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Season 2

29 Sep. 2001
Lost and Found
Mannion is pressured to find a missing aide to a powerful congressman.
6 Oct. 2001
Foreign Affair
Temple and Debreno search for the source of a lethal heroin that's hit the streets.
13 Oct. 2001
Night Shift
Nancy goes back on patrol to investigate a shooting death outside a trendy restaurant owned by a man who's supposedly the victim of a carjacking ring.
20 Oct. 2001
The Project
Mannion moves into a housing project to find the man who murdered a young woman in the courtyard.
27 Oct. 2001
To Serve and Protect
Noland reopens a missing-persons case from eight years ago when the body of a 5-year-old boy is discovered.
3 Nov. 2001
Melt Down
A 7-year-old boy shoots two of his students with a gun that had been confiscated in a buy-back program.
10 Nov. 2001
Bulldog's Ghost
Mannion discovers a possible conspiracy within the government when he investigates the murder of a homeless veteran of the Vietnam War who was reported missing in action.
24 Nov. 2001
Tug of War
Mannion pursues a ring of thieves who snatch expensive purses to sell on the black market when a woman is murdered in one of their attacks.
1 Dec. 2001
Cop Hunt
Mannion looks for a bad cop when a woman claims to have been raped by a police officer who made her stop for committing a traffic violation.
15 Dec. 2001
When a cop drowns saving people from a submerged car, his fellow officers remember their last day with him.
12 Jan. 2002
Russian Winter
A Russian leads Mannion to a confrontation with his nemesis Dimitri Putin.
26 Jan. 2002
Twist of Hate
Mannion investigates a series of hate crimes when the perpetrators vandalize a mosque and break into Ella's apartment.
2 Feb. 2002
This Too Shall Pass
A local reporter's body is found at an abandoned building and the evidence suggests that a paraplegic is the murderer.
2 Mar. 2002
A former teacher takes the Board of Education hostage and demands an investigation to determine if toxic materials are contaminating a local school.
9 Mar. 2002
Daughter for Daughter
Dimitri Putin kidnaps Mannion's daughter and claims he's willing to trade her for his own daughter, who's in a witness-protection program.
23 Mar. 2002
The Greenhouse Effect
A Congressman is killed in the alley behind Teddy R's restaurant and Mannion suspects that Teddy knows more about the murder than she claims.
6 Apr. 2002
Still Life
Mannion searches for a $2 million Picasso painting stolen from a local museum.
20 Apr. 2002
Shades of Gray
Mannion is under political pressure to reinstate a police commander he demoted for his poor job performance.
27 Apr. 2002
Shell Game
Mannion seeks information in the death of a CIA agent who was working undercover.
4 May 2002
The Killing Point
Mannion tries to stop the execution of a man falsely accused of murder when a priest receives an anonymous letter revealing the location of the murder weapon.
11 May 2002
A defense attorney uses Debreno's past against him in a case involving a diplomat's son arrested for dealing drugs.
18 May 2002
Mannion tries to stop a gang war while negotiating the release of two officers captures by one of the gangs.

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