Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (Video 2000) Poster

Michael Rosenbaum: Stewart Carter Winthrop III, Ghoul


  • Jordan Price : You! Where's Amy?

    Dee Dee : Missed the boat, I'm afraid!

    [Price looks out the window and sees Amy tied to a pole] 

    Jordan Price : Turn the yacht around!

    Chucko : Detox, bossman. We're here to talk business.

    Ghoul : We'll be quick. Woof gets seasick easy.

    [Woof walks in front of Ghoul looking nauseous] 

    Jordan Price : Our business is concluded.

    [Batman flies to the window of the yacht and puts his finger on the window to listen in] 

    Jordan Price : I gave you the security codes so you could ransack the lab while those bunglers tried to kill Wayne.

    Chucko : Word is Wayne's terminal anyhow.

    Dee Dee : That means you get to stay top dog.

    Dee Dee : And everyone's happy.

    Jordan Price : So why are you here?

    Chucko : The big guy who put us all in contact has decided you're a loose end.

    Ghoul : And loose ends should be tied up.

    Ghoul : [Jordan Price, seeing that they want to kill him, heads for the door, Woof gets in the way and sends Jordan Pryce to the opposite wall with a jump kick. Ghoul then handcuffs him to a table] 

    [Through an intercom] 

    Ghoul : Got him!

    The Joker : Then amscray pronto, kiddies.

    [Pushes a button on a control panel and you see a 30 second timer show on the panel] 

    The Joker : Things are going to start popping.

    Chucko : Let's go!

    Batman : [Batman breaks in through a window]  No one's leaving until I get answers.

    Chucko : [Ghoul breaks open another window with his pumpkin. Woof growls and prepares to attack, but Chucko stops him by giving him a light tug on the ear]  No, you idiot, not now!

    [They all jump out the window with Batman peering out and sees them leaving on hover cars, he is about to chase them when he sees a blue light appear from above. He runs back into the room] 

    Jordan Price : They're getting away!

    [Batman breaks the handcuffs] 

    Batman : Yeah. And I think they've got a good reason.

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