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this movie shows the journey of life of the seventh incarnation of lord Vishnu - Ram
Miag_div15 October 2005
it is the most beautiful movie created till today . I appreciate the efforts of the director Mr. Yugo Sako to have done such a lot of research. The songs are heart rending. It is a movie to be viewed by anyone who is really interested in Ramayana. Hats Off to all who contributed in making this movie. The characters are portrayed very beautifully . The best part is every detail of the original Valmiki Ramayana has been shown which also makes it very informative. Also the songs make the whole aspect of the movie complete and provide entertainment. I specially like the music which has been composed by Mr. Vanraj Batia and the lyrics of the songs are very meaningful although they are is Sanskrit. Only flaw is that , Ram was a very powerful personality and that is why people used to like him . So ram's character should have been portrayed in a better way. But never mind that I like the efforts put in to make such a great movie. The best part is a Japanese Person made a movie on an Indian mythology!!
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EPIC at its Best
deepakyadavhp26 October 2012
I was 11 or 12 when i first watch this movie on TV. And i was like WOW. i have already watched the Ramayana series by Ramanand Sagar which is an epic, but it had told the story in a number of episodes... while here we got the main story of prince Rama in 170 minute, although it didn't cover the whole epic but it still amazes me. The voice over actors did their best especially Amrish Puri, he had done some very memorable villainous roles in some of the best Hindi movies and i think this is one of them. While Arun Govil has played Rama in Ramamnand Sagar's Ramayana that's why his voice seems very suitable for the role to me and many who has seen the TV series.

And now lets talk about the animation...its marvelous if we compare it with the time it was produced in especially in India. where there is no animation movie been release before. This movie has give me some best memories of my childhood and that is why i still remember it. I am 19 years old by the way.
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Brilliant adaptation of Ramayana
mootzicker3 October 2016
The movie is simply amazing. I watched the movie years ago and is my all time favourite. The animations are splendid and songs are heart touching. I still listen to the songs sometimes. The voice over artists did their jobs brilliantly. Watching this movie will surely give you goosebumps. The movie simplifies the original Ramayana to a great extent. This was done to make this movie appeal to the International audience. Producers have done extensive research on the topic. This is quite visible in the intricate details present in the movie. Great collaboration by Indians and Japs. A must watch for everybody and a good introduction to Hinduism and Indian culture.
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Not aware of Hindu mythology?
ericstevenson26 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The version I saw was 2 hours and ten minutes long, but I heard there's other versions that are much longer. It's always interesting to learn about the animation of other countries and this film, apart from being a well known piece of Indian animation is actually part anime as it was literally collaborated on my Japanese animators. It's weird, because I know little about the relationships of those two countries. I know very little about Hinduism, but am always glad to learn something new. This movie features the tale of Prince Rama fighting against the evil Ravana. I know little about the actual Ramayana poem, nor about the Vedas or any of the Hindu holy text in general.

The only thing that was familiar to me was the brief mention of chakra, which has been referenced in various anime. Well, it only fits as it is part anime. I think it's great to see a movie that combines two Asian countries. The animation in this film is absolutely gorgeous. You can definitely see some anime influence but it's still unique to the style of India. I love how Rama is actually smart and attacks Ravana while he's regenerating. Granted, he couldn't just do that forever, but he's smarter than most protagonists. I am glad to watch this movie to understand HInduism more.

