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Most people dont understand..
TastyArmageddon4 July 2001
The first time I saw this show, I thought it was terrible. And it is. But you have to understand the underlying genius behind this show for you to 'get it'. Stone and parker are not trying to make a respectable show here, hell, they arent even making a decent show. In fact, this isnt really a show at all. I mean, it has plotlines and scripts and cameras and stuff, but the whole reason why this show exists is to make fun of every other stupid sitcom, which is why its so friggin lame. Think about it, its only just began and they have the wacky neighbor, the special guest star (Charlton Heston), the very special episodes (i.e. the death penalty morality lesson). They could have hitler join the cast, and it wouldn't end. That's how good this sitcom spoof is!

Basically what I'm trying to say is this show is so absolutely god awful, that its entertaining, and its so god awful because its based on the cliche's of other sitcom's! get it? this show is just one, huge joke. But a good joke.
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One of TV's Greats
theguyonthecouch25 July 2001
"That's My Bush", contrary to what many people think, is a GREAT show. Everything from Maggie's unpredictable sarcasm to G.W.'s predictable "One of these days..." "Bush" has comedy that can rarely be seen. It's not laugh-out-loud, but its great in a subtle way. Some of the jokes you need to know current events to get, but still, it is a great show. I recommend this show to anyone who enjoys sitcoms.
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stands the test of time
b_pratt29 May 2008
I finally watched these episodes in 2008 and I had to continually go back and verify when they were actually produced. They are absolutely scary in that they made spot on fun of what would be the future. Either Parker and Stone lived in Texas and witnessed the idiocy of Gov Bush or they are those weird, eerie people that pay attention to things. Boo, scary! Bush's frat bros invading the White House dressed as Arabs wielding rifles? Bush 'accidentally' executing someone? (No, wait. He did sort of do that as gov.) This may have seemed a failure as a sitcom at the time, but must now be considered as brilliant, if spooky, prescience.
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Was funny, but too soft on Bush
craigman13 October 2005
My brother actually taped all 8 episodes when they aired on Comedy Central, and each episode made me laugh, which is more than can be said of most sitcoms lately (the lame "Friends" comes to mind). Other reviewers have pointed out that it was more of a parody of all of the formulas present in bad sitcoms than a chance to bash the president, which I agree with. They do make fun of the president, but in a goofy, lighthearted way. They actually make him much more likable and reasonable than I find the actual president. Granted, this series started at the beginning of his "presidency", so there wasn't that much material to work with, and the show seemed to be pulled right after 9-11. Why? Also, I read that Matt and Trey weren't allowed to portray Bush's 2 drunken twin daughters. A shame! This show should have aired on cable... Each episode dealt with a "hot" topic, from abortion to gun control, drug use (Dubya accidentally takes a hit of Ecstasy! Hilarious!) to Capital Punishment, even right to die, with Kovorkian trying to put the Bushs' elderly cat to death! One scene even had an aborted fetus riding on the cat! There was also an episode where Dick Cheney usurps the prez and kicks him out of the white house! Bush then tries unsuccessfully to hold a real job! Like I said before, the only complaint I had with the show is how it handles Dubya with kid gloves, but does have the occasional zinger directed at him. One of my favorite lines was when Laura says: "You may be a terrible president, but you're a pretty darn good husband!"
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Great show!
Aliyen7 August 2005
Only today have I seen all eight episodes of this hilarious show and I love it! Although I can imagine it being a solid show if continued, I think eight episodes is just the right number of episodes to quit on before it gets too repetitive. What I love about the show is how Trey Parker and Matt Stone don't focus as much on politics as they do on parody of situation comedies, ranging from "All in the Family" to "Friends." (Best example of this is episode seven, where the common sit-com plot of getting characters stuck in a small space to settle their differences is in effect.)

The sit-com spoofs are done very well and I think it would be overkill if it focused too much on Bush, since I'm sure Trey and Matt wouldn't mind doing it with any president. The characters, while formulaic, are developed very well, and you get to feel for them not as real people in the world, but as fictional characters, giving you a chance to take a break from all the political wars between all kinds of people in the Bush years. If you have a sense of humor and don't mind removing your political affiliation away for the viewing pleasure of the show, I suggest you go get the DVD!
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bohab4 August 2001
This show does tackle social issues. Contrary to popular opinion TMB addresses issues such as abortion, euthanasia,SDI and the environment just to name a few. The crazy antics of the TMB whitehouse are really not that outlandish if you consider the last eight years under slick willie.

