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A wonderful surprise!
Skeletors_Hood23 July 2002
When I bought the unedited version of this movie on DVD, I had never watched Batman Beyond in my life, so I knew nothing about the storyline. I wasn't even sure about buying the movie before having seen it, but I am a great fan of Mark Hamill's Joker, so I was sure that even if the movie sucked, I would at least like the Joker.

What I found was a great bit of animation with a surprisingly awesome storyline. I was expecting the comic book cliche of a clone replacement, but the fresh twist had me guessing all the way through. And I was right about loving the Joker, he was still as great as he always was.

If you haven't seen it yet, don't wait. It won't disappoint you.
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Batman for a new generation...
Cephyran19 November 2004
A lot of the Batman cartoon versions are better than the live versions, and Return of the Joker is one of them. Set in the Batman Beyond universe (between twenty and thirty years later from when Bruce was in his prime), this movie introduces a young boy named Terry who is given the honor of becoming a Batman for a new generation. At the same time, the Joker, who was long thought dead, resurfaces and causes no end of trouble for our heroes.

I've also had the chance to watch a big chunk of the series, and it's always neat when a video release like this is a continuous piece of the series. The voice acting is well done, the story is compelling and dynamic, and the physical limitations of the real world are easily evaded with the animation medium. This makes Batman a lot more agile, swift, and sneaky then he ever could be in the movies. Anybody who's followed the show has probably seen this, but if you haven't, it's definitely worth a watch.
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What a spectacular movie!
Kokomadeta5 January 2007
Before watching this, I was expecting a good movie, but it turned out to be a spectacular movie that I want to watch again and again! This film pays true homage to the Batman animated series and explains many questions of what happened to the supporting characters and sidekicks of the original Batman animated series. The animation style for the Joker is that of Batman: TAS volume 1-3 (i.e. Joker: good version). If you're hesitant to watch this movie, go for it. Watch, love, and enjoy. I recommend buying the DVD right away, because it also has some pretty cool bonus features like a making-of feature, and a music video. I highly recommend this movie for a fan of the show, or anyone else who even remotely likes Batman.
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Quite good
blackcircles1 December 2000
I've never really been that wild about this Terry kid, or this new costume. He seems to rely more on his Iron Man-like costume than his intellect and deductive skills, as the original Batman did. Having said that, my favourite part of Return of the Joker was when Barbara Gordon flashed back and remembered the last time Batman fought the Joker. That is an absolutely marvelous scene. You feel the concern and horror thunder through Batman as he's confronted with the atrocities Robin has endured, as well as his hatred and fury towards the Joker. The people in Warner Brothers animation have thankfully returned to drawing the Joker with the detail they had when Batman the Animated Series started. And as much as I don't really like him, Terry's climactic fight with the Joker is definitely worth checking out. As a previous comment said, it's a pleasant surprise.
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'Batman' has never been so good!
jellyneckr4 July 2001
I do not know why this was a direct-to-video release. It was very exciting and I think it would have done pretty well in theatres. I rented BATMAN BEYOND: RETURN OF THE JOKER because I love the BATMAN BEYOND television show and I loved BATMAN BEYOND: THE MOVIE. The first couple of scenes seemed a little too much like the television show, but as soon as I saw the new Joker, I knew this was going to be Batman like we have never seen him before. This was so different from the show in so many ways and had such great animation. It was a fast-paced animated thriller. It was intense. I loved it. A few days later, I bought it on DVD and listened to the filmakers' commentary. I had no idea that so much work was done on this movie in such a short time. Sadly, none of the filmakers' mentioned the cuts that were made by Warner Brothers due to the amount of violence. I think it would be really interesting to see the footage that was cut from the movie. Hopefully, Warner Brothers will come out with a version that contains the cut footage some day. Until then, I'll just enjoy the movie the way Warner Brothers released it. It is one of the best animated movie I have ever seen. I hope there are some more BATMAN BEYOND movies in the future.
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one word: cool.
sourapple26 October 2001
when i heard that there's a "new" batman in town, my initial reaction was to roll my eyes. so whenever i see it on tv, i change the channel.

