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Film Threat
A hilarious film for anyone who remembers lying as a kid-- and anyone who wants to see a movie that's just plain fun.
The film gets snaps just by attempting the high road, and should be enjoyed by its target audience.
Fresh-faced leads Muniz and Bynes are charmers, Giamatti makes Wolf into a splendidly loathsome adversary, and the film is refreshingly free of bodily function jokes.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Big Fat Liar becomes a progression of increasingly elaborate slapstick stunts, in the brutal, noisy "Home Alone" vein, in which the complexity of the pranks rarely yields a commensurate comic reward.
The movie scores some laughs, all of which come from the expert Giamatti.
New York Daily News
There are lame comedies, and then there is Big Fat Liar, which is so lame that it merits its own reserved parking space.
New York Post
Loud and unfunny, this cheesy-looking farce is mostly an excuse for a series of plugs.
Entertainment Weekly
How appealing is Muniz, taking a break from ''Malcolm in the Middle,'' a day job he should by no means let go of?
A lame collection of dumber-than-dumb gags, the quality of Big Fat Liar is on par with that of the worst television sit-com gorged to four times its normal size.
Though Muniz and Bynes make a somewhat likable team, their funniest skills are dampened by the material's insistent stupidity.

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