This show is well written, well acted and just damn funny for republicans and democrats alike.

If you are not into toilet humor, slapstick, and political parody this show is not for you. Otherwise enjoy!
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Fine follow up by Matt and Trey
Quinoa19849 April 2001
Even though I have only seen one episode, I can already tell this is a new smash show. Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who created one of the finest and funniest shows in history, South Park, bring a show that principally makes fun of 2 things- 1 (of course), George W. Bush, the imbecilic guy who lives at 1600; 2, TV shows. The show takes from other shows (like Married With Children, That's My Bob, etc) and the more you get the joke, the more you'll like this show. Kudos to the two creators, executive producers, co-writers Matt and Trey and also star Timothy Bottoms for presenting such a instant classic. By the way, first episode has laughs scattered about, but the aborted fetus (voiced by Parker I think due to the Cartman likeness of the voice) steals the episode, and hopefully it won't be it's last episode. A
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Man did that suck
adamapp4 April 2001
Wow. Let's make this president likable by giving him his own show where we can show how sweet wholesome and goshdarn loveable he is!


The jokes, far from being cutting edge as most South Park fans were anticipating, were formulaic. The laughter had to be canned, no one could have found those lame jokes funny. The acting was first rate. The material was another matter entirely.

I would give this series 1/2* out of a possible *****
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No South Park, but a funny spoof of the usual sitcom
gangstahippie14 October 2008
That's My Bush is a live action project made by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.The show was cancelled after one season, not because of bad reviews(it actually got good reviews), but because it was very expensive.That's my bush is a pretty funny spoof of an average network TV sitcom.It is also a political satire.Now, this is nowhere near as good as South Park, but it is a very funny spoof of a sitcom and also a pretty good political satire.The guy who plays in that's my bush looks a lot like him! If you can find the show, check it out.There are plenty of laughs to be had!

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One of the best sitcoms ever!
OrangieTooDope4 May 2017
This is yet another classic example of Comedy Central dropping the ball.This show should have run a lot longer.I have heard that Matt and Trey may have not wanted to continue but I'm sure money could have changed their minds.I usually hated jokes about George W. Bush being stupid.They got old fast and were not usually funny.It's actually the reason I stopped watching Letterman.But anyway, somehow I love this show.It uses every old sitcom cliché and I'm sure people will consider it unoriginal because of that but I think that's why it works so well.I only read one other review and it was exactly what I thought it would be, some fool crying about how they didn't call Bush a Nazi because that's what the media says you should think.Commies can't stand to see the truth on television, that's funny.Watch this show.
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That's a huge letdown!
imdb-5935 April 2001
Really disappointing. The sharp wit that makes South Park so great is completely missing. I was hoping for genuine laughs at the expense of GW Bush but instead got no laughs from the cliché antics and generally bland, mushy feel of the show.

That's My Bush! needs to be introduced to South Park the movie.
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Well written & kept me laughing!
Stanze6 May 2001
This show is hilarious! I will continue watching & I am even taping it for my friends who come over & have a total laugh fest! This show reflects the current intelligence of the White House thats for sure. I love that line, "One of these days Laura I'm gonna punch you in the face!" I love the episode where Dr. death blows up Pun Kin. It's well written, funny & I will continue to watch. I love South Park & I love this show. You go Trey Parker & Matt Stone!
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Initial Comments (a defense)
zetes4 April 2001
I predict that this show will be a failure. And it's not that it isn't good, but that it may be too subtle. I like what Matt and Trey have done. I am not sure how useful it is, and I'm sure most people will hate it (already I have heard about someone watching the first 8 minutes of it, and then switching the channel in a rage proclaiming: "This is the worst television show ever").

