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Cinema has rarely been this exciting!
gogoschka-128 October 2015
Having seen Tarantino's 3 previous films, going into the cinema, my expectations for 'Kill Bill' were already over the roof. However, regardless of my high hopes for quality entertainment, I was not prepared for this film. I was dumbfounded. I was blown away. I had quite simply never seen anything even remotely like it.

In 'Kill Bill', the revenge plot serves only as a larger story arc, thus allowing Tarantino to play with as many different genres as he likes, and boy - what a mix he dishes out! With complete disregard for the conventions of filmmaking, he paints an expressionistic masterpiece in his own unique style, the likes of which the world has never seen before. Cinema rarely gets this exciting. With 'Kill Bill', Tarantino proved once and for all that all the hype around his persona is justified: he IS the most daring, original - and entertaining! - filmmaker of his generation. Simply amazing: 10 stars out of 10.

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Tarantino's Blue Period is OVER!
emperorpasta10 October 2003
Just saw Kill Bill: Vol. 1 and was surprised, to be honest, at how incredibly GOOD this film is. Here is a craftsman (or artist, if you prefer) at the top of his game. Some of the shots are simply incredible; the score is, for the most part, vintage Tarantino selections- and the RZA does a very good job at filling the blanks; Uma Thurman is a great female lead, for sheer presence (and decent acting chops). Even Lucy Liu, who I expected was going to re-hash her Charlie's Angel character, burst on the scene like a flaming nunchuck.

The stringing together of the scenes was impeccable. The transitions, the intercutting between dialogue, the flashbacks... I simply could not get enough. Tarantino IS, indeed, having fun here. He is giving us a film that may not go down as a classic, Pulp Fiction style, but that shows us what is yet to come. I doubt that he's lost his writing talents (as some have claimed), and I actually disagree that the dialogue in the film is "poor", or that there are "no memorable lines" (Empire). The kung-fu genre has never been a particularly good park to display Shakespearean writing virtuosisms. The lines work fine. The plot is simple enough, but Tarantino takes a burger and serves it as "steak tartare with sauce au poivre and asparagus terrine". He basically manages to cram so much information into the film that plot is simply irrelevent. What is relevent is the Bride's thirst for blood, her primal sense of vengeance and our total devotion to her. Bill, of course, is one of the greatest characters to ever NOT appear on screen. Overall, a great movie and an example of how a filmmaker's tool is not his pen: it's his eye.
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C-rocodile1 March 2005
A lot of people have come up to me and said "How can you love Quentin that much, he is just too extreme!" or "Oh come on, Kill Bill is just SO not realistic.." Yes. No.

Mr. Quentin Tarantino is rather extreme, yes, and it's lovely! And No. Kill Bill is not realistic, but it's not meant to be realistic! Just like... Lord of the Rings, that's not realistic either! But because it has clear unreal elements, like wizards, it's acceptable?

You don't go to see Kill Bill, or any other Q.T-film to see "Stepmom", in the same way you don't go to a Marilyn Manson concert hoping that they will play some Spice Girls..

Kill Bill, both volume 1 and 2, is absolutely gorgeous! The art direction is beautiful! The camera angles are perfect... just Gorgeous! The lighting, the sound, the dialogs... and of course, the details! No one works with small details the way Quentin does. I must also say that the soundtrack is brilliant and the whole film is just so well casted! Uma Thurman is perfect in the leading role, Darryl Hannah has never been this good before, ever! And Chiaki Kuriyama, even though she has a quite small role, is excellent, even better than she is in "Battle Royale". David Carradine is painfully perfect, Michael Madsen is ALWAYS excellent, but never as good as when he works with Tarantino. I must also say that Sonny Chiba was great. I've never been a big fan of Vivica A Fox until now, and I used to think that Lucy Liu was just your average actor but she turned out to be fierce. Pretty much everyone who is in this film is ten times better than they've ever been.

But above all things, Kill Bill is artistic, beautiful... Perfect colors, perfect everything... gotta love it.
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Instant classic, but not for all audiences.
The_Angry_Critic6 March 2005
I know it's a couple years late, but I had to write a review for some of the few people that haven't seen one of my favorite and refreshing I've seen over the last few years. Kill Bill Vol. 1 is yet another quality film of Tarantino's short, but distinguished list.

Kill Bill involves a nameless woman (Uma Thurman) who is slowing seeking revenge on her former hit squad the Viper Squad and her boss Bill (David Caradine.) Her former hit squad wronged her by gunning down her closest friends and family during her wedding and putting her into a coma while being pregnant. A few years later she awakens in a hospital, without child, and tries to track down each member of the squad. As the story progresses (through this film and the sequel), you find out who she really, why Bill wanted her dead and the fate of her daughter.

The movie is really a combination of Tarantino's love for the 70's over-dramatized Kung-Fu movie era and story of revenge with rich dialog. Yes, this movie is violent, but in a cheesy way. This created some controversy and really had audiences stirred up, failing to realize it was supposed to be over the top without no sense of realism. Like I said, it was supposed to be a tribute more so than a gruesome action flick. With all cheesiness aside, I can understand how some people could feel a little woozy after seeing someone lose an arm and having 4 gallons of Kool-Aid red blood shoot out of the body like a whale's blow hole. What really makes this movie is Tarantino ability to make bad to mediocre actors seem like good ones, a smart and hilarious dialog and a good storyline. Of course, this is what he does in pretty much in all of his movies.

There are various plot holes in the story, but we are really meant to ignore them unlike most movies. Just like the gory scenes, come to grips to the fact that the most of the implausibilities are there just to fill in the gaps of the movie. The movie also features a couple of classic Tarantino showdowns, including an unforgettable one with the Japanese infamous crime lord, O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Lui.) Once again, Tarantino puts his imagination at work again in his story telling by using some of his old techniques like jumping timelines and some new ones like adding Japanese animation for character backgrounds.