I remember taking a course in religion awhile back, which is probably the most familiar I am with Eastern religion. I think it's great to learn about other cultures. I don't know if I'm offending any Hindus with this review. I just wanted to watch a great movie and that's what I got. The designs are all great. It's hard to really praise the plot or anything because it's based on a classic piece of literature I am not familiar with. I always want to learn about other countries, especially the ones that have over a billion people! ***1/2
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Excellent movie
tusharshuklaa15 September 2017
I saw this movie when I was a little kid and I've been in love with this movie since then. Animation, music, voice overs, everything is brilliant. Since the Ramayana cannot be completely illustrated within two-three hours but still, this is amazing. A must watch movie. And yes, do not watch this movie thinking you are going to watch a cartoon or something.
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Best movie portraying Rama
LegendofPrinceRama29 May 2018
This story is fascinating and much better than any other Rama movies. The portrayal of Rama is at its best. Firstly the character animations were excellent especially Rama's long black hair. Secondly the dialogue and songs are so prideful to us all. I also like the fight scenes which includes Rama. The final battle between Rama and Ravan was amazing as it shows the power of both warriors and how detailed animation is (exploding arrow wounding Rama, Rama covered in wounds) I would recommend anyone to watch this movie
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One of the beautiful movie ever made
rajat_thakur27 August 2018
This is best animated movie ever made ... i loved it so much i still watch it . Brilliant animation , direction and songs oh man what a song this movies loved it totally
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Thanks for making my Childhood awesome.!!!
virajsraul22 April 2019
It's so nostalgic to see the IMDb page of this movie which I have watched many times especially in my childhood..Cartoon Network used to show this movie every now and then..Coming to the review, Great way of depicting the legendary story of Prince Ram and his exhile following the kidnapping of his wife Sita by the king of Lanka- Ravan..Ram and Laxman forming an army to defeat the mighty Ravan and get back Sita..Such a badass story shown beautifully , narrated awesomely and the movie has your attention from the start till the end. There are many series and Movies based on the story of Ramayan but this one still remains the best for me.!!!!
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Indian Anime?
ncruz-7799623 June 2019
Introduction: I discovered this film very recently, and what interested me enough into watching it, was the exceptionally high IMDB rating. Holding an 8.7 on the sight, it is the highest rated animated film on the website. And while I don't entirely agree with that, I can say with confidence, that this is still worthy of much praise. 'Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama' is an excellent example of good anime, and something I would recommend to any beginner just getting into anime.

History & Plot Synopsis: In a sort of collaboratian between both Indian and Japanese filmakers, with a budget of 13 million in USD. Completed in 1992, the film was screened in both Nations and released on home video. Later, an English dub was created and also released on home video.

The film is an anime adaptation of the Hindu epic known as, 'The Ramayana'. As the title character of Prince Rama' fights a war against the wicked King Ravana.

The Story: Adapting a story as famous as 'The Ramayana' is no easy task. As the film needs to stay accurate to the iconic Hindu epic. However, this film adapts it with flying colors. While the film is quite long, clocking in at almost three hours, making it the longest animated film I've ever watched, the movie requires the running time to fully flesh out the story. Telling the tale as accurately as it possibly can, the film is able to respect the source material and succeed as an adaptation. And someone who likes fairy tales and fables, as well as epics and myths of all kind, I appreciate these stories and love it when they are adapted the correct way.

While the film is as I mentioned before, almost three hours, it doesn't feel as long as it is, and that's a long movie should be. It shouldn't feel long, or at least be enjoyable throughout, so you don't care about the length of the film.

The Characters: This film pitch perfectly adapts the characters from the story of the epic it's based on. King Ravana, the wicked King, is portrayed perfectly, as he would use any excise to declare war, to expand his own power. Rama, the courageous prince, and the hero of the story, roped into a situation where he's forced to go to war. And many of the other characters are all well adapted and very interesting in their own respect.

The Animation: This is sadly the weakest aspect of the film. While not bad, it isn't the best quality, and from the highest rated animated film on the site, I aspect something a little better.

Again, I'm not saying it's bad, it's okay. And yes, the animation doesn't have to look amazing, it can be okay. However, I also aspect something a little better from an anime. As someone who loves anime, part of the reason I love it is because of the excellent animation, which gives me a higher standard for anime than any other kind of animation. And from an anime, I want great visuals, and the film simply doesn't have that. Other than that, this film is great example of how good anime can be.
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This movie is amazing.
amit-5542126 October 2019
Since childhood I have been watching this movie on every Diwali. It refresh our childhood memory. Every Diwali we are waiting for this movie.
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