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Season 3

11 Nov. 2003
Wicked Game
Ginger returns to school from the Fine Arts Academy but now she and Darren are inseparable. This angers Dodie who misses her best friend and she and Macie fall easy prey for Miranda and Mipsy's scheme to break them up. Noelle loses Carl to Polly for the weekend and she makes Carl play 'Bird' with her.
11 Apr. 2004
The Easter Ham
Ginger is throwing a party for Darren that every kid in the school wants to attend. But when Lois and Joann Bishop get into a fight at the grocery store over the last Easter ham on the shelf, Joann bans Hoodsey and Dodie from seeing Carl and Ginger.
29 Jun. 2003
Driven to Extremes
A substitute teacher terrorizes Ginger's class while Ms. Zorski is out sick. Miranda plots revenge using toilet paper and eggs while Ginger is opposed. Carl and Hoodsey attempt to train Brandon's monkey for a talent show for part of the prize money.
6 Jun. 2004
About Face
Dodie's mom takes a teaching job at the school and reinvents herself by trying to join the 'popular' crowd...while Dr. Dave attempts to muster up the courage to propose to Lois.
20 Jun. 2004
Fair to Cloudy
Ginger invites Darren to the BFF yearly tradition of going to the county fair, much to the dismay of Dodie, who in turn invites Courtney to annoy Ginger. Carl and Hoodsey tag along and end up freeing a "two headed" pony from the Nature's Oddities Tent.
27 Jun. 2004
Heat Lightning
During a summer heat wave Ginger goes to Camp Caprice working as a Cabin Leader. While there she deals with her conflicting feelings regarding Darren and Sasha. Carl wheels and deals to get an AC for his clubhouse.
14 Nov. 2006
Stuff'll Kill Ya
Ginger gets hooked on caffeine at the local coffee shop and Carl attempts to turn over a new leaf and be good when he thinks he is dying.
24 Nov. 2004
Ten Chairs
Unbeknownst to Lois, Ginger invites Jonas to Thanksgiving dinner. Tensions mount when Carl seems to favor Dr. Dave over his natural father, and the assembled guests, including Mrs. Dave and the Bishop family are somewhat less than amicable.
Mar. 2003
As their relationship is souring, Ginger gets detention and has to miss Darren's first football game. Instead of telling him what is really happening, she lies and says she'll be there, only making things worse.
Kiss Today Goodbye
Dodie, trying out for the Pep Squad, is doing anything and everything she can to convince the coach to let her on the team.
A Lesson in Tightropes
Darren finally decides to tell Ginger the truth, and he breaks up with her. She returns home where her friends try to comfort her, until she eventually cries herself to sleep. When her Mom comes to check on her she discovers Ginger has acute Appendicitis and she is rushed to the hospital, where Dr. Dave saves her life by performing an emergency Appendectomy. As she is recovering, many of her friends and family come to visit, including her father, Jonas. Carl becomes worried that their father's appearance will rekindle Lois's feelings for him and ruin her relationship ...
23 Nov. 2004
The Wedding Frame
With Lois's wedding to Dr. Dave nearing, Mrs. Dave and a 'network of silver-haired villains' set out to sabotage the festivities.

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