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My most watched movie!!
ajayhk30 September 2005
Just a small intro on how the TV situation in India was in 1989 when this film was released on TV. We had one channel (two in Metros) that was supposed to educate/entertain/family planning/national integration/news/sports/movies/foreign movies/grammys/Oscars, you name it. To say the least it was boring most of the time with the prime slots used up by Krishi Darshan (program to educate the farmers on better crops, farming techniques, fertilizers, water harvesting, crop diseases and what not discussed by three people sitting stoic among TV cameras and around a coffee table). There used to be a late night movie once a week (foreign or Indian) and every other time it used to be cancelled and no reason given for the same.

Anyway, once while I was flipping channels (just kidding, only one channel, remember? :) ), I saw this movie. It was one of those great college movies, not the American Pie kind, rather the American Graffiti kind. It happens in the SPA (School of Planning and Architecture) formerly NID/A Delhi. This is one movie that will inspire you to become an architect and study in a cool college. It really inspired me and I applied for Architecture (till my dad put an end to my ambitions, but that is another story).

Everything about this movie is so cool, its cast, their attitude, their life, the college/sets and the generous helping of Beatles songs (the movie is set in the 70's) makes this movie all the more endearing. The story is about a bunch of final year architecture students in SPA and how they prepare for their final year presentation.

Considering that Arundhati Roy had gone on to become a Booker prize winner and Shah Rukh Khan (who has a 2 minute cameo in the movie, his first) has gone on to become India's current number one hero, it has proved to be a star cast :) And one more thing. The movie was not interesting because we had only Krishi Dharshan in comparison. Exactly 3 years later I (and much of India) got cable and MTV and Baywatch. A few years after that I got the VCR tape of the movie. I still loved the movie and watched it title to title a number of times again and introduced my friends to it too.
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jkysharma4 July 2010
I ventured this as casually as possible, my curiosity limited to seeing Arundhati Roy, Roshan Seth and Shah Rukh Khan. Within minutes though, I was hooked. By the time I was done with it, I kept thinking that this had certainly been one worthwhile outing among many cinematic excursions of late.

Written by Arundhati Roy and featuring her as well, 'In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones' is a slice of student life at the fictional National Institute of Architecture in the mid seventies. In a way, it foreshadows the significance hostel life and elite education would have in India in the years to come. Especially the former. However, that isn't Miss Roy's intent here. As is evident, she sources from The Fountainhead (Ayn Rand), draws from her School of Planning and Architecture experience, peppers the scene with 70s counter-culture and makes room for her own observations and witticisms. Along with Pradip Kishen at the helm, the cocktail is achieved with delightful ease and is a breezy proposition for the sampler.

The less said about the narrative the better for that is best left to the viewer for his / her own discovering and viewing pleasure. Labels can add their weight to a movie and become a burden but I am tempted to say that this is easily the finest among campus or hostel life movies made in India. The only competition I can think of must come from Rockford. Unlike Rockford though which has a devoted following among movie buffs and Star Movies enthusiasts, this one seems to have gained in obscurity over the years. Sadly, that means people have and will continue to miss out on a gem.

There are many aspects that commend themselves to the movie. Arundhati Roy tops the list. She scores as a writer and as the quirky architecture student Radha (if she isn't playing herself, this is some performance). One triumph I should like to allude to is that her material here rises above the constraints of time, place and context. This is a top architecture school for sure but it could be any elite Indian institution. The year is stated as being 1974 but change it and only the outfits and the cultural influences change. We are more aware of opportunities today and a globalized world has changed the way we perceive our lives and careers but if this movie can be taken at face value, our attitudes as students have undergone very little transformation, if any. Also, given her journalistic ambitions, she could have very well taken a potshot or two at what transpired during the Emergency. Her restraint in all these quarters serves the movie very well. This freedom from time and place is a strong suite of the movie. Roshan Seth is well, Roshan Seth. He revels as Y D 'Yamdoot' Bilimoria, the post-colonial elitist dean of the institute. A competent cast including Arjun Raina as Annie Grover adds to the proceedings. Amazingly, Annie's character sketch isn't merely piggy-backing on Ayn Rand's Howard Roark. Tellingly, Roy denies him Roark's uncompromising obduracy making him more of a vulnerable character to the bulwark that is an institution. In the process, Annie is also more endearing and comes across as a bit of quixotic dreamer.