When I first heard that Matt and Trey were doing this, I was excited. I didn't know what to expect, and neither did anyone else. Of course, my first thoughts were that they'd do another animated show. When I found out it was live action, I was curious. But, then, I did like Orgazmo, while many people hated it. Still, having seen it tonight, it is nothing I could have actually predicted accurately. However, if you've seen the commercials they've been running ad nauseam on Comedy Central Lately, you might have a better idea. I kept thinking, "Jeeze, they're promoting the heck out of this thing. They better hope it is a success, or else they'll be screwed." Well, hopefully I'm wrong, and they won't be screwed. Those commercials were not just for saturation, though. They were valuable documents telling us how this show was to be taken; they must have known that it would be difficult for most people to understand their jokes. What "That's My Bush!" is is just what the commercials told us it was: a parody of sitcoms. Matt and Trey are taking extremely common sitcom plots, placing President Bush and his wife Laura into the central roles, and adding common sitcom supporting characters. These supporting characters provide a main key for interpretation. There is Maggie, a wisecracking maid, a descendent of Alice from "The Brady Bunch" and Mr. Belvidere. There is Princess, the blond bimbo, descended from characters like Kelly Bundy from "Married with Children," and any number of the "Friends." Then there is Larry, an advice giving neighbor, descended from such neighbors as Lenny and Squiggy in "Laverne and Sherley." None of these three characters should be anywhere near the White House, of course, especially Larry, who just walks into the White House unannounced and plops down on a chair. Also present are laugh tracks, the "oohs" and "ahs" of a live studio audience, and catch phrases belonging to both George and Laura, Laura spouting "That's my Bush!" and George spouting a line that everyone in the pseudo-live-studio-audience says right along with him, "One of these days, Laura, I'm going to punch you right in the face!"

The first episode is constructed around the familiar plotline of a man having two dinner dates on the same night, because of which he must rush between them frantically. G.W. is the man, of course, Laura his wife who wants a quiet evening alone, and his two guests the leaders of the opposite sides of the abortion issue. The pro-choice leader is a gigantic lesbian, and the pro-life leader is, unbelievably, a computer-animated fetus who survived his abortion and has lived for 30 years!

One of the major problems of this show is that Matt and Trey follow this sitcom standard plotline so closely that it provides few surprises. The only alternations are the unconventional characters in the conventional roles. This doesn't lend too many genuinely hilarious moments. The whole concept is funny, but not laugh-out-loud funny, as South Park or Orgazmo are. Many people may smile at the cleverness the show exudes, but many will walk away thoroughly unimpressed. It is possible that the show will get better as it goes on. Next week's episode involves a bunch of frat buddies of G.W. who crash the White House. That may prove funnier. I think the disgustingness of the fetus may have been enough to ruin a lot of appetites. Still, I really enjoyed the first episode. I hope there are enough intelligent people in the world to appreciate it for what it is.
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Good show, but not without its fault.
a-moss11 October 2009
Thats My Bush is first of all a very entertaining show by Parker and Stone, I thought. Its often very very funny, and its quite subversive and crazy. South Park fans would surely get something here.

Another surprise is the production value here. A lot of money must have been put into this, and it shows. A lot of expensive little details. Its not a little show. And Comedy Central is not an extremely rich channel, but they put a lot into this show obviously. In a way I understand that was the death of the show as well though, too costy. It surely could have been done cheaper and went on the will was there.

The critics liked it, and it had its little fanbase, but it failed gaining a big audience. As we know, the show stopped after 8 episodes, which I guess is almost 1 season.

As I really liked the show it has its faults. The problem of the show is kind of that it doesn't know what it wants to be really. Its like it tries to be a sitcom AND a parody of a sitcom at the same time. The actors do a good job, and some of them are well casted, but in my opinion they seem to not always get 100% the bizarre humor they're supposed to present.

I personally think that the show needed some characters that were more down to earth for the show to work. In South Park you have Kyle and Stan, that are kind of a realistic touch in the more looney universe. I think thats kind of what makes South Park work. You need some sane characters that you can relate to in a realistic way, and that makes the insane stuff so much more interesting too because that forces you to take them seriously at some level. If everything is archetypes and stereotypes its difficult to get emotionally included in the show, which really is Thats My Bush biggest problem. Kyle and Stan is characters in South Park that makes sense of the insanity in the show. We have nothing like that here, and this show suffers from it.

Another anchorpoint is Parker and Stones flirting with republicans. Its the only thing about them I don't really get what they're trying to do. Not portraying Bush as nothing else than a dumb Homer Simpsons lovable kind of character IS kind of subversive in a world where a lot of people that can't stand him and think he's the worst president since Nixon, and a parallel comedy world of Letterman and so on that only satirizes his every move... but its difficult to understand if Parker and Stone actually means anything by it. Its like the joke is on us, but somehow it doesn't hit the mark. It seems awkward, because it doesn't remind you of the real Bush at all.

