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VERY underrated!
Karuteru29 December 2002
Digimon Zero Two is a wonderful sequel to Digimon Adventure. Now, I'm talking in pure, uncut, Japanese. If you've only seen the dub, you're really missing something special. The story goes like this; After the original Chosen children defeated Apocalymon, the Digital World went back to peace. Alas, three years later(2002), the Digimon Kaizer begins his reign of terror. Unlike the previous villians, Kaizer is a human...a child at that!With the six oldest children busy with school, it's up to Hikari, Takeru, and three new children, Daisuke, Miyako, and Iori to stop Kaizer's acts.

If you enjoyed Digimon Adventure, you'll surely enjoy the seguel. Try to get your hands on some of the original tapes-It's worth it! Stop watching the horrible dub! My favorite character would have to be Kaizer/Ichijouji Ken. Paku Romi rocks at Kaizer's evil laughs! ^.^ I give Digimon Zero Two 10 stars of of 10 :D
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Terrible sequel
morganstephens51228 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The first season wasn't the best thing on the planet, but at least there was the effort. I can be forgiving of something if there was honest effort put into it. At least then there seems to be something to it that I could be able to appreciate at the long run. But this didn't even feel like there was any sort of effort put into it at all and it just honestly makes me really angry to even think about.

The voice acting was decent and the character designs are good, but that is it. There is virtually no character development that I can think of and everything after the emperor subplot just feels forced in and like a total mess. I feel like if a high school student were forced to write a script for this show, they most likely could have improved it. At least they wouldn't be afraid to get their point across. The character of Ken is a very well thought out character in theory but instead just falls victim to being just useless and not all that interesting in the long run.
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Very well done!
TTBExpress6 June 2002
Season 1 was pretty darn good,and this dose not amount to season 1,it excells!Very good plot,some nice action,and some very well done drama,recommended to anyone who likes anime,or Digimon more importantly.Do not miss this!
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Its cool.
Wisesoldierthe626 July 2019
It has a better story than the first but this one lacks the emotion that the first one had.

I like to see characters grow up. This show does that very well.
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Angels_Review13 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Well, there back but not the main characters. At least, only two of the main characters from the old show are actually main characters in this one. Unfortunately, they have the same problems from before as well.

TK, although grown up a little too much, acts young a lot and Kari again is little miss Jesus with how perfect she is. Really, she seems to do nothing wrong with how caring she was. The other characters pretty much ether don't grow, don't change, or something around that until they hit a certain point and by then, I had lost interest in them. I think part of this was because that they seemed to be made to be the embodiment of two characters from the older show.

Davis is supposed to be Tai and Matt, Cody is Izzy and Joe, and Yolei is supposed to be Mimi and Sora. The only character that actually grew is Ken and actually, he replaced my favorite character, even if he was the bad guy for half the season almost.

The two that really never stood out to me was Yolei and Cody. They just really didn't have much screen time and seemed like the whole show could have just left them out and let it be Davis, Kari, and TK as the main characters.

Now, Yolei feels like she was made as the exact opposite to Mimi in the first season. She had many brothers and sisters and was rather poor, but yet she kept whining and complaining like Mimi so it only sent a message to me that no matter what, girls will become bitchie no mater what… not the best to send to young women. With Cody, there really wasn't anything to talk about.

The voices are so off. I really don't know who decided to have these characters sound the way they do but its worse then the first. T.K. sounded like he hit puberty faster then anyone else. His voice was not the voice of a young kid but of a much more teenage adult style. The other characters and I'm talking the main characters, sound pretty raspy or like Kari, has a harsh voice like she always has a stuffy nose.
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