but this is some surprise! we watched in school during a free time and amazingly, i was hanging on every bit of the video. the animation was wonderful, and even the story line and the freaky voice of little joker. if you love batman and love great animation, i absolutely insist you watch this. cool.
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the Return of the Joker - better than the 'Beyond' series, almost as good as Phantasm!
Quinoa198416 August 2008
The first thing that stands out about Batman Beyond: The Return of the Joker is its structure. Unlike some of the other animated Batman movies (SubZero, Mystery of the Matwoman), this one comes closer to the likes of Mask of the Phantasm to actually feeling, however in short running time, like a real feature-length movie and not simply four episodes strung together. This is important since we can get wrapped up in the mystery behind the re-emergence of the Joker and it feels fluid and without a cliffhanger-type end every several minutes. The second thing that marks this as above-average animated Batman fare is the quality of the history of two series, original animated and Beyond, and how sharp the writing and voice performances go along with the (PG-13) action and cartoon violence. The filmmakers could've just thrown in old characters like Joker and Harley Quinn and Barbara Gordon and Tim Drake just for the hell of it. But it all fits a story that's worth telling, if only for the fans looking for that awesome coda to the first series.

It's hard to try and not spoil how the Joker, fifty years into the future, re-appears with his gang the Jokerz when Bruce Wayne is now an old man and Terry McGinnis is the new young Batman. Without saying too much, the Jokerz are stealing some high-tech equipment, and something smells fishy on top of the conniving Jordan Price possibly double-crossing Wayne, who is taking back control over Wayne enterprises. But when the Joker himself crashes Wayne's party, McGinnis and Wayne try and investigate what's going on- who he really is, since he's supposed to be killed- and where he'll strike next. The writing and crafting of the mystery, and the eventual truth, is told creatively and with the kind of absorption Batman fans crave (it IS Detective Comics after all), but also impressive is the animation done mostly with computers and not skimping on making the action fairly intense (the subtraction of a good deal of the blah heavy metal music from the show is a plus here).

And lest not forget Conroy as Bruce Wayne, always a sturdy presence, and Mark Hamill as the Joker. They're probably two of the most iconic voice actors of their time just on the basis of their work in the Batman animated saga; Hamill especially gives it his all, and even puts in double-time on the voice of Jordon Price (which for a little while begs the question of him being involved in the crimes), as the clown prince of crime and mayhem. It's such a good performance that it makes up for some standard work by other voice actors (however fine) by Dean Stockwell and Angie Harmon. With just his voice he projects this iconic villain for all its worth, and ranks up there with Nicholson and (now) Ledger as the wonderful if varied versions. Somehow, even in the drama, Hamill manages to get a couple of laughs out of the audience with this Joker. Funny, since it's one of the most dramatic Batman stories yet. 8.5/10
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He's baaaack...
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews14 November 2009
I watched this not having seen a single episode of the show, and much to its credit, I had no trouble at all following the film. The plot is excellent, interesting, well-thought out, and develops rather nicely throughout, with a twist that will keep you guessing. This is well-paced, and there is an immense amount of the awesome, well-choreographed action. While quite intense and exciting, this doesn't overwhelm or overstimulate the viewer. The characters are well-written, credible and consistent. Every acting performance is great, with Hamill's take on the Joker taking the cake, as always, with the sheer maniacal quality to it, and his endless enthusiasm. The psychology is all accurate. This has well-done 2D animation and marvelous design. This builds the mood expertly, and the bleak atmosphere of Gotham is captured beautifully. The music is cool, and in general the audio is spot-on, with every effect sounding just right. There is a bit of violence in this, and I understand that it is stronger in the Director's Cut. I recommend this to any fan of Batman. 8/10
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Batman Beyond Return of the Joker: Better than most
Platypuschow29 December 2017
I'm not familiar with Batman Beyond, it's on my watchlist but that's not saying much. My watchlist is rapidly starting to look like a phone number.

Set in the future revolving around Batmans protege we see the supposedly dead Joker return from the dead with a gang full of villian siblings. I expected the worst as I really don't like the futuristic setting but it actually isn't all that bad.

This multi-award winning critically acclaimed animated movie has a fantastic rock soundtrack and brilliant voice acting (Including Mark Hamill). It's well paced and a good watch all round.

Truth be told I don't see the unwavering acclaim being justified but it's certainly the best Batman animated movie I've seen for a while.

I really didn't like the payoff, the "Twist" felt cheap and highly unsatisfying. It's like they ran out of ideas and for me it really damaged the film.

Competent enough stuff.

