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Season 1

25 Sep. 2001
It's Steven's first day of college. His roommates, Ron, Lloyd, and Marshall quickly accept him and organize a party for him. His dad shows up with some bad news. Steven meets Lizzie, who had a fight with her boyfriend. They have a fling.
2 Oct. 2001
Eric Visits
Lizzie breaks up with her boyfriend Eric. Steven is glad at first but then realizes that Eric is actually a great guy and even tries to help him win her back. Ron has to down a keg of beer by 6PM. Marshall, Lloyd, and Rachel help.
9 Oct. 2001
Steven, Lizzie, and Rachel feel guilty after paying for someone to write their term papers, while Lloyd and Ron become addicted to online stock trading.
16 Oct. 2001
Sick in the Head
Marshall gets sick, and instead of going to the campus health clinic like he had planned, Rachel persuades him to use natural remedies. Steven is getting irritated that he always has to sleep in on the rec room couch because Lloyd is constantly having sex. Steven convinces Lloyd to try to stick with one girl for a little while. But Lloyd's first attempt at a steady girlfriend isn't a great experience. Meanwhile Steven discovers a whole group of people in the common room who've been exiled because their roommates are having sex too, and forms a bond with them.
13 Nov. 2001
The Assistant
The gang's friend Perry invites Adam Sandler to visit the campus and meet his friends. He warns the gang not to make things awkward. Things get awkward. On top of that, Lizzie and Rachel fall for dickish Sandler and his grungy assistant.
20 Nov. 2001
Eric Visits Again
Eric discovers that Lizzie cheated on him with Steven, and heads to UNEC to get his revenge. Lloyd helps Steven prepare for a fistfight.
11 Dec. 2001
Rush and Pledge
Frustrated with the way his roommates have been treating him, Steven joins the Theta Delta Zeta fraternity. Meanwhile, Lizzie joins TDZ's Little Sisters.
18 Dec. 2001
Hell Week
Steven is fed up with TDZ in more ways than one. He quits, but it is not without repercussions.
8 Jan. 2002
So You Have a Boyfriend
Steven turns to Lloyd for love advice. He suggests that Steven needs to take initiative, so Steven invites Lizzie to the showing of American Pie (1999) on campus. Eric calls her but Steven answers and taunts Eric which makes Lizzie angry.
15 Jan. 2002
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
Steven joins the kitchen staff of a restaurant to pay his tuition. His dad also finds a new job. Rachel falls for a student who turns out to be an obsessive celebrity impersonator. Marshall eats other people's half-eaten food.
22 Jan. 2002
Parents' Weekend
Marshall is reluctant to let his parents know that he isn't a business major. Ron gets propositioned by Lloyd's sister, Amanda. Rachel has to face the wrath of her control freak mother. Hal meets up with his estranged wife, Debra.
29 Jan. 2002
Truth or Dare
Ron has a crush on a campus tour guide, Kelly, and she ends up getting invited up to the guys dorm for a rousing game of "Truth or Dare". Lloyd and Marshall compete for Rachel's affection, and Ron tries to impress Kelly. Steven gets upset when Lizzie is dared to talk about her best sexual experience, and it doesn't involve him. It ends up being a good night for everyone except Lloyd and Marshall, as everyone else starts pairing off.
12 Feb. 2002
The Day After
Steven is unsure of where he stands with Lizzie, and Lloyd's ideas aren't helping him any. They spend their Saturday apart, but come to a revelation.
19 Feb. 2002
The Perfect Date
Steven plans the perfect date for Lizzie in order to show up Eric. Theo, Steven's friend from high school, shows up unexpectedly and ruins the day for Ron, Marshall and Lloyd.
5 Mar. 2002
Hal and Hillary
On his way to see Steven, Hal meets and hooks up with the head RA Hillary. Ron and the gang see them getting it on, and Steven is bummed out. A jealous Lucien takes his anger out on Steven.
12 Mar. 2002
Eric's POV
Backdoor pilot that serves as the series finale. The boys binge-watch Girls Gone Wild. The girls try to add highlights to Lizzie's hair but it goes horribly wrong. Eric's buddies from his copy shop try to help him get over Lizzie.
28 Jun. 2003
God Visits
Luke convinces heartbroken Steven to become religious and love God instead of Lizzy. Marshall and Rachel turn her spare room into a party room even though Tina needs it to escape from her roommate who constantly practices the violin.

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