Chris Packham talks Earth Live & McLaren & Badgers

Author: Colin Hart

Chris Packham is a TV presenter, conservationist and all round wildlife enthusiast who has presented TV’s The Really Wild Show and more recently BBC’s Springwatch plus its assorted offshoots. With his enthusiasm and unapologetic focus on propagating the outcomes of good science he can count a lifetime achievement award by the Wildscreen wildlife film festival, dubbed “The Green Oscars” amongst his various awards and has written many books on wildlife across the years.

Now he’s featuring in the presenting team, alongside Emmy award winners Phil Keoghan and Jane Lynch, for the new Nat Geo Wild show “Earth Live” which will connect to live cameras across the globe to present a compelling live view of important wildlife habitats. Describing it as “ground breaking” Chris will provide the factual support for the team and describes being part of it as being “an enormous privilege.

We ranged
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The X Factor 2015: the results show – as it happened

Simon Cowell had the ‘overs’, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini the groups, Nick Grimshaw the boys, and Rita Ora the girls – but which of the 12 finalists impressed the crowd in the first of this year’s live shows?

8.58pm GMT

And that’s that. Goodbye to Alien Uncovered - I didn’t get to know you as well as I’d liked, but I’m sure neither of us will lose that much sleep about it. I’ll be back here on Saturday to do this all over again. Will you join me? I won’t hate you if you won’t promise. Bye.


8.57pm GMT

Cheryl just called Alien Uncovered fresh and hot. I think she might have mistaken them for a delicious bagel.

8.56pm GMT

Either way, Alien Uncovered are Out. This means more people will vote for 4th Impact, right? And they’ll win, right? Good.

8.56pm GMT

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Michaela Strachan: 'Bake Off made me feel sick. It's obsessive and obscene'

Michaela Strachan has said that The Great British Bake Off makes her sick and called its celebration of sweet things "obsessive and obscene".

The cake competition may be a massive hit with viewers, but that hasn't stopped the TV host from sticking the boot in.

"I don't understand why this is so popular," Strachan told Metro.

"I tried to watch it to see what the fuss was about, but I just really didn't care how the cakes turned out.

"I can understand the creativity that goes into it, but I don't understand how this can go on for weeks on end."

The 49-year-old presenter added: "We're at a time when you can't open a paper without being told about the dangers of sugar, and yet here they are making Black Forest gateaux that are a foot high.

"Do people really want to eat that stuff? It made me feel sick.
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Q&A: Chris Packham

'The best kiss of my life? Giraffe, Southampton zoo, 1966'

Chris Packham, 52, was born in Southampton and became interested in wildlife and conservation as a boy. He studied zoology at Southampton University, trained as a wildlife cameraman and began his presenting career on the BBC's The Really Wild Show. In 2009 he took over from Bill Oddie on Springwatch. He lives in the New Forest with his partner, Charlotte, who runs the Isle of Wight Zoo.

When were you happiest?

Fourteen. Dew-soaked plimsolls, flying my kestrel before school.

What is your greatest fear?

Charlotte loading the dishwasher – bloody chaos.

What is your earliest memory?

Making a Plasticine dinosaur. It was brown and should have been green.

What was your most embarrassing moment?

Having to dance. I can't see the point.

What is your most treasured possession?

Judy Garland's ruby slippers. Not really, but I wish.

Where would you like to live?
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Tom Daley's 'Splash!' returns - Live blog

ITV's Splash!, the celebrity diving show that recovered from ridicule and a few flop performances early on to become the sleeper hit of 2013, is back!

Tonight five stars, including Towie's Gemma Collins and Hollyoaks favourite Gemma Merna, will cast aside their dressing gowns, prance over to the diving board in their skimpy swimsuits and attempt to pull out something better than a belly flop, all in a bid to impress mentor Tom Daley and us viewers.

Join Digital Spy from 7.20pm as hosts Gabby Logan and Vernon Kay present a shamelessly cheesy 90 minutes of gawking at celebrities' bodies before forcing them to fall from a great height. Go on, don't act like you won't be giving it a whirl...

20:50Thanks for joining us for the Splash! premiere live blog everyone. In what is surely the best bit of TV scheduling ever, the new series of Take Me Out is next up,
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'Hummingbird' review: Jason Statham emotes in classy thriller

'Hummingbird' review: Jason Statham emotes in classy thriller
Director: Steven Knight; Screenwriter: Steven Knight; Starring: Jason Statham, Agata Buzek, Vicky McClure, Benedict Wong; Running time: 100 mins; Certificate: 15

> Jason Statham Hummingbird interview

Steven Knight's powerful and thought provoking British thriller excels on the strength of the dynamics between its emotionally damaged central characters, along with a clever decision to cast action star Jason Statham as the lead. Along with the capability to bash the brains out of any foe with something as seemingly mundane as a spoon, the guy can also emote. Tears shall flow.

Much like Knight's script for Eastern Promises, his work on Hummingbird delves into the murky London underworld and homes in on the homeless community and criminal fraternity that concurrently occupy the shadowy spaces amidst the pubs and coffee shops in the West End. The focus is on ex Special Forces soldier Joey Jones (Statham), who lives rough and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder
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Terry Nutkins dies, aged 66

Broadcaster and wildlife expert who was a co-presenter on The Really Wild Show for seven years had been fighting leukaemia

Broadcaster and wildlife expert Terry Nutkins, who was familiar to millions of TV viewers as a presenter on Animal Magic and The Really Wild Show, has died aged 66.