For anyone wishing to engage in a trivial pursuit, there is also the matter of Shah Rukh Khan in a miniscule role during his pre-Circus days.
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A DSA story
desiensus18 June 2000
This is a wonderful departure from the typical Indian movie in many regards, the least of which is the language, English. It chronicles the life of students in the hip Delhi School of Architecture and has many intelligent twists and turns. Annie is a male student and I would be giving out too much if I explained what "those ones" are. The movie feels more like an episode from MTV's "Real World" than like any Indian movie I have ever seen. The movie features the writing debut of Arundhati Roy, who later rose to prominence with her novel "God of Small Things". She also stars in the movie along with Roshan Seth. A must see.
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Life of an Architecture Student
pallav-agrawal30 January 2009
I voted 10 on 10 cause this is the movie which shows what SPA (formely NIA)is. I have spent 5 long years of my life at the prestigious institution and so has Sahil and Kuber above. Well Kuber is another Annie in making, cause he got to spend 8 years. When i saw the movie for the first time in my first year i though that the movie is too far fetched and stuff like that does not happen, but now i know that the movie is so close to all our lives and most bit of it is true. The ego clash between Radha / Annie and faculty (for entirely different reason in both cases). The helplessness and above all the coolness. The weird Couple, Lakes, each character is true. We could even relate to each of the characters from within our own batch, i hope others like the movie too.
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Those Are The Ones
Chrysanthepop5 September 2012
Pradip Kishen and Arundhati Roy's 'In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones' takes place during the mid 70s at an elite School of Architecture. The film really has an authentic look and proves to be a fine depiction student life. Even though it's set in the 70s and a lot has changed since (what with modern technology, telecommunications etc), the essence of student life is still the same. The interactions with friendships, classmates, teachers and the people who come and go in your life... nothing much has changed regarding that. Not only is Roy's writing first rate (no wonder she goes on to become an accomplished writer) but her acting is brilliant too. I wonder how much she and her character Radha have in common and how much of the film is based on her own experience. The rest of the actors do a decent enough job (note appearances by Shahrukh Khan and Manoj Bajpai). On the technical side, the lighting and sound design are quite poor. The cinematography is interesting. Overall, Roy created an authentic slice of student life that definitely stands tall among the supposed collegeflicks Hollywood and India churn out these days.
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Great movie........based on School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi
kuberpandey4 May 2006
A wonderful movie based on the lifestyle of students of School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi and the relationship they share with the faculty and staff of the institution. Things are pretty much the same even now as its shown in the movie though the amazing technological advancements have changed the lives to a great extent. But the psyche is still the same and will be same forever. Anyone related to architecture in any form will surely enjoy the movie. The story revolves around Anand Grover nicknamed Annie and his experiences in the institution. How his friends help him complete his degree in the college shows the way things actually work in the college even today.
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A forgotten classic - worth reviving
pcsarkar12 April 2018
Doordarshan has always had a bad name, when decades ago, it was the only TV channel in India, and now, when it has been overshadowed by myriads of satellite channels from across the world. But that doesn't mean it was essentially bad - despite its shortcomings and multiple issues, it managed to entertain the public with superb TV serials, entertainment programs and commissioned TV films. IWAGITO is one such late night Doordarshan film, shown in the '80s - seen by few, and remembered by even fewer.

I would urge movie buffs to search out this movie - a digitally re-mastered version is available online, but since the original print was no great shakes, the re-mastered one too has technical issues. But that doesn't take away the film's merits. It is a telling commentary on student life, of several decades ago, when students, even those studying in prestigious institutions, were a deprived lot, due to low levels of income (I, myself, was a student at IIT, Delhi, in the early '80s, surviving on a princely fellowship of Rs 600/- pm. Rs 150/- pm would be deducted as hostel and mess charges, and I would be left with Rs 450/- pm, for my sundry expenses, clothes, and even traveling to my home city). When the internet and cell phone had not made inroads into their lives. In short, when life was much simpler and slower, with its own set of dilemmas, problems, ambitions and tragedies.

Without second thought, I can state that Arundhati shines throughout the film, as a quirky rebel. Others give her character ample support. Roshan Seth is the apt teacher (Dean?), who effectively tries to keep things under control. Amazingly Sharukh Khan, in a very minor side role, appears to be sporting a wig, even then. The razor thin plot line cannot be divulged here. Do see the film for its merits, bold approach and the gung-ho performance of actors / actresses, some who became stars over a period of time.
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relates to my life
onlyasaha9 May 2014
exactly our condition rite now. S.P.A. ruining lives since times unknown!!!!!!!!!!! they screw u and crush u down and kill u emotionally and just when u think u are done, there is no worst condition that can happen to u, they take u to another whole new level of depression and scrutiny. be hell with this spartan faculty! for all those who haven't really been to s.p.a, well guys u must b thinking this just cant happen rite? believe me, it does.and sometimes it may even get worst. moreover this film shows only the final year issues. we got another set of problems in the first years too. not having a supply? well that's like a dream come true.
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she cries about tribal rights after she snatched tribal forest land illegally and build a bungalow in panchmarhi hills,MP.
tegrazero1 September 2019
Arundhati roy is the fakest human being on this planet
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