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  • Sapna has lost her parents at an early age and lives with her three quirky uncles - Bhola Nath is a fitness freak, Prabhu Nath is a deeply religious fellow and Vicky Nath is a disco-savvy dude. Sapna is fed up of their quirks and runs away to Europe where she meets Raja. Her purse is stolen and hence she has to depend financially on Raja. During the course of the tour they fall in love after much bickering. When Raja comes to know that to marry Sapna he has to convince her three uncles for their support, he sets off on his mission.

  • Sapna (Karishma Kapoor) who has been brought up by her three uncles who love her dearly. One uncle is a body builder, one is a priest and worships god a lot and the third is a fun loving man who is a fashion designer. Her three uncles never let her have fun and enjoy her life, so she decides to run away. Her third uncle catches her while she is running away, and gives her money so that she can go on a tour. The other two uncles don't know about this plot. Meanwhile Raja (Salman Khan) is shown the photo of Sapna, he instantly falls in love with her and promises his father that she will be the daughter-in-law of their house. While on the tour, Sapna meets Raja, a lovable guy who is basically all three of her uncles combined into one..Sapna and Raja fall in love with each other. Then together with Sapna's third uncle, the three of them pursue the other two uncles to allow them to get married. Finally at the very end, the two of them get married.

  • Sapna, who, after her parents died when she was a little child, has been brought by her three uncles. Uncle-number-one is God-fearing and spends most of his time in worshiping one or the other God. Uncle number two is an athletic fellow and his biceps start twitching for action at the drop of a hat. Uncle number three is fond of wearing colorful clothes and is very happy in dancing away the hours. Sapna wants to please all three so she sings Bhajans, learns dancing and even has a workout in a gym. The uncles also love her and look for a groom for her so that she can settle down. But Sapna runs away from home and joins a group of tourists on a holiday abroad. Now, Raja is also there in this group. Initially, Sapna is not impressed by Raja. But then, they get separated from the main group of tourists. The inevitable happens. Raja saves Sapna from a difficult situation and the girl realizes she is falling in love with him. Raja reciprocates her love. They wish to get married once they return to India. Raja is eager to ask Sapna's trio of uncles for her hand. But little does he know the predicament that awaits him in this enterprise. The uncles are but hurdles between Raja and his love. But the young man is also determined to achieve his objective. He decides to become the blue-eyed boy of the uncles and the story takes many a hilarious turn in the process.

  • Sapna (Karisma Kapoor) lost her parents at a very young age, and has been brought up by her three paternal uncles, namely Bholanath (Om Puri), who believes in exercise and keeping physically fit; Prabhunath (Paresh Rawal) who is very religious; and Vickynath (Anupam Kher) who is ultra modern, and loves western music, much to the horror of his brothers. Sapna has now come of age, so the three uncles decide that she must get married. Raja Oberoi (Salman Khan) loves Sapna, and shares this with his parents (Farida Jalal & Kader Khan). When Raja's dad goes to the three uncles, he is uncertain whether Raja can meet the demands of all the three uncles, that is can Raja be physically fit, religious, and ultra modern, all the same time? Sapna decides to assert herself and sets out on a trip to Switzerland on her own. Raja also decides take the tour, and together they meet and fall in love. When they come back to India, they still face the same obstacle, that is three of them - Sapna's uncles, who will never accept Raja as he is unless he confirms to their ways.

  • Bhola, Prabhu and Vicky are three brothers with different views on life. While Vicky is a modern hippie-kind, Bhola likes to keep fit - quiet obsessively, while Prabhu is a Hindu who worships God all the time. They live with their niece, Sapna, and would to get her married to someone who they all approve of - that is the young man must not only be religious, hippie-like, but also physically fit. When Sapna informs them that she is in love with Raja, who she met in Europe, they reject him. Now Sapna and Raja must come up with a plan to pacify Bhola, Prabhu, and Vicky - before Sapna gets too old.



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