Besides that I actually thought the show was very enjoyable. Some of the jokes in here are hilarious. The pro-life supporter who was a surviving aborted fetus is probably one of my favorite jokes by them in any show. And the show is packed with great material, and is sometimes insanely funny if you use your head a little while watching it.
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The President Deserves To Be Picked On
hillari13 April 2001
This show is funny as hell. It is so many things: a takeoff on family sitcoms of the 1950s and 1960s; a satire about the White House; a gross out comedy that is better than Parker and Stone's "South Park". The real revelation here is Timothy Bottoms, who appeared in the movies "The Last Picture Show" and "The Paper Chase" when he was younger. Primarily known as a dramatic actor, Bottoms is hilarious at doing comedy. Too bad Comedy Central told the creators they couldn't add the real-life Bush's twin daughters into this wild and crazy mix. It doesn't matter, though; the show is totally manic as it is, and hopefully will last the entire four years the real president is in office.
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Meets all expectations.
Tokarski11 April 2001
This show is great! As the country is highly divided as to whether or not Mister Bush was actually elected to office, only people who totally love George W. Bush would think this is not one of the funniest shows in the past 20 years! This show is a breath of fresh air on television. True genius is hard to find, yet it has struck again for Parker! A must see for all Americans!
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LET THEM EAT CAKE: A true picture of the Bush White House
deanofrpps20 March 2004
My son used to watch That's My Bush. I popped in and out of the room. The Bush played in the TV sitcom was aloof and arrogant and ignorant to the point of utter insensitivity to the situation faced by America and the average American. I could hear shades of the famous Marie Antoinette: LET THEM EAT CAKE.

I didn't particularly like the President or the way he came to power but I didn't approve of THAT's MY BUSH at the time as unfairly disparaging of the office of the Presidency.

However having watched the President run off when the country came under attack of 9 - 11 - 01, I came to appreciate the insight of the sit-com into the character of the president: a pathetic little man. Where was he when the world stopped turning: on the run.

Others may give a heroic spin to the President's conduct on 9 - 11. I am not inclined to drape the President in a flag that isn't there.

I say bring back THAT's MY BUSH!
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Funniest live action show in a LONG time
jeannie-89 September 2001
I don't get why is was canceled, it was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. From the first show, I was laughing, I thought it would last for a long time, but I guess some people didn't think it was funny because the character was so close to the real person. I love all of Matt and Trey's work, and this is just as great as everything else they've done, some people just can't get the jokes...or the just don't have a good sense of humor. If I had to rate the show, it'd be 10, no doubt
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Too bad its on Comedy Central
homersimpson31511 April 2001
Since CC has nothing else to air (other than 8 hours of SNL per day), That's My Bush probably won't get yanked before the end of its first season, which is unfortunate considering how Godawful it is.

I've never been a fan of Parker and Stone's work (SP is about as bright as a nightlite and relies entirely on shock value for its humor), but TMB only illustrates how overrated these two hacks are.

Hey, I understand that's this show is a sendup of sitcoms and all their wacky characters and ridiculous formulas. I get it! But the novelty of the sendup wore off in about two minutes. After that all you have is a program that wallows in the worst elements of formulaic humor. Its like the creators said to themselves, "Hey, Three's Company sucks because of its unbelievable situations and bad acting, so let's make a show with incredibly bad acting, even wackier plots, and even lamer jokes, and its bound to be funny!" Sorry fellas, it ain't. And Parker/Stone, a little tip: over-the-top humor like a fetus riding a dog or a president executing a prisoner with drano might be funny in animation, but you can't pull it off in live action. That's why nobody does it. But I guess you m****s will learn that when your show starts getting ratings that would make even the XFL ashamed.
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Brilliant satire.
TxMike21 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Two things yesterday reminded me of this short lived but brilliant TV series. It was the second inauguration of Bush The Younger as president, and I watched the movie "The Girl Next Door." That may sound like a strange combination, to remind me of this TV series, but it isn't when one examines a bit closer. In the movie, Timothy Bottoms plays the dad of Matty, the boy who befriends the porn star. Bottoms plays that role with quiet understatement, which is an immediate contrast with the role he played in this TV series, "That's My Bush."

