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Season 1

4 Apr. 2001
An Aborted Dinner Date
The President is scheduled to unite the leaders of the Pro-Life and the Pro-Choice movements over dinner at the White House. Unfortunately, George realizes he's double booked as he has a date with his wife that can't be postponed.
11 Apr. 2001
A Poorly Executed Plan
George's Old Beta Delt fraternity brothers pay him a visit at the White House the same week he is to preside over a death penalty execution. The President wants to prove to the guys that he hasn't gone soft since their college days and invites them to join him at the execution.
18 Apr. 2001
Eenie, Meenie, Miney, MURDER!
The President turns to a telephone psychic for advice and is told someone he trust has it in for him. To ensure his own safety, George outlawed guns.
25 Apr. 2001
George is frustrated because he's too stupid to operate the cable TV in the White House. When his neighbor Larry offers to help him install an illegal hook up, they actually get the wires crossed with the antimissile SDI system.
2 May 2001
The First Lady's Persqueeter
Laura's 24 year-old cat, Pum'kin, is old and smelly. George realize it's time to put the cat to sleep but is afraid to talk to Laura about it. Laura notices that George isn't as amorous as he used to be and is afraid she is the one that's old and smelly. While Laura tries to solve her female hygiene problems, George breaks Jack Kevorkian out of prison to help him kill the cat.
9 May 2001
Mom 'E' D.E.A. Arrest
George decides to get tough on drugs. The plan is to make an example of the one millionth drug offender by arresting him on national television. Dowager First Lady Barbara Bush is on hand to participate in the event and make her daughter-in-law's life miserable. Looking to escape the tension between the two women in his life George drops ecstasy, mistaking it for aspirin, and the anti-drug event turns into a rave.
16 May 2001
Trapped in a Small Environment
Laura sets up Karl Rove on a blind date. Too bad he never mentioned he was married. George has enough on his plate when environmentalists show up to protest his decision to drill for oil in Alaska. Now Carl's wife is accusing the first couple of ruining her marriage.
23 May 2001
Fare Thee Welfare
George is forced to resign and leaves the White House for a trashy apartment and series of dead-end jobs. Will this be the end of the line for the Bush administration or a foundation for a spinoff?

 Season 1 

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