I wouldn't really recommend this film to someone who is really not from the Pulp Fiction era. This film is really just homage to flicks that frequently appear on Sunday Samurai Showcase, revenge and Tarantino's continuous fascination with Uma Thurman. This film contains extreme violence and sometimes strange dialog coupled with some pretty good acting and directing. If you're not a fan of Tarantino's films, you should pass on this one because it is doesn't stray to far from his other stuff. If you like his other works, this is a must see due to its originality and quality. And, if you just don't like Tarantino himself, and find him annoying like everybody else, I don't blame you but it's still worth your while seeing.
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I love this movie, I don't know why, but I just do.
SafReviews26 April 2019
This is movie is unusual, but it works for me. It kept me intrigued from the beginning with the plot which is not entirely clearly, but that made it more interesting for me. There's a lot of action in the movie which I found excellent and enjoyed a lot. It might not be realistic, but its a movie so it doesn't have to be. The plot is amazing and I can't wait to watch volume 2 soon because of how intriguing volume 1 was.
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This movie was brilliant!
Rooster9914 March 2005
Man, what a film. As a fan of 70's martial arts movies, it was great to see all of the references. I also thought the use of B&W throughout was extremely effective. The cartoon sequences seemed a bit much, but did fit in with the overall feel of the film. I have seen many people posting about the sheer amount of blood and guts, but you have to remember this was Tarantino's homage to Bruce Lee-era action pictures. In those movies, the stories were very similar epics of revenge, and they never had much of a budget for good "gore" effects. It was more or less "throw some fake blood on the guy who just got killed" type of effects, which were duplicated accurately by some of the deaths in this movie. The plot also followed closely the plot of most 70's Kung Fu movies; something despicable happens to the weak hero (whole village razed, family slaughtered, etc..) and the hero goes away for years to learn the secrets of a particular style of Kung Fu. All of these movies contained the "secret move" which the master normally does not teach, except of course, in this rare instance. That move, as depicted in Kill Bill Vol. 2, is always used on the evil leader of the clan whom had brought death and chaos to the hero.

Kill Bill was a terrific modern take on those movies which were always set in ancient China. I was very impressed with Uma Thurman's swordplay, at no point did I feel that it looked scripted or fake. Even when fighting against more than 50 Crazy 8's, it replicated admirably the incredibly one-sided fights from some of the best martial arts movies made 30 years ago.

All in all, a great and original film! R.
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Well made action film
davispittman28 February 2018
Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003) is a unique film. I've never seen anything quite like it. My commentary for this film is almost all positive. First off, the cast really blew me away, each and every actor did a great job with their respective roles. Uma Thurman is a terrific actress and she was definitely the right choice to play the lead character. Thurman commands this role and you are transfixed by her in every scene she's in. It's not just the action sequences that she is great in, she's just perfect for the role all around. And it wasn't just her that I loved, I also liked Vivica A. Fox, Daryl Hannah, and Lucy Lui. They all showed off their acting chops here, especially Fox, I personally loved her short time she's in the film. The writing is well done, I especially enjoyed Thurman's dialogue, the well written dialogue and the impressive way that she delivers that dialogue all comes together to make something great. I think most movie goers will enjoy this acclaimed movie, as long as they're not too conservative that is. I say that because the violence is truly graphic and very bloody, but in a strange way it kinda works for this one. I'm usually not a big fan of that, but here it works. Good job Tarantino! 8/10.
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An adrenaline-driven coaster-ride through gratingly bold and captivating martial-arts extravaganza.
janyeap9 October 2003
Sure it's outlandishly violent and bloody. Can anyone expect Tarantino's movie not to be a true mind-blowing, adrenaline-pumping shocker? Of course not! Gritty and slick, his first installment of KB rocks with moody western imagery, the '60s and '70s-era of Hong Kong martial arts-action, the influences of the ritualistic samurai swordsmanship, and Japanese anime. Like in all his films, Tarantino never fails to merge dark humor with terror. It's impossible not to smile over the Shaw Bros.' iconic introduction ploy and the De Palma-esque split screens. Observe the `Carrie' blank-starry eyed image settled on The Bride's gory face as she's introduced to the audience. Perhaps, Uma Thurman in her yellow suit is a salute to the yellow-suited Bruce Lee in his last film, The Game of Death. Or is The Bride 'Just another little Western girl playing at being a samurai' - as O-Ren Ishii blatantly puts it?

This film's a sampling of the Tarantino 'fury,' short of the Tarantino customary fiery tongue. It celebrates the Tarantino trademark of avoiding the use of computer-generated CGI special effects. It's almost as if I'm watching a colorful and bloodied kabuki stage that's displaying a stunningly massive tournament of multi-layered kung-fu and female samura sword-fighting styles to dazzle the audience. It's examining how Tarantino catalogues the great stylistic elements of his favorite 'old-school' filmmakers and transforms them into a phenomenally creative and mesmerizing film. Yep, there's a great deal of captivatingly artistic boldness in this film. Powerfully portrayed and not to be easily forgotten. Violently brutal and gloriously gory without doubt, and yet so aesthetically operatic and astoundingly artful. The music and lyrics that accompany the scenes are astounding. They set the moods so appropriately with the events.

