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  • Karan (Sunny Deol) a lawyer crusades for truth, fairness and justice, is the son of Chandrakant (Shafi Inamdar) a journalist who uses his journalistic expertise to expose and unmask Justice Dharmesh Agnihotri, who is known as 'Daga' in the underworld. Suraj (Sanjay Dutt) is a man victimized by Fate. To bear the loss of his love, Shilpa he gets addicted to drugs. Then in a complete reversal of attitude he turns against drug dealers. He vows to bring an end to the deadly drug smuggling which wreaks such havoc in people's lives. Dharmesh Agnihotri's daughter Vidya loves Karan. Karan idolizes Justice Dharmesh Agnihotri, unaware of the man behind the mask of respectability. Daga hires Suraj and deliberately creates animosity between Suraj and Karan The enmity between Suraj and Karan is sealed when Karan's father Chandrakant is framed for murder and sent to jail where he is killed. Karan loses complete faith in the judicial system. Will Suraj and Karan discover the truth behind the events and incidents happening around them?

  • Be-respected and honest Barrister Karan Srivastav is true and loyal to his job. His job is to always ensure that the poorer class of people gets justice in court which this gives rise to the birth of many enemies, one of which is Suraj Singh the henchman of an Underworld criminal Daaga. Dagga does not only deal in drugs but also is responsible for crimes like flesh trade. A journalist by the name of Chandrakant Srivastav, also Karan's dad manages to gather evidence against Daaga but before he could hand this evidence over to the police, he finds himself arrested for drugs smuggling; and is imprisoned. A few days later Chandrakant Srivastav is found dead in his cell, evidences serves to reinforce that he committed suicide by consuming poison. But a further investigation of this case is taken by Karan and he finds that his dad had not committed suicide but was murdered by Jailer Rana Pratap and Mantri on the orders of Daaga. But the problem is Karan might not be able to bring his dad's killer to justice as Daaga surfaces as Justice Dharmesh Agnihotri; a respectable Judge that carries a good record not only in the government but in the public as well.

  • Karan Srivastav is an honest barrister by profession and comes from a middle-class family living with his mother, father, Chandrakanth Srivastav a journalist by profession and his younger brother Pawan who is currently perceiving his studies abroad. Karan loves Vidya, also a lawyer and the only daughter of Justice Darmesh Agnothi, an honest and respectable judge. Karan uses his profession to help the poor and needy gets justice but his service towards society comes to an end when his dad is killed, he goes to prison to look for his father's killers and becomes a convict while on the other hand there is Suraj Singh who works for a smuggler called Dagga but is against drug smuggling since his girlfriend, Shilpa gets raped and killed due to his addiction to drugs. Karan and Suraj are sworn enemies; when Pawan falls in love with Suraj's younger sister, Bharti, Karan and Suraj object to there marriage because of there hatred for each other and this hatred escalates to a further proportion that violence outburst which forces Bharti and Pawan to elope. To avenge personal scores from both Karan and Suraj, Dagga abducts Bharti and Pawan and holds them for a ransom. Now Suraj and Karan will have no other option but to unite in order to negotiate the release of there siblings.

  • Lawyer Karan Srivastav comes from a decent middle-class family, his father, Chandrakant, is a journalist, and his mother a housewife. Karan is in love with beautiful Vidya Agnihotri, who is the daughter of Justice Dharmesh Agnihotri, who approves of Karan as his son-in-law. Then Chandrakant comes across come evidence against a gangster named Daaga, but before he could publish it, he is arrested for possession of arms and drugs for which he is imprisoned. Before his trial could commence, he is found dead in his cell. Karan comes to know that the Jailer Rana Pratap, and Mantri are responsible for his father's death, and would like to prosecute them to the full extent of the law. But the evidence shows that Chandrakant committed suicide by taking poison, and as a result, the case against Rana Pratap and Mantri is dismissed. Angered at this injustice and humiliation, Karan resigns from his profession, and swears to find his father's killers. After some inquiries he finds out that the only way he can beat the truth out of Rana Pratap and Mantri is to go to prison, and for this he will have to get arrested. He assaults Justice Agnihotri of which he is arrested, and imprisoned. in the latter we see Rana Pratap and Mantri are killed; Justice Agnihotri is exposed, and runs for his life; and Karan has a new enemy - in the name and shape of Suraj Singh - a former associate of Justice Agnihotri- who will leave no stone unturned in order to kill Karan.

  • Suraj Singh is addicted to drugs and as a result witnessed his girlfriend being raped in front of his eyes with him being helpless, from here on he vows to put an end to all drug dealers and started to work as a hit man for an underworld don, Daaga also known as Justice Dharmesh Agnihotri. He also meets and make enemy with a lawyer, Karan Srivastav, who is looking for the murderer of his father, journalist Chandrakant. As time proceeds, Suraj and Karan would frequently get into brawls in front of the society to the extent that each of them will now do anything to kill the other. Unknown to both that one person is responsible for there lives being upside down and he is under the veil of respectability - non other than Justice Dharmesh Agnihotri alias Dagga.


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