshire Dales could be given a new lease of life.
10 Mar. 2013
A Royal Appointment
A special edition focusing on the sustainable farming done by Prince Charles and others, and edited by the future king himself.
4 Jan. 2015
Rare Breeds Compilation
Adam Henson presents a special edition of Countryfile looking at rare breed farm animals.
24 May 2015
Countryfile visits Warwickshire, where Matt Baker explores Charlecote Park and the River Avon which runs through its grounds. He discovers the plants and wildlife that thrive here and the watermill which harnesses the power of the river. Anita Rani is up to her knees in mud to discover what it is really like to be a pig farmer, and she also gets behind the wheel of a heritage Land Rover to discover its history as a workhorse of the countryside. Helen Skelton explores Middleton Hall and the much-overlooked naturalist John Ray. Adam Henson gets stuck in with the ...
31 May 2015
Channel Islands
Countryfile visits the Channel Islands, where Matt Baker explores the legacy left on Jersey by naturalist Gerald Durrell. Ellie Harrison helps with an unusual habitat restoration on the site of an old holiday camp, then hotfoots it to Guernsey to discover the island's long history of growing tomatoes, which has all but died out. John Craven visits Sark to find out about island life and the dairy which produces the unrivalled Sark cream. Charlotte investigates black grass, a resilient weed which is rapidly becoming the scourge of British arable farmers. Meanwhile, Adam...
7 Jun. 2015
Matt and Ellie are in Somerset, where Matt is following in the footsteps of a legendary caver who first explored the caverns beneath the Mendips a century ago. He puts himself to the test squeezing and struggling through small dark spaces and finds that there's as much to Somerset below ground as there is above. Ellie tickles her taste buds with flavours of the sea as she visits the community-run project that's putting Porlock's once-famous oysters back on the culinary map. She also meets a man who makes furniture out of nothing but deer antlers. John discovers how a ...
4 Oct. 2015
Anita Rani and Helen Skelton are on the coast of Morecambe Bay in the far north western corner of Lancashire. Anita is taking a cycle ride along the coast near Silverdale - a stretch of the bay that is fabled for its sunsets. She also takes a detour to Leighton Moss RSPB Reserve, where the black-tailed godwits are putting on a spectacular autumn show. The otters frolic in the shallows. And if she's lucky, she'll catch a glimpse of an osprey fishing in the reedy pools. Helen is down on the sands with the hardy souls getting their thrills from kayaking some of the ...
11 Oct. 2015
Matt Baker and Helen Skelton are in Cheshire, where Matt is at the magnificent Lyme Park, hoping for a glimpse of one of nature's most exciting spectacles - the annual red deer rut. He joins photographer Gary Lomas at dawn, and together they try to capture this magnificent event. Matt also meets a former TV actor who gave up the limelight for a life in the country as a trainee National Trust ranger. Helen is out at dusk with the conservationists on a bat hunt at Tatton Park - and if she's lucky, she might just see one of the rarest bats ever sighted in the UK. Helen ...
18 Oct. 2015
Autumn Special
This edition of the countryside magazine revels in the colours of autumn. Ellie Harrison visits Perthshire, known as big tree country, where the woodlands are a kaleidoscope of colour by both day and night. Matt Baker is in the orchards of Kent to look at the changing face of the UK apple industry. Autumn is the start of rutting season, and Adam Henson gives a red stag the surprise of his life. Meanwhile, John Craven cooks up a colourful autumnal pudding with 2014 Great British Bake Off winner Nancy Birtwhistle.