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Dakota Fanning: Ray



  • [last lines] 

    Ray : Every story has an end. But in life, every ending is just a new beginning.

  • Ray : You can have your job back, you know.

    Molly Gunn : I don't think so. You and I, we're gonna be friends. Okay?

    Ray : Grownups never stay friends with kids.

    Molly Gunn : I don't see any grownups around here.

    Ray : I do.

  • Ray : Freestyle is for moronic little kids and hippie freaks.

    Molly Gunn : It's fun.

    Ray : Fundamentals are the building blocks of fun.

  • Ray : I'm not going anywhere, especially with you.

    Molly Gunn : Oh, yes you are. We are going to sit in giant teacups and spin round and round in circles until we puke.

    Ray : Are you on crack?

    Molly Gunn : We're gonna have fun.

  • Ray : When you work for me, you leave when I say you can leave.

    Molly Gunn : For your information, I do not work for you. I am employed by your mother.

    Ray : Oh, yeah? Take a look around. Do you see her anywhere? News flash - you're not gonna unless you make an appointment with her assistant, or hang around her bedroom door at 3:00 in the morning. In the meantime you're working for me.

    Molly Gunn : Oh, Is that so?

    Ray : Uh-huh.

    Molly Gunn : News flash, Mussolini... I quit!

    [swings kitchen door] 

    Ray : Swinging door.

    [swinging door hits Molly in the face] 

  • Molly Gunn : Excuse me, Thumbelina, but you're still a little underage to be clubbing, aren't you?

    Ray : You're a little overage to be wearing a lampshade in your hair. Bright idea?

  • Molly Gunn : Kid, have you ever been to a shrink?

    Ray : Since I was three.

  • Lorraine Schleine : Fruit punch? Why don't you just drink cyanide? At least it's quick.

    Molly Gunn : [Takes a big sip from her can]  Damn!

    [she throws it to the ground] 

  • [Ray is hitting a classmate and shouting] 

    Ray : Take it back.

    Molly Gunn : What are you doing?

    [Molly breaks the girls apart and takes Ray away] 

    Molly Gunn : Have you gone mad? There is never, ever an excuse for hitting another person. What is going on?

    Ray : She was laughing at me because her "au pair" said that my new nanny was a slutbag whore.

    [Molly goes at it with the au pair] 

  • Ray : Are you still moping over that disgusting guy? Other people always let you down. Why don't you forget them and do something for yourself?

    Molly Gunn : Like what?

    Ray : I don't know. Something you're good at. And I don't mean shopping.

    Molly Gunn : Maybe some of us aren't good at anything.

    Ray : Every grown-up is good at something. Oh, my bad. I don't see any grown-ups around here.

    Molly Gunn : What's so great about being a grown-up anyway? So I can turn out like you?

    Ray : You're scared.

  • [Molly is dancing in the park] 

    Ray : Act your age, not your shoe size.

  • [first lines] 

    Ray : [narration]  Some fairy tales are true, most of there stories we make up to help us deal with real life; it all depends on your point of view, but here are the facts... there was once a princess, who lived in a castle, high above the streets of an enchanted kingdom. The king and queen were long gone but they left her with a treasure, that she would stay a princess forever. On the eve of her 22nd birthday a great celebration was planned...

  • Molly Gunn : The last time I saw my mom and dad, I was eight going on nine... eight years, six months, and three days... almost as old as you are. They were going on tour and leaving me behind for the first time, because they didn't want me missing any more school, and they came to my room to say goodbye and I wouldn't open the door, so they left. I fell asleep and then the next thing I know, my nanny was waking me up in the middle of the night telling me their plane had crashed.

    Lorraine Schleine : You're lucky... that you were mad. See, when you're mad you don't miss people and if you stay mad, it's like you never knew them at all... that way you don't have to feel sucky about it... You were lucky...

    Molly Gunn : I wasn't mad, I was confused... everyone was talking, talking, talking at me and I couldn't understand a word they were saying, and then their voices became a blur and soon I couldn't even recognize their faces; they were like these blobs and they started to grow fangs and their eyes became green and I knew I had to run away. So I packed my knapsack, got on the train, and looked up at the map and decided I wanted to live on Coney Island. I thought it would be... you know... a real island. That I thought I could hide there like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Fin, but imagine my surprise... The teacups were the only ride they would let me on by myself, so I got on it and I started spinning around and 'round and 'round. But I feel like I am still there... spinning 'round and 'round and 'round... and the ride won't stop... You were right, Ray, I am scared. But you're scared too. You're scared as I am and I thought that maybe if we could go together...