Even at 'The House Of Blue Leaves', we get to see Tarantino weaving the artistic styles of Lucio Fulci, Chang-Che, Sergio Leone, Kurosawa, Zhang Yimou and Busby Berkeley to bring the audience a stylistic exhibit of remarkable montage grandeur. The themes of betrayal and revenge come off strong. Every camera shot and scene seems to scream out, non-stop, `Kill Bill and all of Bill's DVAS members.' My adrenaline's still flowing as I'm recalling the scenes. Tarantino has make a solid point with this film to show that martial arts scenes should stick to the artful and realistic choreographic treatment to sustain the true spiritual spirit of martial arts. A+
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Style rules substance
Wix_Moran24 November 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Do I think this movie is absolutely brilliant? Yes. Do I think this is the all time greatest movie ever, or even a top 50? Nope. I find the dichotomy between people who hate this movie and those that think it's the greatest film ever made is interesting. Even more interesting is the apparent split between fans of Volumes 1 and 2. Like the thread says, I think most of it's a matter of those who prefer style to substance. For my past, Volume 1 destroys Volume 2, but I concede that everyone has their own tastes and experiences and that no one pinion has any more weight than the other. Two scenes in particular really make this movie brilliant in my opinion, and both are fairly subtle in their portrayal but fascinating by their tone and the cinematic elements that come together to carry them off:

1.) The scene where Oren and the Crazy 88 enter the House of the Blue Leaves. Absolutely magical. The score, the pacing, the atmosphere....simply magnificent. The slow motion pull away and the obvious hierarchy of characters, Lucy Liu was absolutely made for that part and that part was made for that scene. The beautiful and menacing Gogo Yubari and the goofy 88s trailing behind. You can also feel the tension the owners feel at having such esteemed guests but one's who admittedly exude as much fear as they do respect. Add to this the nameless, faceless people dancing who are oblivious to the regality (and lethality) of Oren's entourage.

2.) Oren is called out by Kiddo who subsequently whacks off Sophie's arm in a highly symbolic gesture. Words can't describe how moving that scene is. The score is superb and the timing is nothing short of perfect. I especially love the way the crowd pauses after the arm they're all stunned or still convincing themselves it rally happened...then all rush out screaming. Kiddo makes a slow, deliberate plod through the panicked crowd, a march to destiny filmed from several perspectives that combine holistically to give the segment a life of it's own.

One aspect of this movie that puzzles me is the emphasis it's critics make of the gore. For my part the gore was so outlandish it's hard for me to see how anyone could take it seriously, and that was part of the appeal. Buckets of blood spraying 15 feet in the air is so beyond the realm of reality how could you possibly take it seriously? For my part it was borderline comical and really brought out the flavor of the scenes, rather than being their focus. And regardless of what you think of Tarrentino as a director, the man is bar none the best at matching musical scores to a scene in the business. A few other noteworthy scenes...

*The end-fight between Oren and Kiddo....marvelous stuff. The backdrop of the snow and the water, the smooth silence interrupted by the fountain, again, a great accompanying score. Fine piece of film craftsmanship.

*Kiddo's overhead film shot while walking to the bathroom of the House of the Blue Leaves. Simply amazing. 5,6,7,8s performing live is just quirky yet proper enough to really add some depth and the unique filming make this a scene to behold.
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mjw230523 January 2005
Probably Tarantino's most universal movie to date, with a little less character dependency than most of his films and a more linear approach than usual, Kill Bill Volume 1 is a great place to start for anyone new to his movies. I don't mean to imply this is a shallow film (far from it), i simply found it easier on the mind than Tarantino's other movies.

Uma Thurman, left for dead by her ex-boyfriend (Bill) doesn't die and begins her quest for vengeance, by hunting down Bill's gang members in a search for Bill. Armed with a Samurai sword and a deadly blend of martial arts skills, Uma delivers action, violence and passion as she plays out the character with beautiful precision.

Need i say, this is excellently directed, brilliantly scripted and cast, and should be in everyone's Tarantino collection.

10/10 Second only to Pulp Fiction. Although it has wider appeal (I think)
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Kill Bill is one of the brashest, boldest and bloodiest movies I have ever seen, so look over your shoulder, because........... 'Here comes the bride, with only one thing on her mind, a roaring rampage of re
Old Joe7 January 2004
It has been six years since we have seen a movie from one of the world's most talked about directors, Quentin Tarantino, but the wait for me, has been worth the while. Tarantino can now add the martial arts masterpiece 'Kill Bill' to his resume, a film that left me speechless after I had seen it. It certainly is one intense, hateful movie, containing some of the greatest sword fighting sequences ever filmed in a movie. Tarantino has made KB with class, precision and close intense attention to every detail. But, what else should we expect from a movie freak, like Quentin Tarantino?

An entire wedding party is slaughtered during a dress rehearsal in a rural chapel: the pregnant woman in the blood-splattered wedding dress is Black Mamba, better known as 'The Bride'. The assassin, Bill, and his circle known as 'The Vipers' leave 'TB' for dead, however she was merely comatose. Four years later, 'TB' suddenly awakes from her coma, ferociously focused on one mission, to seek revenge on her former master. One by one, she will kill the various assassins. She is saving Bill for last.

I am not sure where I want to start with my review of Kill Bill. I love parts of it, but then find other parts to be extremely difficult to watch. Quentin Tarantino has written and directed another powerful piece of cinema, in a way that only he could. This time we see more violence, the action and the result of that violence, with it being a bit over-powering in the end. But without the violence, KB would have not been the movie it was.

This time Tarantino has not focussed on the dialogue in this movie, when it came to writing its script, more he wanted to show what the characters he had created, and why they were in the position they were in. For me I can appreciate both aspects of what Tarantino shows, as he can express himself either visually or with dialogue.

The other part I like about KB is the way Tarantino dedicated the movie to certain aspects of cinema history. To quote Quentin he said Kill Bill is 'my yakuza movie, my samurai movie, my spaghetti western movie', and it was quite clear for me how passionate Tarantino was in showing these parts. However it was also so much more, with one of the great sections of the movie being presented in Japanese animation. I also believe that there was a clear reference to black and white movies and silent movies, as KB had these sections a few times. I also feel that Tarantino is in some way trying to show his appreciation to Pulp Fiction, the movie that made him successful, via KB. If this is true, I do not feel it is gloating, rather I give Tarantino great praise, because some movie makers ignore the movies that give them success, but not here.