The father of eight, who had been diagnosed with leukaemia, died on Thursday.

Nutkins spent seven years as one of Johnny Morris's co-presenters on teatime children's favourite Animal Magic, which ran on BBC1 from 1962 to 1983.

When Animal Magic ended, Nutkins became one of the founding co-presenters of The Really Wild Show, along with Springwatch presenter Chris Packham, staying with the show from 1986 until 1993. It remained on Children's BBC until 2006.

Nutkins' agent, John Miles, said he died at home in Scotland on Thursday, adding: "He had fought for about nine months or so with acute leukaemia."

Instantly recognisable by his bald pate and unruly long hair,
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Terry Nutkins obituary

Television presenter on The Really Wild Show who inspired children to love nature

Terry Nutkins, who has died aged 66 after suffering from leukaemia, used his role as a television presenter to inspire generations of children with a love of nature and wildlife. Along with Chris Packham and Nicola Davies, he was one of the three original presenters of The Really Wild Show, which was launched on BBC1 in January 1986. The trio – and Nutkins in particular – had an anarchic style, attracting large and enthusiastic audiences. During his seven-year stint as a presenter, The Really Wild Show won three Bafta awards for best children's programme.

His television career began more or less by accident. Nutkins was working at London zoo when he met the Animal Magic presenter Johnny Morris who, impressed by Nutkins's easy relationship with the animals in his care, invited him to work on the show in the late 1970s.
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Terry Nutkins, 'Really Wild Show' host, dies aged 66

Children's TV icon Terry Nutkins, who famously hosted The Really Wild Show, has died aged 66. Nutkins, who is survived by his wife and eight children, was being treated for leukaemia in hospital. His agent John Miles confirmed the news in a statement, adding: "He had fought for about nine months or so with acute leukaemia. "He was an absolutely lovely guy and just loved animals and he was never happier than when he was with animals. We will all miss him very, very much." An English naturalist, television presenter and author, Nutkins found fame in the 1980s when he became a co-presenter of the BBC children's television series Animal Magic with Johnny Morris. During his time on the show, he gripped viewers with his relationship with Californian sea lion Gemini, who he hand-reared. He went on to establish himself as a popular face on kids (more)
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Chris Packham – the next David Attenborough?

Remarkable turnaround for Springwatch and Secrets of Our Living Planet presenter who 10 years ago was in TV wilderness

He has a speech impediment, a debilitating disease of the inner ear and his middle name is Gary: Chris Packham is not a natural television star. But the presenter of Springwatch and Secrets of Our Living Planet, his widely praised new BBC series, is increasingly ubiquitous, whether trading jokes on Never Mind the Buzzcocks or challenging middle England's love of cats and dogs. Will Young has a crush on him, the naturalist Stephen Moss calls him "a genius" but there is one word that everyone uses when talking of Packham: passion.

"If you're going to be a factual presenter you've got to be passionate but you've got to back that up with knowledge," says his Springwatch co-presenter Martin Hughes-Games. "He's got both in spades."

A boyish 51, Packham is being talked about as
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Steve Backshall: The wild man from Surrey

There have been few children's TV presenters as intrepid as Steve Backshall – he's survived poisonous spiders, crocodile bites and the world's deadliest spots. But his passion for nature started in his parents' manure heap

For a man who has smelled the breath of the planet's deadliest predators and lived to tell the tale, Steve Backshall cuts a remarkably disarming figure. Anyone familiar with Cbbc's resident adventurer and naturalist through his show Deadly 60 may be surprised to hear that in the flesh he is boyishly enthusiastic, softly spoken and miraculously unscarred by a lifetime of death-defying confrontations with nature's fiercest creatures.

What he lacks in Crocodile Dundee machismo the Buckinghamshire-based explorer, presenter and now novelist, more than compensates for with his infectious zeal and encyclopaedic ecological knowledge. And where lesser mortals might capitulate when faced with a venomous tarantula or a snarling snow leopard, Backshall positively bristles with prospective excitement.
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DS Icon: Terry Nutkins

Terry Nutkins is an inspirational figure for many reasons. Perhaps most significantly, he has given hope to every thin-on-top man the world over with his groundbreakingly bold hairstyle. He has proudly rocked the shaggy-sides-and-back-with-bald-as-coot-top style since he first appeared on screens in the '80s in Animal Magic. This uncompromising rock 'n' roll attitude to fashion and traditional TV conventions has been at the core of Nutkins's career, making him one of the last truly great small screen heroes. His love and passion for animals on The Really Wild Show, alongside the dream team of Michaela Strachan and Chris Packham, wowed a generation (more)
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DS Icon: Michaela Strachan

When it comes to describing the talents of Michaela Strachan, it's tough to know where to start. Popstar, TV presenter, animal expert, Ladies World Gurning winner, schoolboy pin-up... the list is seemingly endless. Famed for her work on The Really Wild Show alongside Terry Nutkins and Chris Packham - a dream TV trio - she was rarely off our screens in the '80s and '90s. She was like the Holly Willoughby of her era. Except she was actually good. In her youth, Strachan worked as a kissogram (a fairly popular one, we suspect), but she eventually put down her chapstick and decided (more)
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