Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama (1992) Poster

Arun Govil: Rama


  • Ram : This battle between you and I shall be the end of it all! Soldiers of Lanka, take heed! Your King Ravan, whom you consider to be a symbol of eternal power, watch him die at the hands of a mere mortal!

    Ravan : Rama, tell me where your conceit comes from! Your boastful lips will never speak such words again! Brave soldiers of Lanka! You know only too well who's the mightiest of all here! Come on, Rama! Fight!

    Ram : So be it, Ravan! Fight!

    Ram : [Rama and Ravan charge at each other] 

    Ram : [Ravan attacks Rama sending him falling to the ground] 

    [Rama screams] 

    Ram : [Ravan attacks Rama and pushes him into a wall. Rama falls and cuts Ravan's sword. Rama beheads Ravan] 

    [Lakshman and Sita are relieved to see Rama survive the fight] 

    Ram : [Ravan's head appears to grow but Rama cuts it quickly] 

    Ram : Now he's dead

    [Ravan morphs into a giant demon and alters the weather. Sita fears for Rama. Rama is trembling in fear] 

    Ram : [Ravan summons an arrow which explodes directly behind Rama. Rama gets launched up into the air and lands on the hard ground covered in wounds while screaming in pain. Sita also screams] 

    [Ravan throws a spear of fire at the injured Rama who is encircled in a ring of fire] 

    Ravan : Let's see how you get out of this one

    [Rama is in shock but prays. His guru gives him a chakra] 

    Ram : [Rama throws the chakra and it puts out the fire]  What power is this greater than mine!

    Ravan : [Ravan charges towards Rama]  You are going to far now I tell you!

    [Ravan grabs Rama and crushes him. Rama screams in pain] 

    Ravan : [Ravan throws Rama onto a wall. Rama then lands onto the ground while in tremendous pain] 

    [Ravan laughs at the hurt Rama] 

    Ravan : [Rama lies on the ground covered in wounds and bruises. His long black hair is out of place and his old clothes are damaged. Sita and Lakshman worry for Rama's life] 

    Ravan : [Rama crawls with immense pain and difficulty towards the chakra]  Don't you dare !

    Ravan : [Rama gets his wounded hand onto the chakra]  Give up Rama, give up!

    [Rama prays for help but no help is given. Sita then prays and the chakra enlarges] 

    Ravan : [Rama picks up the chakra and slowly gets up. With heavy wounds and bruises he gets up and throws the chakra, killing Ravan] 

    [Ravan falls and dust flies towards Rama's hair. The chakra then leaves the battle] 

    Ravan : [the sky turns blue and vegetation grows. The symbolises the death of Ravan and the sacrifice Rama has made] 

    Vibheeshana : May you rest in peace brother Ravan.

    Ram : [Rama looks at his shocked army who have witnessed Rama brutally attacked and nearly dead]  It is all over

    Ram : Soldiers of Lanka, King Ravan has gone back to Mother Earth. I ask all of you to give up fighting and restore the glory of your country with your new king Vibhishan.

    Vibheeshana : [Vibhishan thanks Rama]  Rama

    [Rama is now thinking about Sita] 

    Vibheeshana : [Rama and Sita meet in the forest. Sita looks up at Rama and feels guilty and sorrowful. She has witnessed her husband attacked and nearly died for her. Rama hugs Sita and consoles her] 

  • [Bharat meets Rama in the forest] 

    Ram : What? What are you saying, Bharat? Our father is dead?

    Bharata : [sadly]  Brother, I share your grief.

    Ram : [kneels down in sorrow]  Oh Father, Father! Forgive this poor Rama! Forgive your son!

    Bharata : Rama, I appeal to you, absolve me of my mother's sin! Come back to Ayodhya, and accept the Kingdom which is yours by right!

    Ram : [solemnly]  Bharat, what your mother has done is not in question here. Remember, the great Emperor Dasaratha has commanded us: you to rule the Kingdom, and I to live in these forests for 14 years. It is our duty to abide by our father's wishes whether we like it or not.

    Bharata : You have commanded me, it is enough. But one thing's certain-I will not accept the kingdom for myself, but for you.

    Bharata : Please bless this brother of yours to rule the Kingdom with strength and courage.

    Bharata : I will rule for the next 14 years, but till you return.

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