While 'KB' has some interesting characters, none are what I would call 'likeable'. 'The Bride', aka Black Mamba (Uma Thurman) is a girl totally driven by the desire to get revenge. Thurman really suits her part well, as she not only looks attractive, but is really believable as this American martial arts tough girl. Helping 'TB' on her quest is Samuri sword expert Hattori Hanzo (Sonny Chiba). This character brings a very oriental feel to the movie, something I liked. The bickering with his assistant was fun to see being played out.

'The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad' are the cruel callous people who inflict horrific harm on 'TB'. Bill (David Carradine) is their leader, a person we only hear and see in hand gestures, which is reminiscent of Marsellus Wallace in Pulp Fiction. Bill still has a very strong presence in the film, even though we never see him. Under Bill are killers like O-Ren Ishii, aka Cottonmouth (Lucy Liu), whose introduction, via the Japanese Animation, was great. Under Cottonmouth is her personal assistant, lawyer and translator, Sofie Fatale (Julie Dreyfus), who was present at the slaughtering of 'TB'. When 'TB' sees Sofie once again, she is pretty bitter about what Sofie let have happen to her. What we hear has happened to Sofie at the hands of 'TB', is truly unbelievable.

Another of Cottonmouth's women is a little girl, Go Go Yubari (Chiaki Kuriyama), who is more deadly than she looks. Her school girl sound and look is very interesting, while her confrontation with 'TB' highly entertaining. Then there is the evil nurse, Elle Driver, aka Californian Mountain Snake (Daryl Hannah), who shows very little emotion towards 'TB', other than hate. Vernita Green (Vivica A Fox) is another woman that 'TB' has on her hit list. Her demise was highly entertaining to say the least, again reminiscent of Pulp Fiction.

All the scenes with fighting in KB are a highlight for me, especially the sword fighting, as they are so fun and intense, with the last hour of the movie purely exhausting, with the final showdown between 'TB' and Cottonmouth & co. being terrific. The middle section of film was also great, as it tells the majority of the KB Vol. 1 story, although parts are pretty disturbing.

Kill Bill is another film by Quentin Tarantino, where I have to say it was 'exceptionally well made'. There is a scene in Volume 1, which reminded me of 'Matrix Reloaded'. Now I have heard that Tarantino hates the Matrix franchise, and you can see what he is making a stand against, film's laden with SFX. KB is 'not guilty' of being that. The violence is very graphic in KB, but at certain times the violence was 'laughable', as it seemed to look deliberately fake. But perhaps I am wrong? Volume 1 ended at a good point, setting up the conclusion, Volume 2 beautifully. So Kill Bill: Volume 2, get here, A.S.A.P.

CMRS gives 'Kill Bill: Volume 1': 4.5 (Very Good - Brilliant Film)
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Over-rated, incoherent and boring
james_a_young20 October 2003
Warning: Spoilers

What a dissappointment, especially after the awesome trailer. I had several problems with this film:

1) I didn't care about any of the characters. There was no introduction to any of them (apart from the super-violent anime section introducing Lucy Liu), so I did not understand or care about their motivation. Why was any of this happening?

2) It lacked the dark humour of Tarantino's earlier films, especially in terms of the sparkling character dialogue (e.g. Samuel L Jackson & John Travolta in Pulp Fiction), of which there was none. The dark moments (e.g. the rapist hospital worker) were humour free and quite sickening.

3) Swapping the timelines around is an old Tarantino trick that worked brilliantly in Pulp Fiction, but added nothing to this movie except you knew the ending about 5 minutes into the film.

4) I got bored. The final battle lasts forever and becomes dull after the first few people get their limbs removed. The scenes where Uma Thurman convinces Sonny Chiba to make her a sword add nothing but minutes to the movie.

Why wasn't it edited down and made into a single, complete, BETTER movie? So dissappointed.
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An Instant Classic
Cocephus12 October 2003
Warning: Spoilers
`The fourth film by Quinton Tarantino', as the credits shamelessly explain, is yet another bankable classic from a director who's already changed the art with `Reservoir Dogs', `Pulp Fiction' and `Jackie Brown'.

From `Kill Bill's first surprising gunshot to its monumental cliffhanger ending (right up there with `Luke, I am your father'), the movie is relentlessly intense, tearing an audience between wanting more action and wanting a cigarette to calm frayed nerves. We follow the tale of `The Bride' (played to convincing, vengeful perfection by Uma Thurman) as she sets out to murder her former colleagues, members of the `Deadly Viper Assassination Squad', and their leader, the enigmatic, faceless Bill. After attempting to leave the group of assassins for a normal life, the Bride is tracked down on her wedding day and witnesses the murder of her wedding party, right before Bill puts her in a coma. Four years later, a very angry Bride wakes up.

Tarantino pulls no punches, creating, as one critic put it, `The most violent film ever released by an American film distributor'. Squirting blood and flying limbs abound, but the director does it all with a breathtaking sense of style. We witness one sword-dance in silhouette, one in black and white, one over a beautifully filmed snow-covered Japanese garden, and even a sequence in Anime. `KB's story is minimal, but Tarantino's aim is style: Sergio Leone, Cheh Chang and Bruce Lee are all paid homage, and then gracefully outdone.

The soundtrack, primarily Japanese artists performing American styles, is haunting: Tarantino breaks form by not using well-known American classic rock (who could forget being `Stuck in the Middle' of Mr. Blonde and a helpless cop?), but by doing so sets the perfect mood of the film. They're songs we've never heard before, but feel strangely connected to.

