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Wall Street Journal
It's very funny, terrifically lively and, considering how awful it might have been, surprisingly tender in its portrait of a young guy who learns sensitivity the hard way.
Can be taken as a mildly risque frothy date movie, but there's serious subtext for those who choose to look beneath surface sheen.
Miami Herald
The quality writing, delivered by likable Hartnett and his talented co-stars, makes up for the sometimes flat production. A richly humorous background is provided by well-played eccentric minor characters.
Entertainment Weekly
A kinder, gentler teensploitation comedy, but Hartnett's Matt, at least, invites the audience to graduate to something better.
New York Magazine (Vulture)
Sets out to demonstrate that life is about more than having sex. Inadvertently -- I think -- it ends up showing us just the opposite. As if we didn't already know.
Chicago Tribune
This pretty but witless movie is well-produced, slickly directed -- full of jokes about hot dudes and hot babes pitched right at the "American Pie" crowd.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
All this holding back is a bad idea, especially as the subject of an entire movie.
It's rare that a movie is so graceful and so gross.
The New Yorker
The sensibility of the movie is naggingly adolescent -- less erotic than squeamish and giggly. [11 Mar 2002, p. 92]
It's too mild to be crass; it's clumsy. Lehmann has made what amounts to an anti-sex sex comedy, the first youth sex comedy made to be enjoyed by those creepy abstinence teens.

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