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Spotlight on new ‘Eclipse’ actress Jodelle Ferland

One Variety report about The Twilight Saga: Eclipse casting, and the Twilight world knows her name. She is Jodelle Ferland, and she has recently been announced (by both Variety and herself) as a new cast member for the third in the Twilight film series. Though her role is as yet unknown, Variety states that Ferland will portray "a vampire who has just been turned." While the barely there description could apply to a host of characters in Eclipse, the most prominent (female) vampress in the book series is Bree - a newborn vampire who survives the initial vampire showdown, but whose bloodlust for Bella puts her in a precarious circumstances. Ultimately, despite Carlisle's extension of an offering to care for and develop Bree's, ahem, socially responsible behavior, the Volturi guard present after the battle will not allow for it (pennance for her work with Victoria (to be portrayed by Bryce Dallas Howard
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