Yes, the movie is in two volumes. However, the end feels right, coming after an epic battle that puts `Reloaded's `Burly Brawl' to shame. `Kill Bill' is a testament to Tarantino's ability to take the craft of his idols and make it his own, mixing classic cult film style and mixing it with his own wicked sense of Cool. Not for the faint of heart or anyone looking for a `feel-good' film, but `Kill Bill' is at the very least an instant classic.
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not as good as advertised
afghanwhig29 October 2003
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know what people like about this movie. Everyone told me to see it: the critics, my aunt and the kids I went with. However, I was in for a major surprise. The kids I was with didn't even enjoy the gratutious blood or the "really cool" ninja action. This type of movie (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon clone) is getting really old and I wish other moviegoers would start to agree. I really can't think of too much I liked about this movie other than one side character who was particularily interesting. However, she will not be enough reason to go to see part two (I have a feeling she'll make a comeback). Quentin Tarantino is just getting worse with every movie. As a 13 year old boy said tome as we walked out, "It's like they were trying to be funny, but it really wasn't funny. It was just stupid."
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Quentin's back---badder,bloodier,and better
raysond14 November 2003
Well,ladies and gentlemen,it's a new millennium and Quentin Tarantino has got a new movie for us. After changing the popular film landscape in the 1990's with the classics "Reservoir Dogs","Pulp Fiction",and to a much lesser extent,"Jackie Brown",Tarantino spent a half a decade in hibernation,accompanied by little more than a television set,a movie projector,and collection of Johnny Cash records and a bong. But now he is back after a six year hiatus with "Kill Bill",a thrill ride with the grand style of his earlier films and a brilliant tribute to those Shaw Brothers martial arts flicks of the 1970's and the action heroes of that same decade with includs Charles Bronson,Telly Savalas,Burt Reynolds,Clint Eastwood,Fred Williamson,Steve McQueen,Jim Brown and James Coburn. "Kill Bill" is also a chockablock of references to bygone movies like "Master Of The Flying Guillotine","The Wu",and the television shows like "Hattori Hanzo". This contains many of the elements that have made his earlier films so entertaining and he continues the tradition of that to.

You have the wicked wit,the funky score,the hip-retro cultural artifacts and lots of non-stop,brace in your face action that is not to be missed. Also once again,he has divided the action into chapters with voiceover narrattion to boot,plus he's even got a new trick up his sleeve in which the story is told with some fancy Japanese anime. Basically the film gives much of the screen time to actress Uma Therman and she carries the film with the assurance of a golden diva that she is. The film rises and falls with her,and Thurman pulls that off beautifully in one of the best performances of the year. Thurman plays a professional assassin,attached to a criminal group of bodacious martial arts-trained killers(Vivica A. Fox,Daryl Hannah,and Lucy Liu)who are lead by the unseen,shadowy Bill(unseen in the first installment played by David Carradine). Among the crew she was called Black Mamba,but otherwise simply known as The Bride because she was betrayed on her wedding day when they gunned her down and left her and her near-term child for dead. But she gets her revenge against the ones that tried to kill her and from there the story is a thrill ride of sorts leading up to the next so expect the unexpected. However,a lot of body parts get slashed here and some of it is very gruesome includes scenes of decapitation of heads and a half a head,a leg in severely cut off and a Achilles Tendon gets slashed,a eye and some fingers get chopped off too. This film also has brought back some really good Kung-Fu stars from the 1970's which includes Sonny Chiba,aka "The Street Fighter",and so many more....... I'm surprised that martial arts actress Michelle Yeoh is not in this one. And by the way,what Quentin Tarantino movie wouldn't be correct without his main man Samuel L. Jackson in the role as The Organ Man. Jackson,however was in two Tarantino films including the role he should have gotten the Oscar for in "Pulp Fiction",which also starred Thurman and opposite Pam Grier in "Jackie Brown".

However,the film ends in a cliffhanger so we will have to wait for the next installment which will be out in early 2004. Be forewarned,this not for the kiddies,so use caution when seeing it. In all,one hellva thrill ride.
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No story to the movie
l8apex3228 October 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Spoiler Alert!!! I like Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. The story line was strong in RD and less so in PF. PF, though, had interesting sub-plots that loosely wove together to make a good movie.

I also see the genius in the dialog in RD and in the characters in Pulp Fiction. I was expecting to see something in this movie.

Unfortunately, Kill Bill was not interesting, nor genius and did not have a plot. Basically, the main character was screwed over in a previous time in her life and made a top 5 hit-list of people from which to extract revenge.

The way she extracts revenge is to engage in hand-to-hand or martial weapon on weapon combat. Of course, the protagonist wins the fights and the people are checked off the list.

I think Luci Liu (sp?) is the 3rd person on the list. The movie goes into a 20 minute section on how she gets a Okinawan curved sword. Now armed with the best weapon, she takes on Liu's whole team of trained martial artists - and whips them all single handedly. I'm talking 20, 30, 40 individuals who all attack her at the same time in the same room. She still wins.

Then, she battles the "board leader", and after sufficient scenery changes, she wins again.

Each of these battles is full of graphic violence and blood, as you'd expect from the director (I won't try to spell his name). But, you can only show an arm getting lopped off and the resulting gieser of blood so many times. Wait, my mistake, you can show it for 2 hours if you are the movie Kill Bill.

After the Liu's character is killed, #3 is checked off and the movie ends.

There is no plot. The special effects and battle scenes were state of the art, but do not make a movie.

I have no interest in "Part 2" because I have no interest in any of the characters or in more film about Uma killing people with swords. 2 hours was 1.5 hours too much.