The Good:

Weirdly awesome soundtrack

Mark Hamill

The Bad:

Not keen on the setting

Cutesy villians

Crappy twist

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

I missed the Harley Quinn voice, shame on you Margot Robbie
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Great movie.
kyle-mcdonald6 January 2008
OK well it took me a long while to get this movie but I finally got and got to see and it turned out to be a great sequel to the batman cartoon series and for all the same reasons. It has lots of action in it the storyline to is really good the cartoon effects are good. the voice over actors are really good such as Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Will Friedle as Terence "Terry" McGinnis/Batman, Angie Harmon and Tara Strong as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Dean Stockwell and Mathew Valencia as Tim Drake/Robin. The villains are good such as Mark Hamill as The Joker, Arleen Sorkin as Harley Quin. So I am sure you will not be disappointed with Batman Beyond The Return Of The Joker because it is a really good movie. So make sure that you rent or but Batman Beyond The Return Of The Joker because it is a great movie.

Overall score: ********* out of **********

**** out of *****

Also there is a really good twist in this movie but I am not going to tell you what it is.
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Big Movie Fan6 March 2002
Each cartoon Batman movie just gets better and better. I watched this just after Christmas 2001 and I was very happy with it.

There are a lot of surprises in this movie (which I will not give away) and the Joker is meaner than ever (I'm not telling you anything about his return or what he's up to). There's some great action scenes in this movie but some young kids may find some of it disturbing in parts.

It's great to see the return of characters such as Barbara Gordon and Tim Drake. This is one of the things I liked about this movie. The characters were not just brought back for the sake of it-they were all integral to the story.

I won't reveal much more in case I spoil it for anyone but let's just say that I will definitely be reserving my seat for future Batman Beyond movies.
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This time the Joker is Wild!!!
Mathewdixon4211 May 2016
Nicholson was great. Ledger was legendary! What about the other one? The better one.

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker was the straight-to-DVD continuation of the Batman Beyond TV series. Bottom line, this should have been in theatres, it outshines most of the live action Batman films by a long shot.

Let's jump right in! You DO NOT have to be familiar with the series to enjoy this film, that works so well in its favor.

To the voice actors I will be talking about a few at first like usual, but Mark Hamill will be mentioned at the end.

Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne. This man has the most intimidating Batman voice of them all. I believe he is the only one who could truly disarm an opponent simply by talking. He is calm, stoic and terrifying. Will Friedle as Batman/Terry McGuinnis is passable. He is your average smart as teen character. He is voiced with honest effort and care.

The animation is very good for a DVD film. In some cases better than a lot of traditional animated features of the day. Now this comes at a time when CGI films were all the rage and these kind of films were overlooked. This films could beat out most of them with its dark futuristic style. It fits perfectly with the original Batman Animated Series as you would believe this really is the future of that city.

The story line is unique and unpredictable at every turn. There is not only some great action scenes, but some chance for the World's Greatest Detective to actually do some Detecting rather than beating criminals to a pulp with his bare hands.

Okay now to the main two selling points for why this movie stands with even the greatest Batman films.

First: Arleen Sorkin's portrayal of Harley Quinn. This is a character that was created especially for the Animated Series and eventually was accepted into the comic world as she was so popular. And Sorkin's performance is a big part of why. She plays Harley with a genuine sense of fun, with a perfect mix of crazy. Although not in the film for very long, she leaves a lasting impact.

Second and most important: MARK HAMILL!!! This man is the greatest Joker of all time. Sorry Ledger fans. His voice is crazy, funny, over the top, whimsical and just plain awesome! He stands for everything the Joker ever was and everything he has become since. Hamill presents the perfect blend between Funny Clown and Disturbing Psychopath. The Jokers laugh, none of the others have come close. Hamill has said that he practiced this laugh in his car on the way to record. Anyone who saw him must have been terrified beyond reason. He has a laugh for every moment, and no two are the same. It is the consummate Joker laugh that all of those to come should look up to.

10/10. This films is excellent. Well animated. Characters are well written. The story is thrilling and unpredictable. The voice acting is perfectly enjoyable. Mark Hamill is legendary as the Joker as he has been in all of his appearances!

No one else can do The Killing Joke justice.
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One of the best DC Animated movies ever made...
justin-fencsak16 November 2018
I'm about 47 minutes into it, and all i can say The voice acting is top notch, the animation well done, and the music and action well paced. It's also the darkest of the batman beyond episodes, given it's pg-13 (unedited version) rating. I bought this for $1 at the local library and it's a good bargain. Definitely not for kids but for cartoon fans of all ages.
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A new Batman doesn't mean less awesome!
Animany9411 September 2018
I have a special relationship with the Batman Beyond TV-series, because I grew up with it, but re-watching it brought on a couple of minor disappointing discoveries regarding less memorable villains, but the relationship between Terry McGinnis and Bruce Wayne was always spot on about how the passing of the Batman persona was hard for Bruce.

Both of those things shine in this mature, dramatic, action-packed movie with the Joker himself back on top of his game and even grimmer than ever.

