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Season 1

14 Aug. 2000
The Big Red Chicken
Dora and Boots befriend the Big Red Chicken.
15 Aug. 2000
Lost and Found
Dora and Boots find a little baby blue bird who fell out of her nest.
16 Aug. 2000
Dora and Boots hear a strange sound coming from Yellow Valley.
17 Aug. 2000
Dora and Boots travel to the Beach in beat the summer heat.
19 Aug. 2000
We All Scream for Ice Cream
An ice cream trucks arrives, but Dora and Boots have to hurry to catch it!
20 Aug. 2000
Choo Choo
All aboard! It's time for the big train race!
18 Sep. 2000
Treasure Island
Dora and friends discover a key to a treasure chest!
4 Sep. 2000
Three L'il Piggies
Dora and Boots are visiting the farm to bring gifts to the three little piggies.
9 Oct. 2000
Big River
Boots loses one of his boots in the Big River.
30 Oct. 2000
Berry Hunt
Dora and Boots travel to Blueberry Hill to search for blueberries.
23 Oct. 2000
Wizzle Wishes
Dora and Boots meet Wizzle who lost his bag of wishes and can't get home.
13 Nov. 2000
Grandma's House
Dora and Boots set off through the woods to deliver a basket of treats and watch out for Swiper
6 Nov. 2000
Dora and friends celebrate Boots' birthday party!
27 Nov. 2000
Sticky Tape
Benny the Bull needs some Sticky Tape in a hurry.
4 Dec. 2000
Bouncing Ball
Dora and Boots have to chase a bouncy ball down the hill.
30 Aug. 2000
Dora thinks back to when she first met Backpack.
30 Aug. 2000
Bugga Bugga
Dora and Boots offer to help Mama Bugga Bugga bring a giant cookie home to feed her babies.
30 Aug. 2000
Fish Out of Water
Dora and Boots go underwater to help rescue baby fish trapped in a tide pool.
30 Aug. 2000
Little Star
Making a wish on the first star in the sky, Dora and Boots have to rescue it when it falls.
24 Sep. 2000
Dora Saves the Prince
Dora and Boots must go into a storybook to rescue a prince from a wicked witch.
2 May 2001
El Coqui
Dora and Boots discover a little frog who has lost his voice.
3 May 2001
The Chocolate Tree
Dora and Boots set off into the forest to find a magical Chocolate Tree
4 May 2001
Te Amo
A cruel magician has turned the King and Queen into mountains with a spell.
8 Oct. 2001
Pablo's Flute
Pablo loses his magic flute and his farm is in danger of drying up.
4 May 2001
To the Treehouse
Dora and Boots must hurry to reach a party at the Treehouse
15 Oct. 2001
Call Me Mr. Riddles
Boots enters a riddle contest.

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