Two thumbs down. Don't believe the (if any) hype.
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Trash, absolute trash...pure and simple
fubared128 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Just goes to prove how moronic most present day movie-goers are. How anyone could give this a rating above 3 is totally beyond me. The movie is badly written and directed, end of story. The visuals are just a compendium of clichés stolen from countless other films. The plot is just any excuse for a bunch of over-the-top scenes of martial arts violence stolen from every bad 'B' martial arts film in existence. The only exception being the bad 'B' martial arts films are 50 times more entertaining than this overblown garbage-fest. And if I were Uma or Lucy or any of the other actors, I would be embarrassed to see my name on the credits. If you want to see a good film of this nature, see Peter Jackson's Dead Alive or Sam Raimi's Evil Dead. Those are at least fun, over-the-top violent films. The chances of my seeing part 2 after this are 0 to none. At least I didn't pay anything to see it, because that's what it was worth.
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The problem with Tarantino
stefano14888 November 2003
Warning: Spoilers

First of all, let me warn you. I've always detested Tarantino, so I didnt'go see this film free of prejudice.

That said, I can't think of a worse film I've seen lately, except "The Matrix Reloaded". The reason is that Tarantino shows too much violence, and that he doesn't show anything else. "But that's the point!" some will say. The point of what? Ok, lets' make a film and let's show a rape and say that that's the point. Does that mean that the film is good?

Tarantino has always been overrated (I disliked "Pulp Fiction" as well). The reason is that he manages to feel unconventional and artsy, so many will feel smart by saying that he's a genius, that his films are masterpieces and all that crap. The plain truth is that he's either a sadistic voyeur or a cunning man who's found a way to make pots of money by exploiting people's naivety. Or both.

Although I don't like gore or black humour, I sometimes appreciate it (eg some films with Vincent Price). The point is trivial, but worth making: black humour has to be, well, humorous. The problem with Tarantino is that he's nothing. A vacuum.

Some reviewers have said that if you don't understand what this film is about, you just won't get it; that it's a mockery and so on. The problem is that if one treats himself to shallow, uninspired, unoriginal, uninventive films, who are shot chiefly for the purpose of using some glitzy special effects and for solvin someone's money problems for the rest of his life, you may find such a film creative or inspired, instead of just the trick it is.

Tarantino is in quotations. He quotes all the time. But a film full of quotations and references is a trick that is worth doing once or twice. After that, it can't hide any more the outright lack of creativity that hides behind the references.

If you watch a gory b-movie (or any b-movie, for that matter), you may like it, even love it, but you'd never go so far as to claim it's a work of "art". Tarantino is "hip" (for the time being), so it's fashionable to call this lame director a genius.

But time will tell.

Remember David Lynch.
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it is kill something allright. but it isn't bill
idonotexist19 December 2003
Warning: Spoilers
******Spoilers*****and a lot of them too****

Since I am not a brainwashed cult follower of Quentin I was able to actually see the movie before rating it as the best thing ever made.

The first minutes were incredible, and I was having the time of my life. Opening scene in black and white bloodied Uma, then fade to black, melancholy music, fading out to perfection, suburbia (toys in yard, nice pretty house) then we have a funny as hell chick fight which is made all the better by a little kid that just stays there.. and says nothing. Basically the imagery is great and sets a mood. Then we have a flashback to the wedding, followed by a hospital scene giving some background of what just happened. And it ends.

The moment you see black mamba telling her big toe to move while the camera repeats this a few times, you have a problem. The first thing you realize in the frames after we finally stop zooming on the toes, is that well, this is nothing more than a Charlie's Angels rip. Concept and idea. Ok there is still time for salvation right? Not really. Because then comes an anime scene that has no purpose at all, and unless you are an anime fan, it will simply suck. Lots of animated blood, still motion drawings and all other things we have seen in countless anime toons on cartoon network come to life. You can safely skip it, not like something valuable will occur. Which is the problem with this whole movie. It has no coherence. You can watch it at any point and not miss a thing. But it gets worse.

Next on the murder list is the same girl we saw in the anime scene, and she is in Japan. So Black Mamba goes to Japan, and what follows for the other half of the movie is mindless kung fu that is bad, a lot of stupid time wasting moments of Japanese people speaking Japanese wise words, which are translated in annoying captions. Actually that would have been a nice touch, but they literally NEVER end. Japanese. Subtititles. More useless preaching. Wise men advice. Captions. Japanese. Captions. Repeat.

Although it is basically badly executed kung fu, even it suffers from some pretty obvious faults. Booze drinking schoolgirl uniform wearing underage female guard? Come on. And just to mention the tie wearing, sword swinging guards (samurai?) that just keep on coming. Please its a parody. A pathetic attempt to mix the infamous Japanese gangs of the 80s and 90s with ancient kung fu and traditions. At least that's the best I could make of it.

I am not going to guess what that movie was trying to be because it clearly had no point. It started great, it fell apart in about 2 minutes. Literally 2 minutes and that is even sadder.

Save your time, watch the first thirty minutes, then go rent a real kung fu flick to fill in the rest.
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idiotic excuse for teenage mentality violence
DUKEJBM23 October 2003
If Tarantino is a genius, then I was a genius at age twelve. With dialog like `silly rabbit, trix are for kids,' I don't understand why people fawn over this juvenile imbecile. His `homages' are just blatant rip offs of movies that we've already seen . Some of which, are so dumb that only Tarantino could be impressed by them. Kill Bill is just an idiotic excuse for teenage mentality violence. How dare they call this excellent film making.
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Calling it "Style-over-substance" would be a HUGE overstatement, for it's pretentious and horrid in many ways
patrick_dunne15 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I hate this movie a lot. I have been going on about it for a while, so I think it's time to take my anger out by making a review. I think I may have offended some people, and I apologize.

So, here it goes: "Kill Bill" is a very bad movie. I assume that Quentin Tarintino immediately drew in fans with "Pulp Fiction," because of its wit and it was high on the "cool" factor. I saw some of it, and I will say that it was impressive. But, it looks like Tartintino became lazy by making this and co-directing the crappy "Sin City."