The highlights shortly summed up, we have an ongoing conflict between the old guard of Bruce Wayne and Barbara Gordon and the new guard of Terry McGinnis who ends up discovering happenings in Bruce's past he wasn't allowed to know which leads him to act on his own. Brilliant and engaging with dark and edgy subject matter put into it. One of Mark Hamil's best performances ever as a truly menacing madman bent on torturing Bruce Wayne psychologically to make him do what he wnats the least. Has been done in later movies, but this one stands out as one of the best renditions.

The animation took everything good from the series and improved it. The background animation is amazing with the Neo-Gotham seeming way bigger than it did in the series. The action scenes throw fast-paced and fluid movements at us and the slow and menacing scenes between the Joker and his victims just sink in and effectively give you the creeps.

One of my favourite Batman movies along with Under the Red Hood and Mask of the Phantasm.
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The best animated Batman movie since Mask of the Phantasm
Spike-Washington12 July 2018
Having followed the Batman Beyond show since its series premiere, this was a good spinoff. The cast was excellent, especially Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill, and the plot was well done. Plus we get the futuristic Gotham City. It's very much in touch with the cyberpunk themes. Flying cars, supercomputers, urban environments, and really tall buildings with lots of neon. Just like Blade Runner. But with superheroes. Or at least one. And this is also a mystery thriller much like Mask of the Phantasm. What happened to the Joker? And why has he returned? What is his dark secret? Will Batman figure out the truth before it's too late? Just take the time to watch and I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised. It's actually pretty darn good.
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a great batman film
bradleygranz26 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Batman beyond return of the joker is better good batman movie a great storyline i was surprise by this film
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Wayyy back in the days
TheOneThatYouWanted2 December 2017
Batman Beyond the animated series has a small but loyal following. Personally I never thought much of it. Okay at best. The newer villains always seemed to be lacking somehow and future Batman was too emo and never shut up about it. This film however is nearly outstanding in spite of future Batman because the Joker steals the film. Plus it doesn't hurt that this film has one of the most iconic Joker stories right in the middle of it. An original Joker story so sadistic, it became iconic instantaneously. Anyway, final score 8.6 out of 10.
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It may not be perfect, but still easily watchable all the same.
Return of the Joker is an entertaining film that may be dependent on its related DC-animated-universe shows a little too much to tell its story, but it's good fun and a great Batman story that could have made for a kick-ass live action film.

Mark Hamill owns the show here, and Kevin Conroy's voicing of elderly Bruce Wayne never loses its edge: you hear him and you instantly think Batman. For a straight-to-video film this is one of very few exceptional productions that almost outdo themselves, considering that this was never released in cinemas.

Simply put: like Batman? Watch this.
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In 2016, I felt old after watching this since this was part of my childhood xD
Irishchatter4 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I remember seeing this when i was like 10ish and aired on Cartoon Network around the early 2000's. It makes me sad to think that the Joker and Batman were no more because, they are just downright awesome as the heroes and villains of the future era. Although they still got their brains to function of whats the best way to control their allies. At the same time though, the Jokerz remind me of the future Suicide Squad and like its interesting to see what the future would be like without Joker or Batman being on the scene.

I actually like the new characters such as the New Batman, Harley Quinn's granddaughters DeeDee,Bonk,Ghoul, Chucko and Woof. They really do know how to kick butt like the present heroes and villains. DC really do know how to make good characters and this is one of their best animated movies they have ever done!

I would give this animated film a rating of 8/10.
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Loved it ever since I first saw it.
tankace23 July 2016
Batman Beyond is an awesome idea to start with, for it answers a question that it had been in the minds of readers and fans of those series for years ,even decades: When Bruce gets old, what it will happen to Batman? For real, if you think about it, is a question with a lot of bread! The answer, Batman Beyond, which is a new man takes the mantel and continuous the tradition and Terry Mcginnis is my personal favorite alternate Batman ,for he is different of Bruce in many way ,but his values, sense of justice and determination are the same and those are the most needed ingredients in order to make Batman!

So this movie title said it all, THE RETURN OF THE *BEEPING* JOKER, what else you think it is about? In short the plot follows Terry as he now is facing the Clown Prince of Crime ,who is back and he must uncover 2 miseries. The first is what this maniac is up and second how is he back? We then get an awesome detective story in a futurist setting, think something like Minority Report of those who haven't seen this movie.

