Big Fat Liar (2002) Poster


Amanda Bynes: Kaylee



  • Monty Kirkham : Good Morning. Marty Wolf Pictures. This is Monty.

    Kaylee : Monty! Charisma from Marcus Duncan's office. I'm temping for a second assistant. I am so psyched your there, cookie. So I was watching "Charmed" on the WB last night and just as Alyssa Milano was about to put a spell on her cute demon boyfriend I had the biggest panic attack that I forgot to give you Duncan's new address!

    Monty Kirkham : Really, I didn't know he moved. That was quick.

    Kaylee : Oh Yeah, in a big way! He bought like THE sickest pad in the 90210. I'm talking mondo bucks! Hahaha! Anywho, tell Mr. Wolf Duncan lives at 867 North Maple Drive. Hahaha!

    Monty Kirkham : Thanks, got it.

  • Kaylee : What's with the Cokes?

    Jason Sheperd : The machine! It's rigged! They're free! Haha, they're free!

  • Kaylee : I wanna see a broken man people. I mean broken as in 'I hit a baseball through the window' broken. I want you to turn him into mince meat, and I don't even know what mince meat is! I want him to cry for his mommy! Wah!, Wah! mommy, mommy, mommy! Do you read me 'cause I don't think you read me?

  • Kaylee : [trying to explain The Catcher in the Rye to Bret]  He's not literally a catcher eating rye bread, it's more of a metaphor for a state of adolescent angst.

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