The storyline of "Kill Bill" is about its name. Bill attacked a woman who we know as "The Bride." Her name is censored when mentioned. Now, "The Bride" wants revenge on Bill, and members of a gang called "The Deadly Viper Assassin Squad." So, she goes out and finds them and attacks them. The story ends there and it does… well, sort of.

The story is something that was thought up in a few minutes. The Bride wants to kill people, and she does. As simple as that. "Kill Bill Volume One" really is just shallow characters killing each other. First, she battles some woman. I have no clue what her name is though. Then, we find some history of The Bride. After, we find that The Bride was somehow knocked out. I forgot why. When she wakes up, we experience more brutal torture of people. Then, she gets a sword and kills lots of other people. The End.

I find this very similar to "Sin City." It's a gory, shallow and pretentious action film that was made to show off a visual style and action scenes. The only real difference is that "Sin City" had something close to a storyline. This one didn't.

Supposedly, this is Tarintino's homage to martial-arts films. So, that makes it a masterpiece? That makes it get onto the Top 250 Movies? Is that why it's rated so highly? It has plenty of references to other martial-arts films. For example, Uma Thurman wears a suit that looks similar to the suit worn by Bruce Lee in one of his previous films.

Well, "The Ring" has loads of homages to horror films, including "Rosemary's Baby," "Silence of the Lambs," and "Poltergeist." Where's that on the Top 250 movies? Well, the homages seem as a cover-up for the story's' weakness. Why does a bodyguard fight in a skirt? I know people get attacked in a number of outfits, but since when does a bodyguard decide to fight in a schoolgirl outfit? The anime scene is near pointless, and doesn't even look like anime! It looks more like an attempt at drawing realistically, and ends up looking pretty ugly.

Maybe it's because of the action. Well, there are only about two or three fight scenes, and they are only a bit exciting. There are plenty of other movies, which have better action. For example, "Ultraviolet" (Another bad movie) had more action than "Kill Bill" and a number of good fight scenes with good camera angles that gave it some flair. If that had homages to other films, would that be on the Top 250? I must say, even the action in "The Karate Kid" seemed to have a certain wit to it.

All the action in "Kill Bill" is meaningless. It is meant to entertain. But, with loads of blood, what fun could it be? Its fun to watch The Bride slash her way through people, but after severed limbs appear, it loses it's fun. The violence in "Saving Private Ryan" and (I think) the violence in "The Wild Bunch" had purpose. But this, like "Sin City," is just sick, cruel violence.

With that, there are PLENTY of movies with good action such as "Terminator 2: Judgment Day," "Princess Monoke," "House of Flying Daggers" and "The Quick and the Dead." All of these had better storyline that "Kill Bill", even if "The Quick and the Dead" seemed a little weak in that department.

Backing up to horror films, I see that this film plays out like a mix of "Scream" and "Hellraiser: Bloodline." One person repeatedly tortures victims (like Pinhead) with a blade. (Like "Scream") Sadly, it's not as thrilling as "Scream." It's as thrilling as "Hellraiser: Bloodline." The characters are thin. I'm not talking about thin, as in skinny, but lacking detail. Sure, "The Bride" gives a bit of inside info on them (The "inside info" is showing the character killing somebody else.) but the characters usually die after that.

The action seems too unrealistic. Our main character kills plenty of people, but how? She jumps in the air and lands on her sword (It's stuck into the stairs.) but how does she do that? There are some movies with unrealistic action sequences ("House of Flying Daggers," "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon") but those take place in ancient China. This takes place in a modern day setting and doesn't feel like either one of those films.

That's why I hate the film. I can go on and on, but why should I have to? I suppose I hate it for all these reasons. Maybe the hype killed it. Or, it could be because Dan Grant's review influenced me to hate it. Either way, I don't like it.

Yet, there are some good points to this movie. The action can be fun for some. I don't think torture is necessary though. The music was excellent. I liked the "Bang Bang" and "Twisted Nerve" song. I suppose it does seem interesting at parts, like when it turns into anime (even if the scene seemed pointless) or black-and-white. (But, this was already used in MANY other movies.)

But, it still stinks. To me, this is about as bad as "Ultraviolet"; it's shallow and uses style to cover up its crappiness.

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Tarantino's Worst Film To Date
BrandtSponseller18 May 2004
Before you jump to any conclusions after reading the title of my review, let me clear a couple things up. One, I usually love Tarantino--his directing, writing, the films he's produced, etc.--and two, the reason I didn't like Kill Bill Volume 1 had nothing to do with not liking the fight scenes or violence/gore. I love that stuff and that's the only part of the film that I found even mildly entertaining.

Instead, the problem with Kill Bill Volume 1 is that it is extremely boring, almost completely lacks suspense, has awful pacing, and makes a number of self-indulgent stylistic missteps.

I say "almost completely lacks suspense" only because of the first, relatively short section, where Uma Thurman's character, a former "hitperson", fights with another of the same kind, played by Vivica A. Fox. Suspense arises here because we don't know who the characters are yet, we don't know anything about the plot, we don't know what their motives are, etc. There is a sense of venturing into the unknown, where anything could happen.

However, after this, Tarantino chooses to cling too tightly to his beloved device of non-sequential story construction, and the bulk of the film concerns Uma Thurman's attempt to take down a character whom we already know she has killed. That saps all of the tension from the rest of the film and makes it plod along as a fulfillment of something we're already aware of. It has all the drama of listening to your spouse tell _that_ story for the fiftieth time, this instantiation being filled with enough detail to take up an hour or two, and you're trying to read a book while they're telling it.

