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Among the green hills of Scotland dwelt two farmer lads, Tammas and Geordie, fast friends tried and loyal as members of the same clan. They are both very much in love with Jenny, a little Scottish lass, and Geordie dreams of what might be if he were successful in his wooing. Geordie persists in his attentions to her. He asks her to share her lot with him, but she replies: "1 do not lo'e ye, Geordie, I must say ye nay." But quite different does she speak to Tammas: "I do lo'e ye, Tammas" and forthwith they are betrothed. Jubilantly Tammas, on his way home, tells Geordie that Jenny is his promised bride. The shock to Geordie is too much and losing control of his anger, he denounces Tammas and bad blood comes betwixt them. On the happy wedding day, Geordie is not invited and from his home across the way he sees the happy couple enter their new home, while reflectively he stands gazing with his dog Jean from the window. Pensive and sad, he fills his cup with a large draught of consolation, ...

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