The title itself is an indirect reference, for gross humor, to a part of the female anatomy, in common slang among young boys. I suspect that was intended. Timothy Bottoms plays President George Walker Bush so well, that I suspect those watching who were not living in the USA might really think that they were seeing the real President. That is, until it became obvious that the whole show was satire. It works so well because the real President Bush is such an easy target. I suspect he really isn't very bright, as played by Bottoms, and the President's propensity for either saying the wrong thing, or using very unusual sentence construction, provided much food for the writers. I only wish that it had lasted longer into the President's tenure in office. Carrie Quinn Dolin also does a fine turn as First Lady Laura Bush.
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Funny, at first, but it wears thin w-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-y too quickly!
jccw2730 July 2002
The concept of mocking a sitcom is a funny idea, but the problem is that it's only a one-show concept. I laughed till I cried during the first episode of "That's My Bush!", but the following episodes were just as stale and predictable as the shows it made fun of. And I cringed on President's Day when Comedy Central ran a day-long marathon of the show. This might have been funny as a one show special but an actual series? What were Trey Parker and Matt Stone thinking?!
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Truly disappointing!
TC-229 July 2001
I had expected the biting wit and comedy that the writers of South Park have become famous for. I was sorely disappointed. The show is flat and unfunny (and with as much material as Dubya provides, that's VERY difficult to do)! I tuned out after the second episode. It has to be bad when even a Democrat doesn't like it...
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Good spoof of dumb sitcoms, but NOT an attack on Bush.
Bobs-96 April 2001
Whether you find `That's My Bush' funny or not, irreverent or over-the-line, it seems to me that some people miss the point. The show is peppered with stale sitcom conventions, i.e. the jackass audience whooping like idiots every time a reasonably nubile female strikes a pose or says something sexually provocative, the repeated catch phrases, characters and situations that are so stereotypical and hackneyed that they could have been created by computer software, etc. Of course these things are awful – they're meant to be. That's what you would expect from a show satirizing sitcoms, and it seems to me the promotional ads made it clear enough that this is a spoof of sitcoms first and foremost.

The fact that it's set in the White House certainly gives it more scope to take on current issues, but at least on the evidence of this first show, I think they handled George W. Bush with kid gloves. It didn't seem to me that they tried to make Bush lovable, as one commentator suggested, nor that they attacked him, as another one asserted. People who see it in such terms may be filtering it through their own political biases. The crux of it all, at least in this first show, seems to be bad sitcoms and their tiresome conventions. If you look at the show again, you will note that G.W. Bush is portrayed as very neutral on the hot-button abortion issue – more neutral than I believe the real president is. Anyway – I too half-expected a scathing attack on Republican policy in general and Bush in particular, but this certainly wasn't it.

As a spoof of sitcoms, I think they did a very good job, and I got some good laughs out of it. However, it may be difficult to keep on that same note week after week and stay fresh and funny. Maybe in time the show will become more politically-oriented and/or critical of the president, if only out of a need to find something more to spoof than sitcom conventions.
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Not a very clever show
me-174 April 2001
You know, when Saturday Night Live poked fun at a president, it was funny. When people made jokes about Bill Clinton and Monica, it was funny. But this show has gone over the line. George Bush hasn't had time to do anything to make fun of yet; so they have just made up a comedy (if you can call it that) poking fun at the president. What an irrevrant insult to the most distinguished office in the land! I vote both Democrat and Republican, so I don't really have a bias. This show may be protected by free speech, but it is a sad commentary on American respect for the president, continuing the unfortunate precedent started by the Clinton administration. I hope this show doesn't last long.
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Either a failure, or a practical joke on the audience
Hotoil13 May 2001
It's not funny, but I wonder if it's supposed to be. Seems they have just taken your average sitcom and stuck the President in the lead role. But it doesn't come off as satire, either of sitcoms or the President. It just comes off as an experiment that really isn't very amusing.

So what you have is something just as moronic & predictable as the genre and person it was supposedly a parody of. Not very interesting, nevermind humorous, & I am surprised it came from the two guys who gave us such a twisted & cynical series as "South Park".
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