Yes, Tarantino references tens of other films and genres in a "homage" that geeky fanboys can have a party game with--the one who names the most receives a free graphic novel and a case of Hawaiian Punch. Who cares? That in itself doesn't make Kill Bill a good story any more than a pointless clipfest of those films would make a good story. There is a reason that DVD's consisting only of promotional trailers aren't usually bestsellers.

Yes, there are some interesting shots and intriguingly blocked scenes in Kill Bill. However, there aren't enough of them to make the film succeed if looked at merely as a series of images rather than a story.

And yes, as I mentioned, I thought the over-the-top violence/gore was entertaining. If looked at isolated from its context, Quentin almost outdoes Sam Raimi ala Evil Dead here. However, and this is a big however due to having to consider context, Raimi's gallons of blood worked much better-because they were in an engaging, suspenseful story. In Kill Bill, the violence was almost boring.

In an effort to be "retro hip", Tarantino includes a number of elements that blend with the film as seamlessly as President Bush in an Iraqi mosque. These are ubiquitous and varied, ranging from the stilted dialogue in the kitchen scene near the beginning (and this coming from someone who usually writes brilliant dialogue), to the strained inclusion of Sonny Chiba, to the ridiculous presence of a female Japanese band who can't sing or play their instruments--even though they're only trying to play I-IV-V "rockabilly" (and by the way, if this is what Tarantino think counts as quality music, what was he doing as a judge on American Idol?), to the almost obligatory occurrence of an anime scene. The latter is there just because Quentin and the fanboys think it's cool. For me, however, it underscores both the problem with most anime and with Kill Bill--yes, the subject matter, the violence, the attitude, etc. are interesting, but the animation, the storytelling, the pacing, and just about everything else sucks, and there are a number of inexplicable stylistic choices (such as the Caucasian-looking, big-eyed characters in anime). 'Forced' is probably the best way to describe the plethora of references and stylistic decisions in Kill Bill. Even the foot fetish stuff didn't work for me this time around, and I share the fetish with Tarantino.

I'm not usually one to recommend tempering self-indulgence, and I suppose it doesn't matter anyway, since at this point people are going to love Tarantino films just because they're Tarantino, although if this film were made by anyone else, it would have earned the reputation of the 1998 Jeremiah Chechik-directed The Avengers instead. But if this is a sign of the quality to come, if Quentin is going to make further films that amount to laundry lists of all the stuff he likes _just because he likes it_, like a mega-budget mix-tape for a new girlfriend, I'm not watching any longer.
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8.5 ?? How many people Tarantino payed for reaching that ?
miro-619 October 2003
We have been waiting many years for this new Tarantino movie. It was better waiting more and get something else. How people could rate this mess 8.5? Unbelieveble. This movie seems a chinese movie from 35 years ago which has been remade using famous occidental actors. The plot is pretty cheap, banal and simple. The movie is monotonous and also a little beat boring. Based just on some sword duel (all identical) and that's it. It is not spectacular, too few crowd in the movie, nothing is new. The real vote for this movie should be 1 but, as other many times, the director of the cinematography helps the director to raise some vote more using nice games of colors and giving a nice look to a real useless filmband. I'll don't see for sure the next one (Kill Bill chapter 2). I already know that, after killing, in this one, 3 of her 5 ennemies, Mamba will kill the other 2 in the next one. Just one difference: the duel between Mamba an Bill will be longer. For that reason she killed 3 people in the first movie and just 2 in the second one. If you wanna waste 9$ and be scammed from this fake 8.5 go and gape.
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bloody boring
running_with_scissors20 October 2003
Gone is Tarantinos stylish dialogue. It's hard to believe the man that kept us entertained with a conversation about a cheeseburger is the same guy responsible for this.

It's in desperate need of editing. There's so much that should have been cut, apart from the end fight the movie lacks pace and feels stretched. Talk about Miramax cashing in! :(

Unfortunately unless you're in HK you will be watching a censored version which switches to B&W in the final fight as soon as the blood starts flowing. Thankfully fans should be able to pickup a R3 Uncut DVD.

The only thing I did enjoy was the music, end fight (colour would have been nice!) and surprisingly (the part I was most sceptical about) the anime.

Save your money, its only half a movie and not a very good one at that.
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One of my most favourite films
springsunnywinter29 May 2007
When I saw Kill Bill for the first time I just fell in love with the film. Kill Bill is definitely a true masterpiece with a classic story about a brutal betrayal and an epic vendetta! Four years after taking a bullet in the head at her own wedding, The Bride emerges from a coma and decides it's time for payback...with a vengeance. Casting was excellent everyone did a fantastic job in their own place, Uma was the best and no other actress could of taken her place. My favourite member of the deadly viper squad is Elle driver the one with the eye patch I also liked the tune she was whistling in the hospital, I was wondering that how did she lose her eye which was explained in Vol 2. They never showed Bill's face in the film that kept the suspense for the sequel which was a terrific idea especially for me because I never knew what the actor looked like before. The two best scenes are:

1. The animated sequence because it was a different story from the film's which made a suitable mood for the perspective. Overall it is the best idea ever the other two films I've seen with animated sequences are Lola Rennt a German movie & Karam an Indian movie and both of them are my all time most favourite films as well as Kill Bill.

2. The sword fight with the Crazy 88s just before her revenge with O-Ren-Ishi because it was so unexpected when hundreds of them jumped out of nowhere ready to fight. I thought it was going to be simple because Bill was the main target but it turned out to be more difficult.

The main reason why it is one of my favourite is because I'm a huge fan of revenge movies and Kill Bill gives a very deep insight of the topic e.g. Like the Old Klingon Proverb on the screen before the film which is "Revenge is a dish best served cold" & when Hattori Hanzo said that "Revenge is never a straight line. It's a forest and like a forest it's easy to lose your get forget where you came in". It definitely deserves to be on the IMDb top 250 and Vol 2 was also good but not better than Vol 1.
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