  • Ray : She always does this to me, she's not coming. Ow!

    Roma Schleine : Well, if you would stop wiggling your ass, it wouldn't have fallen off in the first place.

  • Ray : You're a spastic hyena.

  • Molly Gunn : [When seeing Ray's room for the first time]  This is your room?

    Ray : [Sarcastic]  There's no fooling you, is there?

    Molly Gunn : It's so...

    [pauses to look at the perfectly organized space] 

    Molly Gunn : orderly.

  • Molly Gunn : [of Ray's Mozart music]  What is with this music, anyway? This sounds like the soundtrack to something you'd slit your wrists to.

    Ray : It happens to be Mozart.

    Molly Gunn : It happens to be depressing.

    [changes radio station] 

    Molly Gunn : And if we're gonna have fun, then we need to listen to some music that's fun, ok?

  • Ray : If you refuse to have a nice time with me, I'm going to have fun by myself.

    Molly Gunn : 200 pliés isn't fun, Ray. It's slave labor.

  • Molly Gunn : That man in the library in your house... nurse said he's in a coma from a massive stroke. That's your father, huh?

    Ray : Was. He's a vegetable now. Soon he'll be nothing.

    Molly Gunn : That's kinda harsh.

    Ray : It's a harsh world.

  • Ray : It's a harsh world.

  • Ray : I know you have trouble reading something as simple as a sign on the door, Gooey Huey. So let me help you. This is the *ladies'* room.

    [makes LADIES sign in the air with her hand] 

  • Molly Gunn : You brought your own personal soap?

    Ray : Hay, you want to pick up bacterial meningitis or polio, you go ahead and be my guest. Whatever diseases you're already carrying probably make those sound like a joke, anyway.

  • Molly Gunn : [Having tea in Ray's room]  You're supposed to put the cream in before the sugar.

    Lorraine Schleine : I'm not having cream. I can't gain weight.

  • Ray : Other people always let you down. Why don't you forget them and do something for yourself?

    Molly Gunn : Like what?

    Ray : I don't know. Something you're good at.


    Ray : And I don't mean shopping.

    Molly Gunn : Maybe some of us aren't good at anything.

    Ray : Every grownup is good at something.


    Ray : My bad. I don't see any grownups around here.

    Molly Gunn : What's so great about being a grownup anyway? So I can turn out like you?

    Ray : You're scared.

    Ray : [Continues]  Sometimes when Mu hears people walking by outside the door, he gets this funny expression and runs into the bathroom, like he thinks they're coming to get him.


    Ray : That's how you look.

  • Ray : The agency must really be getting desperate.

  • Ray : Why are you buttering a plastic scone?

    Molly Gunn : Why are there plastic scones when we have real food on the table? Huh?

  • Ray : [sarcastically]  I think we got ourselves a Grammy!

  • Molly Gunn : Isn't doing the dishes what the maid is supposed to be for?

    Lorraine Schleine : She doesn't know how to dry without leaving spots.

    Molly Gunn : You don't know how to dry without destroying the environment! For every roll of paper towels you waste, a tree in the rain forest dies.

    Lorraine Schleine : I'm gonna die of botulism from the germs on that gunky towel, you tree-loving hippie.

  • Lorraine Schleine : [to Molly, about eating hamburgers]  I'm not the one who's gonna get mad cow disease and go nuts, though you don't seem to have a brain to fry in the first place.

  • Molly Gunn : Kid, have you ever been to a shrink?

    Lorraine Schleine : Since I was three.

  • Molly Gunn : Hi!

    Ray : Oh, my God. You're my new nanny?

    Molly Gunn : Hi, Laraine.

    Ray : It's Ray. Nobody calls me Laraine.

    Molly Gunn : Okay, Ray, I'm Molly. We met at my birthday party, remember?

  • Ray : [upon Molly's arrival]  You're late.

    Molly Gunn : By, like, a second.

    Ray : By three and a half minutes. I have to take my Aciphex by 4:26, and it's

    [looks at her watch] 

    Ray : 4:18 right now.

    Molly Gunn : We'll take it when we get home.

    Ray : That's when I take my Colitin.

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