The animation is, even sixteen years after, amazing and as for the fight scenes ,bretty intense for a animated film, those guys, who made it, have real balls, because they don't think they make a children show ,rather that what they do ,and I agree with them ,is making the new mythology of our times! For real ,all of these heroes are our new mythological heroes, just like Hercules and Jason back in the classical age.

My favorite part is what Bruce says to Terry,when this Batman says that the suit gives meaning to his action. Mr. Wayne ,always a straight man when it comes to give answers, replies "It isn't the suit that gives meaning to your actions, it's the other way around" years after retiring you Bats are still awesome! But for real he is 100% right, for a legacy of an organization, a House (GoT), a company or in this case a title worth something only when the persons who have it at the moment do their best for it!

In short it is a must see for any Batman fan and if you have kids ,watch it with them!Also in the end has twist ending that it would put Shamalan in shame nowadays!
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It only gets better with age
SlyGuy2122 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Beings I won't be able to get to "Batman Beyond" before the Bat-a-thon ends, I figured I'd cover one of the best animated Batman movies around. There's not much I can say about this that's bad. There are a few ridiculous moments, and some goofs here and there, but the story's so good it doesn't matter. The animation's slick, the humor is spot-on, the story's both dark and lighthearted, pretty much everything you need to have a great Batman movie. Also, this has one of my favorite movie scenes of all time in it, the flashback of Tim Drake being turned into "Joker Junior". That flashback is haunting for something that's based on an animated Batman show. It's sad that Drake had to go through that, and it's probably the worst thing Joker's done in the DCAU. If you're a fan of "Batman: The Animated Series", "The New Batman Adventures", or "Batman Beyond", you'll love this movie.
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The best animated Batman film
jokerswild114 January 2015
Although I love Batman: The Animated Series, I was never much of a fan of Batman Beyond. Terry was a fairly good protagonist and I liked seeing the elderly Bruce Wayne, but the show had an unfortunately weak rogues gallery. That issue is most definitely corrected in this movie.

The mystery of how the Joker has returned is very well done, although the circumstances of the final reveal are a bit contrived. Mark Hamill always did a great voice for the Joker, and this film contains his best performance as the character, the highlight being the character's frustration during the climax. The action sequences are exciting, especially for an animated film.
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Better Than the Batman Beyond Series!!
voicemaster7121 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I actually prefer Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker compared to the actual Batman Beyond series because this movie does what the series doesn't. We get two Batmen for the price of one. Not only does this movie resurrect the Joker (I won't reveal how he returns) , but we also finally get to find out what happened to the second Robin, Tim Drake and we catch up with him and find out what he's like as an older man.

My favorite part of this whole movie is when Barbara Gordon flashes back and tells Terry of the final battle with the Joker, which shows us what happened to him as well as how Tim Drake's career as Robin came to an end. No, he doesn't die, but it reminds me of the comics where the Joker killed Robin #2, Jason Todd. Seeing a new story with the original Batman, Robin, Batgirl, the Joker, and Harley Quinn is a priceless treasure. The only thing I hated was that other than a couple of mentions, we never found out what ever happened to Dick Grayson, Bruce's original partner in this series or movie, which leads me to believe that Dick is the most bitter of all.

In this movie, you see the Joker in a more frightening and disturbing way, his new knowledge, Terry's battles with the Joker as well as the amazing flashback story during the original Batman days. Whether you love Batman Beyond, or like me, a purist for the original Batman series, I highly recommend this DVD movie so you can see the best of both worlds.
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Adequately entertaining...
paul_haakonsen26 June 2019
While I am not overly keen on superhero movies or movies set within superhero universes, then I will still sit down to watch them when given the chance. And since my nine year old son wanted to watch "Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker", then of course I sat down to watch this 2000 DC animated movie with him.

I've never really liked this particular future Batman much, nor the drawing style that they use here. So that was working against the enjoyment of the animated movie for me.

I will say that they definitely had a very impressive ensemble of voice actors to perform the voices in "Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker", with the likes of Mark Hamill, Dean Stockwell, Melissa Joan Hart, Henry Rollins and Frank Welker.

Storywise then I found "Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker" to be somewhat average. It wasn't particularly outstanding, nor was it a drag. However, it is not a movie that will leave any lasting impressions on me, nor is it a movie that will finds its way to my screen for a second viewing.

For fans of future Batman, then I am sure that the 2000 animated "Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker" movie is a blast.
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Good... but that's about it
educallejero21 June 2019
The animation is not that pretty. The villains weirdly unthreatening. The new Batman design, quite awful. The story is really good though, the emotions felt earned and the acting pretty good.

But I felt the movie needed more (or better) humor in the first half, and less humor and more intensity in the second half.
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