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Boston Globe
What's special about the movie is how totally it believes in itself as a musical. The tunes, co-written by Sandler and a bunch of his pals, take on rock opera and traditional Jewish folk music with boyish exuberance.
On the whole, this lively, bittersweet Columbia release works well and is sure to connect strongly with fans of Sandler at his most free-wheeling and uninhibited. Scrub off the latrine humor, and underneath there's a heart-tugging sentimental tale of uplift and redemption.
An offbeat, sometimes gross and surprisingly appealing animated film about the true meaning of the holidays.
To be fair, Sandler deserves some credit for bringing us the first mainstream movie about Chanukah. Too bad it's completely idioticah.
Baltimore Sun
It's hard to figure who this picture is supposed to be for. Although a cartoon, it's way too mean-spirited and crass for young kids (parents, be forewarned!). And the idea that any substantial number of adults would find this sort of thing entertaining ... let's pray civilization hasn't come to that.
Chicago Tribune
Its humor stems precisely from our enjoying its lead character's rotten behavior.
I'd prefer to think of Sandler in "Punch-Drunk Love," the one good movie of the three he did this year.
Washington Post
In this vile contribution to the animated holiday genre, Sandler proves himself once again determined to get rich by setting the bar just a little bit lower each time out.
Wall Street Journal
An appallingly tedious Hanukkah comedy that must have bubbled up from the Porta Potti of his subconscious.
Entertainment Weekly
You know all that artistic cred Adam Sandler built up with his acclaimed work in ''Punch-Drunk Love''? Well, he flushes it down the crapper with Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights -- the most ill-conceived animated comedy since the 1991 dog ''Rover Dangerfield.''

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