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  • When bandits try to kidnap the princess, they discover that it's the princess who wants to be kidnapped. But they are chased by an evil queen and an even more powerful entity.

  • A band of thieves are hired to kidnap Princess Garnet of Alexandria. After they succeed, they end up becoming her guardians. And while protecting the fair Princess from a powerful evil...they hold the fate of the world in their hands. Play along on the epic journey filled with danger, mystery, war and love.

  • A gang of thieves disguise themselves as a theatre group to kidnap the princess of the kingdom of Alexandria. Little do they know that the Princess Garnet wanted to escape anyway. A battle ensues and their airship crashes into the 'evil' forest. One of the gang, a lively fellow called Zidane takes it upon himself to protect the princess. This might seem a most honorable act but it is more like a bit of skirt chasing. So Zidnae accompanies the Princess and her extremely uptight, in need of a girlfriend bodyguard and a mysterious small creature who performs magic to the neighboring kingdom of Lindblum which is ruled by her uncle who just happens to have been turned into an oglop (cockroach thing). She explains her fear that her mother, the over sized Queen Brahme is up to something. Her fears are right as her mother starts invading everything in sight with advanced weaponry. But something else (there always is. Do you think they would be able to fill 40 hours of game play if the plot was simple) is behind all of this. Namely a cross dressing man called Kuja.

  • The traveling theater group Tantalus has been hired to kidnap the princess of the largest kingdom in the world, Alexandria. The princess, with her own plans, willingly goes with them. A lone guard, under the orders of the Alexandrian Queen, tracks them down, but the princess, wanting to be kidnapped, refuses. Eventually, Zidane leaves Tantalus to travel with the princess and several others in order to fulfill their duties. As they travel, they gather many interesting characters to aide them on their quest, which turns out to be much bigger than imagined. A mysterious evil man seems to be doing everything in his power to start a war with all of the kingdoms on the planet (Gaea) by dealing weapons and spreading conflict. As it turns out, worlds collide and an unspeakable evil is rising to power. It is up to Zidane, the princess, the guard, and the others to stop the mysterious force before the world is destroyed by the ravages of war.

  • A group of thieves from Lindblum, disguised as a theatre group, travel to Alexandria to kidnap the Princess. It turns out she wants to escape and one of the thieves called Zidane who has a thing for her, agrees to help her out. They escape from the wicked Queen with their lives but she sends monsters and soldiers after them. They are joined by a knight from the queen's army and a strange child who can cast magic. The Queen really wants the princess's summoning powers so she can summon Eidolons, powerful guardians. She is being closely helped by a sorcerer called Kuja. Along the way, the four meet an honour-bound dragon knight called Freya, an always-hungry creature called Quina, a rugged loner called Amarant and a fellow summoner called Eiko.



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